Fanny Pack Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are extremely useful for carrying small items that need to be kept close by for easy access, especially when you're on the go. In addition to freeing up your hands for other things, they also allow you to get a good number of essential items into a relatively small container. When you set out to choose the best fanny pack for you, put some thought into what needs you want your new fanny pack to serve.

>> Consider the need and user

Cool fanny packs come in all sizes, making them ideal for men, women and children. Which new fanny pack you buy should be based on how and where you intend to use it. If you are planning to hold small things like keys and tissues in your fanny pack while walking around your city, town or neighborhood, you can get by with a small, stylish model. Your child can also accompany you while sporting a cool fanny pack that's just the right size for a younger person.

For holding an iPod or cell phone while commuting by public transit or even by bicycle, simple waist packs fill the bill.

If you want to use waist bags or fanny packs for something more strenuous such as hiking, look for hiking bags and fanny pack brands from your favorite sporting goods manufacturers.

Further, if you have lower back issues, you might want to consider sling packs or sling bags as an alternative.

>> Consider what you wish to store in them

Generally, the best fanny pack for you depends on the things you want to carry in it. If you want to store a number of small things, such as cash or makeup, you may need a fanny pack with plenty of small compartments. A stylish fanny pack often works for this purpose; indeed, many of these are designed to also pass as makeup bags.

If the fanny pack will be used to carry school or office supplies such as pens, pencils and markers, a moderately sturdy bag is required. While such items are relatively light in weight, the best fanny pack for carrying them will have a long central compartment.

If the best fanny pack for you would include a beverage carrier, you might consider purchasing a beverage carrier with loops that go over the belt of the fanny pack. Some quality fanny pack manufacturers create attachments for fanny pack belts that will accommodate beverage carriers and things like small flashlights or other tools you might need on a day or weekend hike.

>> Consider the durability

While a quality fanny pack should be durable, the degree of durability needed depends on how you plan to use the fanny pack. Some designer fanny packs, for example, are primarily for show, while other types of fanny packs are designed to withstand abuse incurred during traveling. If your purchase will be used by a child or an active teenager, you should buy a fanny pack that can stand up to strenuous usage.

Another thing to consider when looking to buy a fanny pack is the pack's hardware. Check whether the D-rings, zippers and zipper tabs are metal or plastic. You also want to check push clasps for ease of use. If your purchase is for a child, check to make sure zippers and zipper tabs are of materials approved for handling by children. Also make sure the belt portions are securely fastened to the pouch section of the fanny pack.

Keep in mind that all types of fanny packs should be laundered by hand in order to preserve plastic catches and clips. Cleaning a fanny pack is often as simple as wiping down both the inside and outside with a damp paper towel or disinfectant wipe. You can also purchase sprays that will give your fanny pack a waterproof coating. This simple step will increase the pack's ability to protect your goods in inclement weather.

>> Consider fashion
While most fanny packs are utilitarian, some unique fanny packs can contribute to your casual fashion look. Such fanny packs may even have designer logos or be designed specifically as outfit accessories. Again, be sure to choose the best fanny pack for yourself based on your needs rather than solely on whether a particular pack looks good.
Some clothing manufacturers design unique fanny packs with material printed with their logos or signature characters. Because these bags are made specifically to attract young people, they are generally tough enough to withstand some degree of rough handling.

After considering the above factors, you'll have enough information to sort through the many features of the fanny pack brands on the market. This will enable you to ask the questions that will make your purchase decision an easy one.

Faux Wood Blinds Guide: Don't Get the Wrong Faux Wood Blinds

Though there are many types of window shades and blinds, one of the most popular is faux wood blinds. Not only are they attractive and versatile, but they are also affordable and durable. With so many faux wood blind brands, how can you choose the best faux wood blinds for you? Simply consider your home and what will best suit your unique needs.

>> What do you need the blinds to do?
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Before you set out to buy faux wood binds, you should determine what you need the blinds to do in the room in which they'll be installed. Would you like to add a fresh, new look to your surroundings? Do you need to increase your privacy? Or does your room face the bright morning or blazing afternoon sun, making it critical that you decrease light and heat exposure -and your energy bills? Attractive faux wood blinds can help you accomplish all these goals.


