herringbone chain Guide

When you buy a herringbone chain, you are making a choice to add a beautiful piece of jewelry to your collection. A herringbone chain is a unique type of chain that provides a smooth finish in the form of a herringbone pattern. The pattern is produced by bending the metal in the middle of small, flat pieces, then attaching them together. As you think about how to buy a herringbone chain, there are a few points you will want to consider.

>> Choose a material and type

Herringbone chains are made from various types of metals. When you buy a herringbone chain, your decision will usually be made between gold, gold plated, hollow gold, solid gold or sterling silver.

Yellow or white gold: Gold is a lovely, strong metal that provides luster and value to any piece of jewelry. Gold chains are available in white or yellow gold. White gold chains are similar in appearance to sterling silver, but gold is a more precious metal. Since pure gold is soft, metals are added for strength. The quality of gold is measured in karats. Pure gold is equal to 24-karat. The most commonly purchased gold herringbone chain is 14k gold chain, meaning it is 14 parts gold. For an inexpensive, quality herringbone chain, try 18-karat gold. This type of top herringbone chain provides the look of 14 karat, at a more affordable price. If you are looking for a metal that resists tarnish, rust and corrosion, consider buying a gold herringbone chain necklace.

Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is pure silver mixed with other metals to provide additional strength. The result is a product that is 92.5 percent silver and makes a cool herringbone chain. Shop for a sterling silver herringbone chain style if you prefer the look of a white gold herringbone chain at a lower cost.

Gold Plated: Gold plated herringbone chains are non-precious metals covered by a layer of gold during a process that uses electricity to bind the metals together, called electroplating. The cost of these types of chains varies according to the thickness of the plating. The thicker the plating, the more durable the chain will be, so check that information when shopping for a new herringbone chain. Buy a herringbone chain with gold plated links if you like the look of solid gold, but want something slightly less expensive.

Hollow: A hollow gold herringbone chain is a good herringbone chain design to buy if you are on a budget and looking for a pretty piece at a lower cost. The links are hollow inside and even feel lighter. This is a good choice if you like to be extra careful with jewelry.

Solid: A solid gold chain is made entirely of one metal, in contrast to a mixture of metals. Solid gold produces a quality herringbone chain that can last a lifetime and is often a piece of estate gold that is passed from one generation to the next.

>> Choosing a chain length

A herringbone chain necklace comes in a variety of standard-sized lengths. Women's bracelets are generally 6 or 7 inches long, and men's chain bracelets are as a rule 7.5 to 8.5 inches in length. Silver and gold herringbone chain necklaces come in a few standard lengths. Herring-bone chain sizes start with the 16-inch length, which is called a choker or crew length and fits tightly around the base of the neck. An 18-inch herringbone chain, often called the princess length, hangs down to the middle of your chest. A 24-inch herringbone chain style necklace hangs lower than the bottom of your chest or top of your abdomen and is called the matinee length. Buy a herringbone chain length that best suits most of the clothing that you wear.

>> Choosing a herringbone chain design
The beauty of a herringbone chain design is that it is a stand-out necklace when worn all alone, lying flat against your skin. It can also be an anchor for a pendant or charm, if the chain is thin enough to allow the charm to slide onto it.

>> Consider the clasp
When you buy a herringbone chain, check the clasp to be sure it's sturdy. There are different types of clasps, with the lobster clasp and spring ring being some of the most popular. The lobster clasp is a solid clasp and provides good security, making it the ideal choice if you plan to add a pendant to your new herringbone chain. A spring-loaded clasp works fine and should be checked periodically for weakness.

A cool herringbone chain can be the spotlight of an outfit or be a subtle complement that barely pokes out from an open jacket. Whether it's yellow gold, white gold or silver, a top herringbone chain should be a staple that you integrate into your wardrobe. When you buy a herringbone chain, you own a piece that you can wear with any outfit.

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