Home Gym Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Home Gym

There are many home gym brands available in the market today. But before you make a decision or a purchase, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best home gym for you and your house.

>> Consider the space for your home gym

The first thing you will want to consider are the dimensions of the space where you are planning to work out.

Make all the measurements of the designated area and reference the actual measurements of the home gym itself to see if it will fit. When measuring, take into account that you yourself will also take up some space when you are exercising. That is why you should plan for at least another 2 feet or so around your equipment. Make sure that the home gym has easy access, and you have enough space to use it.

If you do not have a lot of space, consider a single stack gym. If you have some room, consider a Smith machine that combines free weights with machines. And if space is not an issue, consider going with a multi-stack gym. There are also home gym designs to fit into corners and these can help a bit with the spacing.

>> What types of workouts will you do in your home gym?

When first thinking about the best home gym to buy, consider your fitness goals and what types of exercises you wish to perform. You can use a home gym to increase your muscles mass, tone up, lose weight and improve your fitness and health. Also take into account what exercises you want to engage in and what part(s) of your body you want to work out. Home gyms can include cardio work outs, upper body, lower body, and balance exercises.

However, because there are so many different home gym brands to choose from, it is best to look at equipment in groups to make your home gym comparison.
>> Consider cardio equipment

When deciding on the best home gym to buy, you might also want to think of cardio equipment. Cardio equipment is the largest of the home gym groups. They include treadmills, ellipticals, cycling machines, rowing machines, stair climbers and other exercise machines. One advantage of cardio machines is that you can fit a workout into a busy schedule and exercise while watching your favorite TV show or reading a magazine. Alternatives to these cardio machines are jump ropes and aerobic steps. Home gym benefits of cardio machines include an increase in your fitness level, weight loss and toned muscles. They also improve your heart, increase lung capacity, reduces stress and promote sleeping. When thinking about how to buy a home gym, take cardio into account. The machines may be big, but they come with their own set of benefits for your body and health.

>> Decide on upper body workout equipment

As you determine the best home gym to buy, consider equipment for your upper body. Upper body equipment is divided into free weights and machines. Free weights are hand-held and include dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. You can use these to train just about any part of your upper body: biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back and laterals. When working with free weights, consider buying a weight rack.

When it comes to machines, there are two different types. The first are those that work when you stack weight plates on top of each other. The other is resistance training. Of the two, resistance machines are the more popular home gym design. In resistance machines, the weights are attached to the machine, and you use a pin to choose the level of resistance. A good resistance home gym is useful as it can be used to work out many different muscle groups. Equipment includes chest presses, bicep and tricep machines, exercise pulleys, back row machines and abs benches for your abdominals. You also have the option to add pull-up bars. Resistance machines are large, much like cardio equipment, so plan ahead when trying to fit them in your home or office.

Home gym benefits of working out your upper body include strengthening of skeletal muscles, increase in muscle mass and improvement of joints. They also help you to tone your body and give you a leaner look.

>> Consider your lower body workout

When trying to figure out the best home gym to buy, consider equipment for your lower body. Lower body equipment includes leg press machines, leg curls, squat racks and other equipment. In addition to these, some home gyms will come equipped with leg extensions or a leg developer for leg extensions and leg curls. Alternatively, you can buy these as attachments and add them to your home gym later on. The leg press machine will target your inner and outer thighs and legs in general. Leg curls will work out the back of your thighs, and squat machines will target your entire thigh and glutes. Leg extensions will work out your thighs and hamstrings.

Home gym benefits of working out your lower body include toning and strengthening of the legs, glutes and hips. In addition, the workouts will build your calf and thigh muscles, as well as other muscles in the body.

>> Yoga and Pilates

When determining what the best home gym to buy is, you should also consider toning or balance equipment for things like yoga and Pilates. Not only do they increase flexibility, but they increase overall core and body strength. To do yoga and Pilates, consider sports supplies like fitness balls, balance discs, stretch bands, fitness hoops, yoga straps, DVDs and exercise mats.

You can perform these exercises anywhere where you have at least 6 feet of space all around. Yoga can be an important part of your daily routine too. After you become more knowledgeable on the topic, make your home gym comparisons and buy a gym that is right for you.

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