Golf Bag Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Golf Bag

If you are shopping for a golf bag among other outdoor sports and games equipment, you might have a few questions on which is the best golf bag to buy. There are many different golf bag brands out there, and picking a golf bag that's right for you only requires a little bit of forethought and knowledge. Consider the following few points when thinking about how to buy a golf bag.

>> Consider the types of golf bags

When it's time to shop for golf bags, you will feel confident once you know more about types of golf bags and golf bag features on the market today. Which golf bag to buy depends upon your golf clubs, golf equipment and golf accessories. When you are learning how to buy a golf bag, keeping in mind that golf bag brands, sizes, dimensions and portability differ will help you make the right choice.

What's best in terms of golf bag sizes and golf bag dimensions varies on how much you need to carry. Professional golfers require the largest bags because they carry a lot of equipment. The largest bags are typically made of leather with large pockets. Different types of golf bags include stand bags, cart bags, carry bags, push cart bags and wheeled bags. When you shop for golf bags, you have other options such as hard and soft travel cases for when you want to golf on vacation.

Cart bags are made to be used with manually pulled carts or motorized carts. They come with a single carry strap for light use and are usually kept in the golf cart.

Carry bags are also called travel bags. They are lightweight and easy for you to transport. They usually come with double straps for wearing like a backpack. They're made from lightweight materials and designed to hold the essentials, such as golf clubs and golf balls.

Stand bags are made like carry bags, but feature a device that props the bag up when you're not carrying it. When you put the bag on its base, the stand comes out, and when you pick up the bag, the stand retracts. These bags feature rigid reinforcement to assist the stand in remaining upright. Stand bags are a good choice for maintaining the health of your back. Wheeled bags have two wheels that allow you to tilt the bag and roll it. Push cart bags have two, three or four wheels and allow you to roll your golf bag with great ease and comfort.

Travel cases can be soft-sided or hard-sided. Soft cases are usually made of canvas and sometimes have pockets, compartments and padding for extra accessories. These cases can often carry more gear. Hard cases do a good job of protecting your golf clubs, especially during travel. Hard cases may have additional padding in the top to cushion the golf club heads and may come with locks on the zippers and a bag cover.
>> Consider the different bag materials

You also have different materials to consider when deciding how to buy a golf bag. Whatever material you choose, most golf bags are reinforced for protection and to make club selection easier during a game.

Hard plastic cases are best for travel because they protect your clubs during transport. Leather bags offer high quality construction and hardware. Canvas bags are lightweight and easy to carry on foot. Bags may be made from recycled materials, such as polyester or PET fabric. Hybrid bags have a compartment for storing the bag legs so you can carry the bag or use it as a cart bag.

>> Think about different designs

The design is another consideration as you figure out how to buy a golf bag. Designer golf bags are available with a variety of features. Color is one of the simpler choices. You can find bags featuring licensed sports teams, school colors and logos that you might want to have.

Top-rated golf bags contain separate chambers to keep clubs quiet. Some have a hip belt for distributing weight evenly over your midsection. They may have compartments for storing clothing, food and other items. They may even feature a cooler pocket for beverages.

Also, think about how many pockets you might need and what types of pockets you want. Pockets are used for golf balls, ball markers, tees, divot repair tools, medical supplies and golf apparel, such as gloves, shoes and rain gear. Smaller pockets exist for your wallet and cell phone. Which golf bag to buy may depend upon how many pockets you need to keep your items organized and protected.

>> Consider bag accessories

There is a large selection of golf bag accessories to consider when determining which golf bag to buy. You will likely want covers for your clubs. Covers zip or stretch over the heads to protect them. Covers come in a variety of colors, fabrics and designs, including animals, famous people and the names of golf equipment manufacturers. Be sure that whatever covers you want to use can be with the golf bag you are considering.

Golf cart bag holders vary in design and rigidity. Most come with hardware to secure the holder to your golf cart. Along the same lines, there are golf bag organizers that help you store your golf bag in the garage. You can find simple, wall-mounted designs or you can go with stands. Whichever golf cart bag holders or organizers you want to use, be sure that they are compatible with your golf cart bag.

