Hard Drive Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Hard Drive

Whether you are building a new computer from scratch or looking to upgrade your existing one, there are many things to keep in mind when upgrading your hard drive. When thinking about which hard drive to buy, there are a few basic things to consider. The best hard drive to buy will be one that meets your storage needs, is easy to connect and is supported by your computer.
>> Choose Your Storage Space

The amount of storage space a hard drive has will determine how many files, folders and programs it can hold before becoming full. To give a general idea of file size, simple files used for writing and studying are relatively small, and it may take thousands of files to reach a single gigabyte (GB). As such, if most of your files and programs are small, a hard drive with small storage might be the best hard drive to buy.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of large programs, or have many different music or video files, then a larger hard drive might be the one that is right for you.

According to estimates, the average iTunes user has 7,160 songs in their library (almost 50 GB). A single program, especially if it is a large game, may take up as much as 20 GB of storage. Use these figures to help you determine which is the best hard drive to buy for you when it comes to storage. There are 1,000 gigabyte to the terabyte (TB), and 1,000 megabytes (MB) to the gigabyte.

>> Choose between internal and external

In any hard drive comparison, you need to distinguish betweeninternal hard drives, which are installed inside the computer case, and external hard drives, which sit on the outside of the case.

Internal hard drives are the most popular choices because all of the components sit inside the computer. When thinking about how to buy a hard drive and while considering internal hard drives, you will want to make sure that your computer has enough room inside the computer case to hold the hard drive in question. You will also want to be comfortable with your ability to install the hard drive in your computer. It is a simple operation as far as computers go, and if you prefer, you can often find a professional to do the work for you at low cost.

If you would like to easily transport the hard drive between computers, or if you do not have the extra space required inside your computer to support a new hard drive, then an external hard drive might be the best hard drive to buy. Passport hard drives are a type of special external hard drive format that are designed for travel. External hard drives are also a good choice if you are looking to add extra space to a laptop or notebook. Lastly, most external hard drives are very simple to set up, and only need to be plugged in to your computer to operate correctly.

>> Choose between format types

In considering how to buy a hard drive, it is a good idea to learn about the different types of hard drives. There are two important hard drive formats to consider: hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD). Each of these hard drive formats has its own particular advantages.

HDDs currently are the standard for most PCs due to the internal hard drive advantages they provide. They have a magnetic disk that reads and writes the data as it spins. They are capable of large capacities of storage for a relatively low cost. If you are on a budget, an HHD is most likely the best hard drive to buy for you.

SSDs do not have a disk that they read or write from. Solid state drives use flash memory chips similar to the ones used in thumb drives. Solid state drives have a primary advantage over hard disk drives in that they are much faster and quieter, but their advantages come at an increased cost for the same disk space as an HHD. If speed and performance are your primary concerns, then it is likely you will want a hard drive that is an SSD.

>> Consider available accessories

Lastly, when thinking about which is the best hard drive for you to buy, consider the hard drive accessories you may need before using the drive. There are many different connections, racks and cases available to help meet your needs. If you plan on using any of them, be sure that the type of hard drive you are looking at is compatible with the accessories you either have or want to use.

With the right information on how to buy a hard drive, you will be able to make an informed decision on which is the best hard drive to buy by knowing all of the different hard drive formats and hard drive uses. Be sure to research each individual hard drive you are considering. Pay special attention to any of the warranties, installation requirements and features of the hard drives that are available. By doing all of that, you will be able to expand your existing computer's storage or build a rig from scratch that will allow you to read, study, work and play games as easily as possible.

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