Gun Case Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Gun Case

If you are ready to take your firearms out of your gun safe and go into the field, then you will need a good gun case. There is a plethora of gun case brands out there, each offering a variety of options. Review these considerations first before shopping for gun cases.

>> The class of gun cases

When first wondering about the best gun cases to buy, think about the category of gun cases you are interested in.
• Hunter gun cases are used and transported more frequently. Hunters require sturdy and reliable gun cases to protect their guns. Hunter gun case design is durable and strong. Some hunter gun cases can be waterproof, and they often come camouflaged.
• Sportsman gun cases are slightly less durable than hunter gun cases. These gun cases are best when you want to use your gun for target shooting or other types of shooting for sport. Sportsman cases are typically made to be attractive but are still very protective of your gun, especially while traveling.
• Personal gun cases are ideal for some travel and minimal bumps on the road. As a result, these cases are rarely used outside of the house. Although these gun cases do not protect your gun as hunter and sportsman cases do, personal gun cases safely store your gun in your home. These unique gun cases can be made out of metal or hard plastic or feature a soft cover with no hard exterior.

>> Consider different types of top gun cases

When deciding what the best gun cases to buy are, consider the types of gun storage available.
Hard gun cases

Hard gun cases are the most protective and they are designed for transporting guns and rifles. They have locks and clasps so that your gun does not fall out of the case. They also have a hard exterior, so your gun is safe from abuse and impact as well as other outside elements. Hard cases keep your gun intact and in place. They vary in the density of the protective foam inside from very thick to very thin. Look for quality gun cases with thicker foam so your gun is secured in position and does not move when you pick up and move the case. Alternatively, you can buy a gun case with customizable foam for a perfect fit. Hard gun cases can be made out of aluminum, plastic, wood, leather or canvas. Although not ideal for long journeys, these cases are the only approved ones for airline and train travel.

Soft gun cases

Soft gun cases are slightly less protective than hard gun cases, but they have many more uses. They are better for hunters and sportsman who travel often. Soft cases are light and easy to handle and transport. These cool gun cases offer many benefits. They can be waterproof or sometimes float, and they can also be camouflaged. Soft cases can be made out of a range of materials from nylon to leather.

Hybrid cases

Hybrid cases are made of either canvas or nylon and come with a central core and hard sides. Hybrid cases are very protective, especially when traveling. These unique cases are best when covering rough terrain.


Sleeves or slips are made to carry your gun in the field. They are flexible in structure and soft. They will protect your gun from scratches when maneuvering through rough grounds. Additionally, this gun case design makes carrying your gun easier. It allows you to put your gun over the shoulder and walk over long distances with other equipment. Also keep in mind that certain shoots and hunting venues will require the use of a sleeve or slip for safety reasons.
When you buy a gun case, consider which one is best for you. These cases vary on a number of dimensions so choose the one that is right for your needs.

>> The size of the gun case

When trying to figure out the best gun cases to buy, take gun case dimensions into account. The size of the case you need depends on the type and number of guns as well as accessories you want to put in it. Consider pistol, single-gun and two-gun cases. Pistol cases are able to transport more than one pistol at a time. These gun cases typically have room for accessories like spare magazines and cylinders.

Single-gun cases are designed for a rifle or a shotgun and might also have room for a scope. These rifle cases and shotgun cases are light and compact. Two-gun cases can carry your rifles or shotguns or a combination of the two, or a single gun plus accessories. When traveling, plan to have a case larger than what you intend on carrying in it. When buying gun cases, it is important to consider your gun case dimensions. Make sure to have room for your gun or guns and that the case is large enough for accessories.

>> Consider materials

When determining the best gun cases to buy, think about what material you want your case to be.
• Aluminum is the standard metal for durable, strong and long lasting gun cases. If the case is not made of aluminum entirely, it may sometimes be trimmed with aluminum for tight seams and firm latching. Aluminum cases are light yet they can withstand abuse and be very protective of your gun.
• Wood is a material that is used mainly to give gun cases a classic, vintage look. These cool gun cases may additionally feature leather coverings for more aesthetic details.
• Composite such as plastic or fiber cases are light and very strong and durable. They can withstand abuse and are resistant to impact. They vary in the protection they give. Composite gun cases usually come in ribbed construction. This gives the case structural support and little flex.
• When shopping for the best gun cases, take materials into account. The material you choose will often determine how much protection your gun will have.

>> Would you like a waterproof gun case?

As you consider the best gun cases to buy, ask yourself if you would like your gun case to be waterproof. Waterproof gun cases protect your gun not only from physical abuse but also from environmental elements. It will prevent your gun from getting wet. If moisture gets inside the case, it can deal a lot of damage, which is why waterproof cases are ideal. When you buy a gun case, and you are interested in waterproof cases, make sure to dry your gun completely before placing it in the case.

With the numerous gun case brands out there, it is important to consider and weigh all your options. In addition to your gun case, you may also want to look at shooting bags and consider adding gun racks to your accessories.

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