Embroidery Machine Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Embroidery Machine

When you do a lot of embroidery, an embroidery machine can quicken the work and make the finished product neat and even. A new embroidery machine is a great addition to any craft or sewing room. Different types of embroidery machines take up different amounts of space, so make sure you have a large enough table before you start deciding which embroidery machine to buy. The more you know about the best embroidery machine models and features, the better choice you'll be able to make when it's time to complete your purchase.

>> Do you want an embroidery-only machine?
Ma ny crafting machines that can both embroider and sew are available. If you do a lot of sewing and are in the market for a new sewing machine, consider purchasing one that can do both. Not only will it take up less space, freeing room for your sewing accessories, but you'll also be able to work on multiple projects without moving them from machine to machine. Combination embroidery and sewing machines usually come with a unit designed for embroidery that you load and unload from the machine when you need to embroider. The best embroidery machine for those who are more interested in only doing embroidery is one that doesn't have a sewing feature, especially since it will take up less room than a combination model.

>> Where will you store the embroidery machine?

Before you settle on the best embroidery machine for your home, consider embroidery machine models and dimensions. Some units with a lot of features take up significantly more space than simpler models. Reading product descriptions as you compare embroidery machines will help you understand their varied dimensions. Measure the table on which you plan to put the machine. If you have a work desk with space already taken up by crafting tools such as quilting machines, sewing machines and supplies, you may need to get a new desk suited to the type and size of embroidery machine you want to buy.

>> What types of designs do you want to create?

You have several different options to consider when deciding which is the best embroidery machine for the types of designs you want to create. All embroidery machines include built-in sets of fonts and characters, though the range of such assortments varies by model. Some embroidery machines can make computer-generated designs. They connect to a computer and use software to load a specific design template that you can program the machine to follow. These advanced home appliances feature technology that requires the use of a computer and either Wi-Fi sharing or removable media to transfer patterns. You can find many patterns online and share them with other crafters, if desired. You may also use the software included with some machines or design and upload your own embroidery patterns. Machines that do free-form embroidery are better suited for those who want to come up with their own original patterns. In this case, look for a machine that includes a stitch regulator, which uses moti on-sensing technology to help you create even stitches. Understanding which specific designs you want to make is important as you learn how to choose an embroidery machine that will work well for you.

>> What embroidery skill level do you have?

Another thing to consider when comparing various embroidery machine brands is your skill level. The best embroidery machine for a beginner may be slightly simpler than the best embroidery machine for an expert. Some embroidery machine designs are specifically made to be easier to use, even if they have fewer functions. One way to decide which embroidery machine designs are ideal for you is to look at the controls and LED panels, if applicable, of different models. If all the options and settings make sense to you, that machine is probably made for your skill level. If you've never embroidered before, choose a machine that can embroider pre-made designs. If you want a new challenge after years of embroidery, consider a machine with which you can make your own unique creations, or one with a significant collection of built-in designs. If you're planning to do just monograms, on the other hand, you may not need an extremely large set of symbols and character options. Many machines made for more skilled users are also good for bigger, more involved embroidery projects. The size of an embroidery project is called the field size. When working on larger projects, one option is to adjust your fabric within the hooping of a machine in order to embroider a larger area than otherwise would be allowed. Keep in mind the average size of your planned projects as well as your skill level before buying a top-rated embroidery machine.

>> What embroidery machine features do you want?

Another way to decide on the ideal embroidery machine for you is by comparing the features available on different models. As you shop, list the types of embroidery machines that interest you and what options each one offers. Some embroidery machines have an automatic stitch clipper that cuts away a loose thread at the end of each project. Without this feature, you'll have to clip your own threads. You can also choose from automatic hoop placement, or you can position the fabric in the hoop on your own. If you want to switch thread every time you change colors, you can buy a model that only has one thread spool. Alternatively, some machines can hold many different types of thread and are especially good for multi-color projects.

As you decide which embroidery machine to buy, keep an eye on the features and controls offered by each type. Look for an embroidery machine that will further your personal creations and add functionality to your sewing room. Once you've bought the right one, you'll be sure to enjoy it for many years to come.

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