Gold Jewelry Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Gold Jewelry

With items as special as gold jewelry, it's important to know what to look for as you shop. To determine how to buy gold jewelry, take into consideration the recipient, the occasion, the design and other physical characteristics of the jewelry to find the right piece for you.

>> Consider who the jewelry is for

Each person has an individual style, and when you shop for gold jewelry, consider the style of the wearer. Are you buying it for yourself? Or, are you giving gold jewelry for an engagement, wedding, graduation, anniversary or other holiday?

Deciding the best gold jewelry to buy for an occasion requires planning. Knowing what types of gold jewelry the intended recipient prefers is half the battle. If you are purchasing yellow gold jewelry for someone else, try to get a sense of his or her design preferences. The age of the person receiving the item should also be considered.

>> Consider different types of jewelry

While sifting through the varying design options and styles, try to picture the best gold jewelry to buy. The different types of gold jewelry provide many options. Are you buying it for yourself for a special occasion? In that case, consider a piece that is versatile so you can wear to many functions.

To help you understand which options are the most appropriate for certain occasions, the table below offers a few examples.

Occasion Appropriate jewelry options Engagement/wedding Gold band with diamonds and other gemstones Birthday Earrings, gold bracelets, necklaces Anniversary Earrings, bracelets, anniversary bands, necklaces Holiday gift Bracelets, necklaces, earrings Job promotion gift Necklace or bracelet >> Consider the design of the piece
There are countless gold jewelry design s. Some are more ornate than others and attract a specific type of style or personality. Paying attention to the design is an important part of understanding how to buy gold jewelry. Pieces that include a lot of etching or engraving tend to be weaker than plain pieces or those with embellishments added to them. Look at the jewelry pieces that the recipient wears on a regular basis to get a sense of his or her personal style.

There are four main design groups: ornate, simple, classic and modern. A piece that has dark hints around the engraved areas is likely to have been antiqued, which lends a vintage look.

Aside from considering the design, take into consideration the age of the person wearing the item. Younger jewelry wearers often prefer items that resemble favorite characters or activities. Adults vary in preference from simple to ornate and flashy.

>> Consider the karat and weight

As you shop for gold jewelery, consider the karat and weight of the gold jewelry. A karat is a measurement of purity. Real gold jewelry is often heavier than gold-toned or plated items, as the metal has not been altered. In items listed as "toned" or "plated," alloys are mixed in to create the structure and often have little or no weight to them.

When you are mastering how to buy gold jewelry, details are important. The weight of an item that is pure and not plated or filled determines the true value. Gold values fluctuate daily. The weight is listed in grams: most jewelry items range from 0.02 to 3.0 grams.

>> Consider the durability and quality of the piece

Part of learning how to buy gold jewelry is understanding what the thicknesses and types of gold mean. How a necklace is made helps determine the durability and quality of the piece. Thinner pieces require more delicate handling, while thicker pieces can withstand being pulled on or dropped.
The quality of a piece comes from the craftsmanship as well as the closure and attachment pieces. Clasps or closures on necklaces and bracelets should close completely with no gaps. As you inspect each piece before making a purchase, ensure that links or ropes are all even, properly closed and able to move freely.

>> Consider the color

With the varying gold jewelry designs comes a variety of colors. As you decide on the type of jewelry you wish to purchase, the color plays a role. Yellow gold rings have a variety of uses, from bridal jewelry to simple designs for everyday wear. Some people prefer white gold, which has a platinum or silver look to it. Other options are Black Hills gold and rose gold.

As you shop for gold jewelry, keep several of the key pieces of information laid out here in mind. This gold jewelry Guide is designed to help you make the best decision possible. With a better understanding of how to buy gold jewelry, finding the ideal piece for an occasion and to suit the preferred style of the intended wearer should be a bit easier.

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