Handheld Gps Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Handheld Gps

When you're looking to buy a handheld GPS device, there are many models on the market to consider. As you decide which handheld GPS to buy, you will want to think about a number of different factors.

>> How will you use it?
Ha ndheld GPS uses vary from hiking to geocaching. Geocaching is a recreational activity where a person will hunt for various hidden items. The only clue is a GPS coordinate that can be programmed into the handheld GPS unit, allowing you to find the loot. The best GPS unit to purchase will largely be decided on if it will be used in the car, city or in the wilderness. Depending on where you plan to use the GPS device, you may need a great deal of range.

It is also possible that you will benefit by purchasing a GPS unit that is waterproof. Most types of handheld GPS units come with waterproofing as an added in feature. However, you can also purchase waterproof cases.

>> Consider the features available

The best way to decide which handheld GPS to buy is by doing a handheld GPS comparison of features. Start with the size of GPS unit you will need. Decide if you want to use it as a GPS and navigation system or if you want to do something like geocaching.
There are three levels of GPS receivers: basic, mid-range and long-range. All three of them offer various features that are useful. With basic receivers, you can do paperless geocaching with a black and white or color screen. The maps are not as detailed, but they are detailed enough to locate the cached item. Mid-range receivers often have touchscreens, making scrolling easier. They are lightweight and compact for easier storage. Finally, the high-end or long-range receivers have barometric altimeters and electronic compasses.

The types of handheld GPS available on the market have several features to choose from when you're deciding which handheld GPS to buy. They include the number of channels available, points of interest on display, position reporting, built-in weather radio and simple geocaching. If you are determining the best handheld GPS to buy, think about whether you need multiple channels, weather reporting or any other handheld GPS feature. When you consider how to buy a handheld GPS, you will also want to consider battery life. If you need long-range GPS receivers, then you will probably want to purchase additional batteries and other GPS navigation accessories. Some of the best types of handheld GPS devices will have dual batteries for longer life.

Handheld GPS Feature Description MicroSD slots The microSD slots allow you to purchase expandable memory for your mapping system. This means you can store more maps than what your device would hold otherwise. Birdseye satellite Birdseye satellite offers a hi-resolution picture of your geographic region. You can see buildings and the terrain. Position reporting If you are camping with others, hunting or even geocaching, you may be interested in position reporting. It will let your friends know where you are, and you can see where your friends are if they have a unit as well. This is beneficial if you get split up. Built-in FRS/GMRS radio communication If you are with several people, having a built-in FRS/GMRS radios is useful. It will allow you to chat with the other members of your party through a walkie-talkie system. Built-in NOAA weather radio The NOAA weather radio will help you know what weather to expect. You will hear all warnings, hazardous information and weather forecasts w hen you listen to that channel. Built-in camera Built-in cameras allow you to photograph where you are. It is usually paired with the wireless sharing feature. City navigation City navigation is also found on auto GPS units. It will show you turn-by-turn directions to get to your destination. Weather proofing Weatherproofing helps protect the device against adverse weather conditions. Axis tilt The axis tilt is a feature found on vehicle GPS devices. It allows the device to act as a compass, regardless of being held or placed on a level surface. Wireless sharing With wireless sharing, you can share photos or locations with other friends and family members wirelessly. Battery system Handheld GPS units usually run off of either a rechargeable battery or Lithium AA batteries. >> What accessories are available?

When considering which handheld GPS to buy, you will want to look at the variety of accessories available for your model. The best handheld GPS to buy will often have GPS cases. Varieties of electronics are available that offer additional batteries, memory cards and even solar chargers for when you are without power, but you will need to do a handheld GPS comparison to know what offers the best deal for your exact needs. Knowing the different handheld GPS uses, you will know whether you need a car mount or other additional accessories available.
The accessories that you can find will help preserve the life of your GPS device and get more enjoyment out of it. You will want parts that are compatible with the device you have selected. Handheld GPS brands often have specific accessories that work with their devices, so consider those when you make your purchase.

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