Earphone Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Earphone

Earphones are used for a variety of reasons, whether it is for privacy or to be courteous. In some cases, using earphones allows a person to listen to news telecasts or hear the person on the other end of a conversation better while on the go. If you have a better understanding of how to buy earphones, the choice will be easier and the ideal pair will be found.

>> How do you use earphones?

One of the first items to consider as you better understand how to buy earphones is the manner in which they will be used. For each application, there are different types of earphones such as those that fit into the inner ear and those that clip on over the ear. When combined with a media device such as a mobile phone or music player, an in-ear type of earphone is an ideal option. In many cases, these are noise isolating earphones to keep out background noise.
While on a family vacation, children are easily entertained with music and movies. Each child can easily view or listen to media to keep them occupied. Business persons often use earphones to hold conversations on the phone, partake in conference calls and listen to the local news for updates. As you decide which earphones to buy, consider the application and the ideal fit for your personal taste.

On a home PC, earphones are a good item to have on hand. For those that frequently listen to music, play PC games and watch media, using one of these types of earphones keeps distractions away from other members of the household. To increase the media delivery, stereo earphones are available. This type of earphones provides crisp, clear audio with little to no distortion.

>> Where do you use earphones?

Most commonly, earphones are used while exercising, on public transportation or in a setting where you wish to have some privacy. They are also a common addition as far as MP3 accessories are concerned. Deciding on what the best earphones to buy are does tend to depend on the most used application. For instance, those that clip onto the outside of the ear are well suited for exercise on public roads so that the traffic around you can still be heard. Being aware of your surroundings is important for your personal safety.

Another vital part of learning how to buy earphones is being able to use them while in the workplace to improve multitasking skills. An example of this would be listening to a conversation with a client while in a meeting to relay vital information. This still gives the client the ability to speak in a candid manner without the entire group hearing his or her statements.

>> Consider earphone designs

There are a variety of earphone designs to cater to different comfort levels. As a popular type of electronics supplies, some key features should be considered. First, consider your comfort. With this being said, decide whether clip-on, a standard ear bud or canalphones are ideal for you. A canalphone is similar to an ear bud but goes in a bit further toward the ear canal. There are different types in this category such as semi-canalphone, premium and custom-fit.

Over-the-ear options provide quality sound while being a bit more secure on the ear. Understanding how to buy earphones has a lot to do with comfort in combination with quality and clarity. For those that exercise frequently, an over-the-ear option is ideal. Some of these are also available with some earphone brands in a lanyard style. This ensures that the accessory is not lost.

Other different types of earphones include convertible, wireless and waterproof. Waterproof options are ideal for children, athletes and swimmers. In some cases, a few of the features mentioned above are combined into one single pair. Some earphone brands prefer to offer a style with multiple features to suit the needs of many users with one product.

>> What type of connection do you need?

Along with there being a variety of earphone designs, there are also several types of connections to take into consideration as you shop for earphones. For use with iPods and MP3 players, a 3.5mm jack or port is most common. A standard audio jack generally measures 3.5mm and fits most accessories such as earphones, ear buds and headphones. Some have a thicker connector which is used for additional media types such as with a home theater system or home stereo. Checking the required connection prior to making a purchase is an important step in learning how to buy earphones.

For use with mobile phones, a wireless or Bluetooth connection is most common. Some users prefer to use the 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack connection for added privacy and the noise isolation features. For some, an adapter may be available to use the earphones on multiple devices. As you perform a side-by-side earphone comparison, view the available connection types to ensure that your needs can be met.
When you are learning how to buy earphones, consider USB connections for use with a laptop, tablet or home PC. These are often some of the more durable earphones and are easily connected to other devices as well.

>> Consider earphone accessories

Along with having multiple earphone sizes available, there are also several accessories to consider. When deciding how to choose earphones, consider the storage options. Having an available storage case protects the connection from the cord to the earphone piece. Another accessory when learning how to buy earphones is speakers. Consider whether the speakers on a device are compatible with the type of earphones you own or plan to purchase.

Adapters are something else to consider as some electronics items may require a different connection or charging plug-in. Wireless and Bluetooth options do also need a charging or docking station. This accessory works similar to that of a cell phone charger. When the item is not in use, or when plugged in overnight, use the charging station to ensure a crisp, solid connection while having a phone conversation.

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