Jewelry Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Jewelry

Jewelry is a beautiful way of treating yourself to something nice or showing a loved one how much you appreciate him or her. It's a gift that keeps giving and can be worn for many years to come.

>> Why are you buying new jewelry?

When considering how to buy jewelry, it's important to first consider why you're investing in jewelry. Many people purchase jewelry as a gift for a loved one, either for a special occasion or as an expression of their affection. When buying a piece of jewelry for someone special in your life, consider the occasion. Someone's birthday, Valentine's Day or your anniversary are good dates to celebrate with jewelry.

The decision about what type of jewelry to choose when giving a gift often depends on the jewelry design preferences of the wearer and the importance of the occasion. A birthday might call for something simple and practical, but a celebration such as an anniversary might call for something a bit more special. When gifting jewelry, it's important to take into consideration the taste and style of the person you're purchasing jewelry for and match those to the features of jewelry. For fans of pearls, consider a new strand of freshwater pearls as a gift. For those who are minimalist in their style, consider stud earrings or a classic drop pendant.Consider whether you are buying jewelry as an investment (with quality gold, diamonds, rubies or other stones) with pieces that can be passed on to future generations, or whether you simply want trendy jewelry that can be worn for an upcoming party or season. For many people, some combination of both is ideal, so consider whether the jewelry you want to buy is for a keepsake, for work or for a particular occasion.

>> Buying jewelry for yourself

You might be purchasing jewelry for yourself, whether as a special treat or simply to add different types of jewelry to your collection. When picking out jewelry designs for yourself, take note of what jewelry you already own. If you already own a lot of sapphire jewelry, then perhaps you will want to look for something new and interesting that complements the blue tones of the sapphire.

Also, take your wardrobe and where you will be wearing the jewelry into consideration. You will want to find jewelry that goes with your existing wardrobe, so that it can be worn with a variety of pieces you own.

Think about the size and comfort of a piece when you shop jewelry; you want jewelry that goes with your outfit rather than overshadows it. Jewelry should be comfortable and not force you to adjust it frequently.

Consider, too, the environment in which you will be wearing your new jewelry. If you're interested in how to buy jewelry for a buttoned-down workplace, it's a good idea to buy more conservative pieces that won't draw large amounts of attention. If you plan to wear your new jewelry out to dinner or just to go out with friends, you can explore fun or trendy styles.

>> Types of jewelry

There are many different types of jewelry to consider when determining how to buy jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are all wonderful pieces of jewelry that add some extra flair to any wardrobe. Necklaces are a great type of jewelry for people who love to accessorize but need to keep their jewelry out of the way throughout the day. There are a large variety of lengths and styles to choose from, so any wearer should be able to find a necklace that they truly love.
Bracelets are charming pieces of jewelry that will definitely get noticed and that you can admire easily throughout the day. Bracelets range from thin and elegant to chunky and bold.

Rings are simple yet beautiful pieces of jewelry that accent any outfit or wardrobe. They are perfect as everyday pieces that can be worn traditionally or as an outfit calls for.

Earrings are a popular piece of jewelry that can easily dress up any outfit. They frame the face nicely and add a touch of style. From simple studs to elaborate designs, earrings are available in a variety of sizes and styles, making them a versatile enhancement to your look.

>> Styles of jewelry

The fun thing about learning how to buy jewelry is that there are so many options to mix and match various jewelry designs and materials to create a custom, fashionable look that suits you. When shopping for different types of jewelry, consider the texture and feel you would like for it to have as well as the appearance. Fine metals, diamonds, gemstones and birthstones can all serve as beautiful jewelry that will be treasured for years to come. Be sure to think about what jewelry designs really speak to you before making a decision. Go to a jewelry counter and try some pieces on, or even evaluate how you feel about the jewelry that is already in your collection to get a feel for what style you're looking for.

>> Jewelry designs

When looking into how to buy jewelry, you should consider how the jewelry design or features of jewelry will fit in with you existing wardrobe and collection. It's important to choose jewelry that will complement what you already own in order to make sure that you will get everything you can from your new jewelry.

>> Jewelry maintenance and care

To ensure that your new jewelry lasts, there are a few small things that you can do to keep it looking as good as the day you purchased it. Store your new jewelry in a dark, dry place. Any jewelry armoire or other form of jewelry storage would be perfect. Be sure to remove your jewelry before showering or bathing in order to prevent metals from tarnishing or dyes from fading. If you love to keep your jewelry looking shiny and new, it might also be a good idea to keep various jewelry polishes in the house for touch-ups. To fix broken jewelry, find a good local jeweler who can help you to buff, repair and alter jewelry sizes.Jewelry is a way to express your personality and your style. With the wide range of jewelry available, you're certain to find pieces that complement you and your wardrobe, no matter what your budget.

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