Electric Cooler Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Electric Cooler

As you search for the best electric cooler, you'll find that there are a lot of models on the market to help you keep all your favorite foods and beverages icy cold. You should buy electric coolers that will hold all the food and drinks you need on your adventures. The great thing about all the cool electric coolers available is that you don't have to use ice to keep your food chilled. Electric coolers use power to keep the interior of the unit cool. Buy electric coolers that can hold your food, look good and use the kind of power you have access to on your trips. The best electric cooler will prove useful on many excursions and is the perfect addition to your sports and outdoors supplies.

>> Consider the size of the electric cooler

As you check out electric cooler sizes, consider the capacity, the storage space and the weight. The capacity of the electric cooler refers to how much food or how many drinks you can store in it. Decide what capacity you need by estimating both how long your trips will be and how many people you need to feed. A family of six will need a much larger cooler than a family of three for trips of the same length. If you're trying to feed two or three people for six meals, a cooler capacity between 50 and 60 quarts is advised. Smaller coolers are better for day trips. Keep in mind that the cooling power of the cool electric cooler you purchase will be partially determined by how full it is. A fuller cooler helps keep the food in it cold longer.

You should also consider the space you have to store the cooler. If space in your car or during your activity is at a premium, you may need a smaller cooler so that it will fit in with the rest of your gear. Some beer coolers, for example, are significantly smaller than coolers designed as camping supplies. Electric cooler sizes should be mentioned on the packaging or in the product description. Finally, consider the weight of both the empty cooler and the fully stocked cooler. If you're going to be moving the cooler over long distances, you may want to opt for a lighter model to make it easy to take with you. Top electric coolers are available in a variety of weights, so check out several electric cooler brands and their products to find the one that's right for you.

>> Consider where you will use the electric cooler

Ask yourself whether you want to use the electric cooler at home, at places like a park or on hikes. The ideal electric cooler for each situation will vary. For example, the best electric cooler for tailgating won't have the same specifications as the best electric cooler for a trip to the lake. One thing to think about is what kind of food you want to put in it. Ask yourself what kinds of food and what beverages will go in it. A cooler only for cans might be shaped specifically to hold and dispense the cans, while a boxier design might be right for sandwiches, fruit, pudding, etc.

It's also important to know how long the cooler needs to stay cool. When you unplug an electric cooler, it loses its ability to keep the unit cold. Some insulated coolers will be able to maintain a lower temperature longer. Read the product description to see how long the unit can hold a low temperature.

>> Consider the electric cooler power source

Your new electric cooler will either plug into the wall, run on batteries or be powered by your car. Each unique electric cooler power source has its own benefits. Those that plug into the wall are great for outdoor barbecues at home and picnics at venues that offer electrical outlets. Ones that run on batteries can stay cool during camping trips or hikes when you're away from a power source. Those that plug into the car will be useful on road trips, while tailgating and at any event when you're near your car. Some electric cooler brands offer models that have more than one option for a power source. Buy electric coolers with the right power source for you.

>> Consider the electric cooler temperature

For some items, lower temperatures are better. Each electric cooler offers a different temperature range, and some even have adjustable temperatures. Check out the temperature on the top electric coolers you're considering. If you want icy cold drinks, go for a lower temperature. If you want to store sandwiches, on the other hand, a higher temperature might be a better option for you.

>> Consider the electric cooler features

Look at the unique electric cooler features that will give you the most benefits. For example, you may want a cooler that comes with an external cloth holder. It makes it easier to carry and acts as an insulator, too. If you purchase a cooler on wheels, you'll be able to move it easily from one place to another. Some can be positioned in two ways, both as an upright unit and as a traditional cooler. This is good because it offers you several storage options. Some are made to rest specifically in cars so that they don't move in traffic. Others come with domed lids that provide storage space for large bottles.

>> Consider the electric cooler style

Another thing to think about when choosing which is the best electric cooler is what kind of style it has. Electric coolers sometimes come with metal exteriors, while others are plastic. Depending on which brand you choose, there are a variety of options from which to select. You should pick one that goes with your other camping gear and suits your personal tastes.

The best electric cooler keeps your food and drinks cold when you're away from home. It offers the right temperature, features and look that are perfect for you. As you start to purchase electric coolers, enjoy the process and think of all the fun you'll have as you go forth on trips and adventures with yours.