Jump Starter Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Jump Starter

Every vehicle should have automotive tools and equipment on board for emergencies, and a jump starter and battery chargers should be part of this equipment. Jump starters are not all built the same, so there are several things to consider when figuring out how to buy a jump starter.

>> Consider the size of your vehicle

Before you purchase a jump starter, you need to consider the size of your vehicle. Jump starters come in different amps, and the amps you need will depend on the size of your vehicle. Most cars and light trucks need at least 300 amps. If you need to start a school bus or another heavy vehicle, you need at least 600 amps. If you are driving a semi-truck with trailer, you need at least 700 amps.

The best jump starters have components that your vehicle can handle. These include clamps and cables long enough to reach the battery. Knowing what your battery can handle is important; you do not want to fry it with too much power.

>> How will you transport and use the jump starter?

When figuring out how to buy a jump starter, think about transporting the device. Conduct a jump starter comparison, looking at how compact different types of jump starters are, especially if you have a small vehicle. Also consider how light it is and how easy it is to carry. Many jump starters can be stowed in a hidden compartment, under a seat or in the trunk. Look for handles to carry the jump starter so you can grab it at a moment's notice.

A top rated jump starter will be easy to attach and work quickly. If you do a lot of driving after dark, you will want a jump starter with a light so you can see what you are doing. Consider a jump starter that you can charge in the cigarette lighter if you are on the road a lot. All these features and components will help you determine the best jump starter to buy.

When you look at how to choose a jump starter, you need to know how you plan to use it. You might consider purchasing a solar battery charged jump starter. These can rest in a sunny spot and charge, but you will want one that includes other methods of charging in case you run out of battery at night or when it is cloudy. If you plan to keep the jump starter on hand for convenience, then you may want to look at a jump starter that has the ability to fill up tires and charge your mobile devices.

>> Consider features

Another thing to consider when looking at how to buy a jump starter is which features you desire. While different vehicles have different amp requirements, there are some jump starters that can jump multiple times between charges. The jump starter Guide chart below describes some of the features of top rated jump starters.

Feature Description Amps The power given off by the starter battery to jump the vehicle. If the starter has more amps than what is needed, you may be able to use it multiple times prior to charging. Trickle charger Uses low amps to prevent overcharging a battery. Protection from surges Jump starters that are protected from surges protect the battery if the voltage spikes. This prevents the battery from frying and the user from injury. Solar paneling Allows the jump starter to charge in the sun, saving electricity. Air compressor Inflates tires or mattresses. Cigarette lighter charger Charges the jump starter while driving the vehicle. >> Shopping for jump starters and accessories

While you are looking at how to buy a jump starter, look for jump starter deals. The best place to start is in the automotive supplies department, where you can do a jump starter comparison. While you are in that department, consider automotive diagnostic tools and auto battery chargers. These are auto accessories that should be included in an emergency kit. The best jump starters for emergencies are basic enough to handle all your needs, but strong enough to be of service when you need them.

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