Laptop Bag Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Laptop Bag

The best laptop bags not only protect your laptop computer but also showcase your unique style. Unique laptop bags are available in different sizes. You must first identify your laptop size to determine the correct laptop bag sizes for your needs. Then, you must consider which laptop bag types and styles are best for you. Design and features are also important considerations when you shop for laptop bags. Finally, performing a laptop bag comparison will aide you in selecting your best laptop bag.

>> What size laptop do you have?

Laptops are available in a variety of sizes. Laptop bags are also available in different sizes. Computers are sized by the diagonal measurement from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner. The actual dimensions of the computer may vary. Be sure to compare fit with like-sized computers when selecting the best laptop bag for you. The netbook is the smallest computer. Netbooks are between 9 and 12 inches and utilize extra small bags. Laptop bag brands also sell small bags that are suitable for 13-inch and 15-inch computers. Medium laptop bags are able to accommodate 15-to 17-inch computers. 17-inch laptop bags are sold as the standard size by many brands. There are also 17.3-inch laptop bags that are designed to accommodate most computers, and many have straps or enclosures to securely handle all laptops. Large laptop bags are well suited for 19-to 21-inch computers. By determining your laptop size and then proper laptop bag size, you will determine the best laptop bag for you.
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>> What type of laptop bag do you need?

When evaluating how to buy a laptop bag, it is important to identify the different types of laptop bags you prefer. Laptop cases and bags vary in size and shape. Laptop sleeves are shaped like a zippered pocket and provide extra protection from the outside environment. They are rectangular and cushioned. Laptop backpacks are shaped like a traditional backpack, but are constructed to safely and securely transport a laptop computer. The 17.3-inch laptop backpack is the most common size available and may include straps or other security measures, as well as padded pockets or dividers. Shoulder bags are designed to look like a handbag and may feature a shoulder strap or handles. Messenger bags are rectangular bags that have a long strap and a large tab that folds over to close. These top laptop bags are worn on the shoulder or across the body. Rolling laptop bags are durable laptop bags that have an extendable handle and two wheels. They offer flexibility and can be worn either as a trad itional backpack or rolled behind you when walking. The briefcase-style laptop bag is suitable for professional settings and may be made of leather with a pocketed design. Selecting the laptop bag types you prefer is a very important consideration when deciding on the best laptop bag for you.

>> What laptop bag style do you need?

The next consideration in deciding how to buy a laptop bag is selecting your laptop bag style. Unique laptop bags are available in different styles to allow you to express your individuality. Business laptop bags are designed using professional materials, such as leather. They may also match fashions with other accessories. Fashion bags are available to match current trends. Their fashionable style matches popular patterns, designs and accents. They accessorize an outfit and express your style. Sporty laptop bags are designed for outdoor and sports situations. Many durable bags, such as ladies' laptop bags, are travel-friendly and waterproof and also feature extended storage space. Men's laptop bags are designed in dark colors and are angular. They feature pockets in a variety of sizes to accommodate additional equipment and are durable laptop bags. Women's laptop bags may include such features as a mirror, areas for makeup and other custom compartments. Selecting a bag style to meet your needs is an important consideration in your quest to find the best laptop bag.

>> What laptop bag designs do you prefer?

The next main consideration in evaluating laptop bag deals is to identify your preferred design. Laptop bags are available in a number of different fabrics. Leather laptop bags are suitable for a wide range of environments and for informal to formal settings. Fabric laptop bags offer a wide range of patterns. Laptop bags can incorporate fabric both inside and outside of the case. Many laptop bag brands incorporate fabric in their design to showcase personal style and match current trends. Top laptop bags also utilize contrast and accents. Incorporating contrasting colors offers a distinctive style, while accent features such as zippers and brads create a unique look you will enjoy. When evaluating laptop bag deals, considering design features will assist you in selecting a bag that is right for you.

>> What laptop bag features do you need?

One final consideration in selecting from top laptop bags is to evaluate features. Laptop bags are designed for long-term use and are durable both in construction and materials. Laptop bag brands commonly feature a sturdy strap with many pockets for storage. Pockets may be in different sizes and include zippers, Velcro, mesh enclosures or other features. Many laptop bag deals include a warranty that varies in size and specific requirements. It is important to read the warranty to ensure you understand all of its specifications. Another feature of many bags is a lock. These locks may be either a keyed lock or combination lock and are very small. Finally, because laptop bags transport electronic equipment, waterproofing is important to keep the computers safe. When determining which laptop bag is best, considering the features of each bag will help you find a suitable bag for you.

When determining which laptop bag to purchase, be sure to read up on individual laptop bags you are considering in order to make an informed decision. This way, you'll be able to make your own laptop bag comparison to determine which unique laptop bag is right for you.