When shopping for the best faux wood blinds to visually enhance your space, first consider basics such as colors that would work with your current decor. Due to the wide variety of faux wood blinds on the market, you'll then need to narrow the field by taking faux wood blind features such as privacy, light control, type of blind and mounting into consideration as well.


Privacy is a key concern in bedroom and bathroom areas. When you buy faux wood blinds for this purpose, you need to make sure they are secure against outside eyes. Depending on several factors such as distance of neighbors, which floor the room occupies and the overall security of your neighborhood, faux wood blinds can be used alone or in conjunction with other products. Drapes and energy-saving window tint films are popular complementary window treatments that can help your faux wood blinds match your desired level of security and privacy.

Control light

In addition to their decorative and privacy properties, faux wood blinds also offer the benefit of light control. Whether trying to control light for a late sleeper or diminish the sweltering effects of late-day sun, you will find that faux wood blinds -particularly room-darkening mini blinds -can be very effective when installed alone or in conjunction with other window treatments.

>> Choose a type of faux wood blind

Now that you've decided how the blinds will be used, you can start to narrow down choices for the best faux wood blinds for your home. There are several stylish and effective contenders for your consideration:

Roll-up blinds can be made from faux wood woven tightly together. Raised and lowered in one fluid movement, they are easy to use as they're operated by a smooth pulley system. Despite their lack of adjustable individual slats, these versatile shades can still perform very similarly to classic mini-blinds and are offered in both light-filtering and room-darkening models. With careful measurement, roll-up blinds can be cut to fit the inside of your window casing seamlessly or mounted on the wall to hang outside your window casing.


Venetian blinds are what you might consider your typical standard slatted blinds. Faux wood Venetian blinds are easy to operate and offer everything from a fully open window to a fully closed window, with several degrees of privacy and light-filtering effects in between. They, too, can be cut to fit precisely inside your window casing or to hang from the wall above your window, making the Venetian blind one of the best faux wood blind choices for many rooms.

Mini blinds

Mini blinds are basically your standard Venetian blind with narrower slats. While Venetian and some other types of blinds feature slats that are 2 inches or more in width, slats on most mini blinds are usually only 1 inch wide. Though they function in the same way as larger Venetian blinds, mini blinds require more slats to cover a window. When you buy faux wood blinds, remember that a larger window might benefit visually from a blind with larger slats, as wider slats can decrease visual "noise" and improve the cohesion of your decor.

>> Consider your decor

Another factor to consider when deciding how to choose faux wood blinds is how you want the blinds to look overall. Do you want them to perfectly match your existing decor? Or do you prefer a more eclectic mix of styles and design? Whichever way you go, new faux wood blinds might be just the decorating element needed to bring your room together.


A modern or contemporary look calls for clean lines and simple shapes. For this reason, the best faux wood blind for this type of decor might be a sleek roll-up blind. You may also consider options for brightening or muting the color palette of your room. A darker or lighter blind will draw attention to the window, while beige blinds can help keep the window presence neutral, allowing for another color/style palette to take a dominant role in your decor.


For this type of design, the look of natural wood window blinds is often ideal. Depending on the size of the window, either Venetian or mini blinds in natural-looking wood stains and colors might be most effective. While a darker wood color helps to bring a richer, slightly more masculine feel to a room, a lighter wood is a bit more "cottagey" and airy. Blinds in white or off-white or with a white-washed effect can also enhance this decorating style and might be the best faux wood blinds for such a space.

>> Decide on a mounting

One last consideration before you head out to buy faux wood blinds involves which mounting style will work most effectively for you.


An inside mounting is fitted within the window casing to create a refined, clean look. This mounting requires very accurate measurements to ensure the blind is perfectly fitted to your window. Be sure to check your measurements several times before you order. Inside mountings work well for window casings with no latches, crank handles or alarm monitors.


An outside mounting attaches to the wall above the window casing so the blind covers the entire window and casing when closed. Faux wood blinds with outside mountings can be found in ready-made sizes, so custom cuts are not necessary. When lowered, these faux blinds can provide a uniform look to oddly shaped windows and create the illusion of a larger window overall.

Regardless of how you choose to shop for faux wood blinds, be sure to keep in mind the many considerations noted above while also checking the warranty, return/exchange policy and any installation options that might be available to you before purchasing your new faux wood blinds.