Infant Bath Tub Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Infant Bath Tub

One of the most precious, picture-worthy times with your new baby will very likely be bath time. To make baths during your child's first months even more comfortable and enjoyable, you'll want to make sure you have the best infant bath tub. Shopping for an infant bath tub requires that you make a few important decisions first.

>> What kind of tub do you want?

Gone are the days when parents only had the choice to either wash baby in a big sink or a regular tub. Baby-bathing products have progressed to now include a wide range of infant bath tubs. Among baby bath supplies, the actual tub you use will directly impact your child's safety and comfort during bath time. Rather than wash your baby in a large tub or sink, you can easily buy an infant bath tub that fits snugly into either.

The best infant bath tubs include travel tubs, inflatable tubs and baby bath tubs that sit inside an adult-sized bath tub. If you'll be using your new infant bath tub in your existing sink or tub, you'll want to take into consideration the dimensions of various infant bath tubs on the market to ensure you get one that will fit just right.

>> Consider a sink bath tub

Washing your new baby in a sink may be an ideal choice for your own comfort, as a sink is usually much higher than a tub and washing a baby in a sink is usually much easier on your back and knees. If you choose to buy this type of infant bath tub, compare hard plastic infant bath tubs with the newer, more flexible designs. Whichever type you choose, double-check the infant bath tub dimensions in order to ensure an accurate fit. In the same way that most baby gear has evolved, some infant bath tubs are now designed to fold and collapse to become flat for simple disassembly and storage.

>> Consider an infant tub for the bathroom

A traditional choice in newborn bath tubs is the large plastic baby bath tub that sits in a regular tub. Some of these types of infant bath tubs come with a removable crotch bar to prevent your baby from sliding too far into the bath water. It's also recommended that a rubber, slip-resistant pad be used in such tubs for added safety. These tubs are easy to fill and have a plug on the bottom to allow water to drain quickly when bath time is over.

Such top infant bath tubs are also beneficial in that they have two different inclines, one on each end, making them appropriate for newborns as well as older babies who can sit up a bit. For the first few months, the option of allowing your baby to lie back while being bathed is especially helpful.

Some infant bath tubs have the additional feature of a water temperature gauge designed to help you avoid placing your baby in water that is too hot or keeping your baby in water that has become uncomfortably cool.

>> Consider an inflatable tub

When you're choosing the best infant bath tub to buy, you'll find inflatable bath tubs on the market designed to be more soft and cushioned than some of their counterparts. Inflatable infant bath tubs are better suited for a slightly older baby who can sit up with a little assistance. If you choose to buy a new infant bath tub that is inflatable, consider the diversity this extremely affordable option offers. You can use this tub for playtime with the addition of balls or water, or you can take it to the beach to give your baby his or her own very shallow pool. Another feature of inflatable tubs is that they come in a variety of styles, colors and characters designed to capture your child's attention.

>> Consider a travel tub

As you search for baby products, remember to keep your lifestyle in mind. If you'll be traveling with your baby often, you may want to consider a travel tub for use at home and on the road in order to help keep bath time a consistent, comforting ritual. The best infant bath tub for your individual situation may depend on how often you'll use it and how you typically travel.

Infant bath tubs that fold up for easy storage might be particularly helpful if you travel frequently. These types of infant bath tubs are durable and appropriate for newborns as well as older, larger infants and can be used in your home on a daily basis as well as when you're away from home.

Once you've selected the best infant bath tub for your family, you'll be on your way to making sure your baby is cradled in comfort when it comes to bath time.

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