Lalaloopsy Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Lalaloopsy

Lalaloopsy includes a collection of dolls and related merchandise that has gained incredible popularity with children and tweens. Lalaloopsy dolls are designed as rag dolls, but come in both hard and soft varieties depending on the style of the toy. There is also a wide range of play-based merchandise available featuring the whimsical Lalaloopsy artwork, such as bicycles, clothing and children's furniture items. When shopping for Lalaloopsy deals, you'll want to consider the best Lalaloopsy toy for your child's preferred activity, as well as his or her age group.

>> Consider the age range

The manufacturer recommends Lalaloopsy toys for ages 4 and up. The Lalaloopsy clothing line offers fun, bright Lalaloopsy designs in sizes 2T and up. Ages 4 to about 12 will find the Lalaloopsy collection entertaining, but it depends on the child's taste when it comes to toys and children's characters. When looking to purchase a new Lalaloopsy item for your child or as a gift, keep those considerations in mind.

>> Consider different types of Lalaloopsy dolls

The Lalaloopsy collection is as vast as it is cheerful. The original doll lineup has grown from 12 dolls since development in 2010, to more than 50 dolls on the market today. Choosing the best Lalaloopsy gifts is easy once you review the different types of dolls and play sets currently available:

• Lalaloopsy dolls
• Lalaloopsy Littles
• Lalaloopsy minis
• Lalaloopsy Silly Hair dolls
• Lalaloopsy Workshop
• Lalaloopsy Sew Magical mermaid doll
• Lalaloopsy Pillowtime Pal
• Lala-Oopsie horses

Dolls Size Lineup Themes Main feature Extra animals Large dolls 13" More than 50 dolls Many Bendable body None Littles 7" More than 50 dolls Many Small size None Minis 3" More than 50 dolls Many Mini size None Silly/Loopy Hair dolls 3" to 13" 12 or more Hair Crazy hair None Workshop 13" 12 or more Many Mix and match parts None Mermaids 3" to 14" 12 or more Underwater Mermaid body Seahorses Pillowtime Pals 13" 12 or more Many Soft body None Lala-Oopsies 3" to 15.5" 12 or more Princess and fairy Taller, princess dolls Horses The large, Littles and mini Lalaloopsy dolls all come in the normal lineup of characters. New characters are added each year, with new themes and pets. Pillowtime Pals are cloth versions of the Lalaloopsy doll lineup, and let children squeeze and cuddle their doll comfortably at bedtime or anytime.

The Silly Hair line is available in both large, mini and Little sizes. Silly Hair dolls have long hair that children can style however they like with the included hair clips and brushes. Another popular item is the Lalaloopsy mermaid doll. These friendly-finned dolls are available in all three sizes, and have seahorses in each size available for additional purchase.

Lalaloopsy Lala dolls, or the Lala-Oopsie dolls, make up a new Lalaloopsy series that was released in 2013. These dolls are available in each size, and have matching horses that you can purchase separately. Each doll is a princess that has a part in the Lalaloopsy world. Also included in the newer Lalaloopsy series are fairies, each with a different role in the cartoon and play storyline.

Another Lalaloopsy character series is the Workshop dolls. This series includes dolls that your child can build from different parts. Workshop doll sets come with one to three dolls each, and include parts that can be mixed and matched between them. Children can assemble parts to create custom Lalaloopsy design dolls or create a design all their own. Some of the Workshop doll sets come in themes, while others do not. When shopping for a Lalaloopsy doll from this series, keep in mind that these dolls come with small parts that might be more suitable for older children.

>> Do you want Lalaloopsy doll accessories?

When deciding between Lalaloopsy dolls, take note of the many corresponding play sets that go along with them. There are play sets for each series of Lalaloopsy dolls, most of which correspond to the Lalaloopsy minis. These sets include different scene and props for children to incorporate into their play.

Your child can boost his or her Lalaloopsy doll's style with different fashion packs and accessories. Each fashion pack has an outfit or accessory. In addition to fashion items, there is also a Lalaloopsy dollhouse that is sure to be a hit with Lalaloopsy fans, young and old. When shopping for Lalaloopsy dolls and dollhouses, be sure to read the height specifications for both to ensure your dolls will fit in the house.
>> Consider other Lalaloopsy merchandise

The best of Lalaloopsy is not limited to toys alone. True fans will delight in the host of merchandise featuring these jolly characters. When you make your Lalaloopsy checklist for birthdays or holidays, don't forget to include Lalaloopsy bedding, clothing, furniture and decor. These items, along with the fashion dolls, will make great gifts for all the Lalaloopsy fans on your list.

The bedding comes in toddler and twin sizes to fit both little and bigger kids' beds. Bedding sets usually come with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a pillowcase, an optional sham (some sets) and a comforter. Items may be purchased separately, or at a discount when part of a set. Lalaloopsy clothing sets the mood for good times. Shirts, pajamas, pants, shoes and other accessories can be found in the apparel section of your Lalaloopsy retailer. When shopping for Lalaloopsy clothing, you may also find dress-up outfits and costumes in the toy section for children to wear while playing with their dolls.
Furniture and wall decals are popular Lalaloopsy items for children's room decor, and set the tone for happy, imaginative ambiance.

With so many merchandise options to choose from, you're sure to satisfy the Lalaloopsy fan in your life.

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