Hard Shell Luggage Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Hard Shell Luggage

When you travel, you need a good piece of sturdy luggage to carry your belongings safely. Hard shell luggage is tough and easy to travel with. Many hard shell luggage brands offer a polycarbonate shell that can withstand some impact and is scratch resistant. Some of these pieces are expandable in order to provide plenty of storage space. With a little research, you'll be able to choose the best hard shell luggage to take with you on your travels.

>> Who needs luggage?

When you're looking to buy the best hard shell luggage for you or your family, first consider who will be using the luggage. You might prefer a designer hard shell luggage set in trendy modern colors and styles or a full luggage set so all the bags match perfectly. Interior pockets are another big selling point for many travelers who need hard shell luggage.

If you are buying for a child, you might consider hard shell luggage brands that feature popular cartoon characters or have fun shapes and colors. Kids enjoy traveling with their own luggage, so look for styles that reflect their personality. You might just want a good hardside luggage set that is durable, designed extremely well or economical to purchase.

>> Choose your luggage style

You're likely find hard shell luggage in any color or style you desire. Some hard shell luggage has an outer casing that resembles leather. Other types feature bright colors and patterns designed to make them simple to spot on a full luggage carousel.

Many hard shell luggage sets come with adjustable handles, making the pieces very easy to maneuver through busy airport terminals. Spinner luggage sets have multi-directional wheels that can rotate in any direction. The best hard shell luggage sets will have plenty of room inside and extra compartments to store your belongings. Knowing what style of hard shell luggage you like will make it easier when it's time to buy.

>> Consider your luggage size

The size of hard shell luggage that will suit your needs is also an important factor to consider. Be sure everything you want to pack will fit into the new luggage you want purchase. Popular hard shell luggage sizes are 28", 24" and 20". However, 30" hard shell luggage pieces are also available. Depending on its size, each piece in most lightweight luggage sets can weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. Lighter luggage can help prevent strain from lifting heavy objects.

Make sure the top-rated hard shell luggage sets you're comparing will be acceptable for the traveling you're doing, whether by plane, train, boat or car. If you primarily travel by air, choose hard case luggage that is lightweight and easy to lift into an overhead compartment. Make sure you check FAA carry-on regulations so you can bring a smaller piece of luggage on a plane as a carry-on. Mid-sized pieces in most hard shell luggage sets are easy to store if you choose to travel by car or train. Picking the perfect size for your hard shell luggage will make packing for your trip much easier.
>> Consider kids' luggage

Any child would love a fun, designer hard shell luggage set to take on family vacations. Many hard shell luggage brands have sets designed for children. Hard shell luggage for younger travelers ranges in weight from about 3 to 5 pounds. This size makes it easier for little ones to take care of their own bags. Retractable handles are helpful for children's hard shell luggage as well. The small size of these luggage pieces can hold a change of clothes, toys or anything your traveling companion might want to keep in easy reach. Picking out the best hard shell luggage together with your child might be a fun experience before you travel.

>> Consider luggage sets

As you search for the best hard shell luggage, consider investing in full luggage sets. Normally, hard shell luggage sets come in either two or three coordinating pieces in a range of sizes such as one carry-on bag and a couple other larger pieces. You might also consider hard shell luggage brands with an add-a-bag feature that makes it easy to carry two pieces of luggage together. When you buy hard shell luggage in matching sets, you can often find a better deal than if you buy just one piece of luggage.

Before shopping for hard shell luggage for your travels, you'll want to keep all these considerations in mind. Then you'll be able to find hard shell luggage that works well for you or your entire family.

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