Golf Cart Guide: Don't Get the Wrong Golf Cart

Golfing can be a relaxing sport, but it does require a lot of gear and a lot of walking. As such, you may want to use a motorized golf cart to carry both yourself and your clubs around the green. You can often rent these motorized golf carts at the course. However, you can also buy a push/pull golf cart and save on the cost of renting a motorized one each time you golf. When thinking about how to buy golf carts that you can push or pull around the green, there are a number of factors to consider.

>> Consider the handle and wheels
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Golf courses have a variety of terrains, so having wheels that can handle easily the green or the rough should be of importance. When learning how to buy a golf cart, you will want to think about the golf cart uses and styles. The carts that have large wheels will be able to ride over the course more smoothly than those with smaller wheels. You will also want wide tires that can handle the additional weight of golf clubs and accessories.

Consider the type of handle the golf cart has. The handle is what allows the golfer to control the cart while walking the course. Most golfers prefer carts with an ergonomic grip because it is easier to control and there is more padding to protect the golfer's hands. Try out as many handles as you can to see what is most comfortable for you.

>> What golf cart features do you need?

When considering how to buy a golf cart, you will want to think about the golf bag, your water bottle, cell phone and any golf accessories that you may want to take with you. When you are traveling, you might want a golf cart that is collapsible for easy storage and transportation. Golf carts often collapse differently from each other. Some collapse completely and others only partially. Some golf carts are compact carts and do not have many extra features, but they are lighter, easier to transport and will take up less room as well.

Knowing which features are absolutely needed will assist in reducing the weight of the cart. Removing added seats, umbrellas or baskets can lessen the weight. The best golf cart to buy will have features that can be removed so you can use them when desired and take them off when not needed.

>> Consider having a seat

If y ou are golfing in a tournament, you will often have long periods of waiting. You will want to bring a chair with you to rest. There are different types of golf carts with seats that can be either integrated with the cart, or simply attach to it. Completely collapsible carts usually have detachable seats, but some are a part of the cart and simply fold up with it.

Even if a seat is not a requirement for you, you may want to check to see if a seat can be added to the cart later. If you are considering how to buy a golf cart seat, you will want to take into consideration the fact that some manufacturers make brand-specific seats. Other manufacturers will offer universal seats that will work on several different types of golf carts.

>> Consider ease of use

In general terms, you will want to consider how easy the cart is to use when thinking about how to buy a golf cart. The way a cart collapses and how things attach can make it easier to use than other golf cart types. Talk to friends and other golfers, and try a few out in the store prior to purchasing. Take note of any special features like mechanical switches that may aide in the golf cart's use.

Another feature that can make a cart easier to use is a brake mechanism. Brakes can be a necessary part of the golf cart because most courses have hills. When you have a lot of equipment, you may want a brake that is similar to the kind used on bicycles. It will make taking the golf cart down hills safer. Other types of brakes will prevent the cart from moving when you are in play.

>> Consider what accessories you need

When you know what accessories are available and how they are beneficial, it is easier for you to know how to shop for a golf cart. Accessories assist in making the golf outing more enjoyable.

Accessory Use Equipment baskets Equipment baskets are low on the bag and ideal for replacement golf equipment. Many people will keep extra golf apparel to change into if the weather changes. Umbrella Umbrellas keep the sun off the golf clubs and you when you are resting. It is a perfect addition to the golf cart during tournaments. Different types of golf carts have designs allow for specific umbrellas. Water bottle holder This accessory is standard on many golf carts, but there are some that do not have it. You will want to make sure that if it does not come with the cart, you purchase one later or use the equipment basket to keep water on hand. Cooler The cooler can be placed inside the equipment basket if there is a compartment for the gear. You can store snacks and cold water to keep you satiated while you are on the golf course. Gear compartment If you have extra balls, scorecards, pencils, golf gloves, cell phones or any other small items that you will want to have at easy acce ss, you will put it in the gear compartment. It is usually found near the handle for easy access. When shopping for a golf cart, remember to read as much specific information as you can about the particular golf cart you are looking at. With the extra knowledge gained, you will be able to make an informed decision on how to buy a golf cart and which golf cart is the right one for you.