Golf Glove Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Golf Glove

When considering how to buy golf gloves, there are many different factors to keep in mind. Golf gloves are an important aspect of the game for many players, including professionals and amateurs. Players use golf gloves to help gain better control and a tougher grip on the club. This results in better-controlled shots. Improving a player's swing and game can sometimes be achieved by just evaluating his or her golf gloves. For example, if you hold your golf equipment too tightly, you probably have holes in the palms of your gloves. Golf glove size, type and material, as well as maintenance requirements, are all considerations to keep in mind when determining how to buy golf gloves.

>> What is your golfing style?

The first step in finding the best golf gloves is to determine which hand will be gloved. A golf glove helps protect your hands from inclement elements such as rain, as well as prevent your skin from getting blisters. In order to determine your golfing style, consider which is your dominant hand.

• Left-handed player: You will wear your golf glove on your right hand.
• Right-handed player: You will wear your golf glove on your left hand.

>> Consider golf glove sizes

To improve your swing and golf game, you will want to find the best golf glove for your hand size. Choosing an appropriate golf glove size can be easy if you know how it should fit. A golf glove should fit like a second skin, which means that it is tight against both your palms and your fingers. There are many different golf glove sizes to accommodate your needs, but only two distinct shapes: regular and cadet.
• Regular size: Regular gloves fit players who have fingers and palms that are considered proportional.
• Cadet size: Cadet gloves fit players who have wider palms and shorter fingers. Fingers in cadet gloves are around 1 cm shorter, and the palm area is 1 cm wider than that of standard golf gloves.

>> Consider golf glove types

In order to understand how to buy golf gloves, you need to be aware of the many different golf glove types available. Remember that not all the top rated golf glove brands are necessarily the ones producing the best golf gloves for you. The product that you choose will depend more on your playing needs.

• Budget golf gloves: Budget golf gloves make appropriate golf accessories if you play only every once in a while. If you are someone who does not play frequently but you still enjoy a good game from time to time, budget golf gloves may be the best golf gloves for you.
• All-weather golf gloves: Some of the best golf gloves are all-weather golf gloves. If you like to play in the rain or shine, these are the gloves for you. They are durable and able to withstand the elements.
• Winter golf gloves: Golf is often played during the colder seasons. Winter golf gloves, therefore, come in handy for players who are dedicated to the game, even in the winter season. These are thicker and provide additional comfort and material for keeping your hands warm. This would definitely come in handy when picking up golf balls in frigid temperatures.
• Golf mitts: Differing a bit from the winter golf gloves, golf mitts are for serious players in need of additional support when playing in poor weather conditions such as snow or rain. This golf glove design somewhat resembles the winter mitts that you would wear for snow. Although they do resemble winter mitts, they provide an outstanding grip to help maintain control of your golf clubs.

>> Consider golf glove materials

Review the chart below to determine which material best suits your playing needs.

Type of material Material features Leather Comfort and great grip Synthetic Flexible, durable, stands up to the elements


Durable, comfortable, great grip and flexibility Leather: Leather golf gloves are user-friendly and tend to stay soft and pliable over time. These may need to be replaced often, however.

Synthetic: Synthetic golf gloves are durable and more flexible than leather styles. Synthetic gloves are made of faux leather, so they do appear similar in nature. If you are a frequent player, synthetic styles may be the best golf gloves for you because they do not need to be replaced as often.

Combination: Other golf gloves include a combination of both leather and synthetic materials. A combination golf glove provides the best of both worlds. The palm is made of real leather, as well as the fingers. This golf glove design helps to give added grip and comfort.

>> Consider golf glove care tips

Learning how to buy a golf glove involves understanding the different factors involved in making an informed purchasing decision, such as maintenance considerations. Golf apparel of all types, including golf gloves, must be cared for properly in order for it to perform at its best. In order to keep your golf gloves at their very best, you will want to follow these important care guidelines. • Let your golf gloves air out after playing. • Carry more than one pair of golf gloves with you so that you can change them out during the game. • When storing your golf gloves, keep them in a sealed plastic bag to help them last longer. • Remove your gloves between shots on the course to help them stay dry.

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