Laptop Battery Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Laptop Battery

Among the fundamental components of laptops are the batteries that power them. Laptop batteries usually come with the laptop when purchased. However, you might want to buy some laptop batteries for a variety of reasons. When determining how to buy laptop batteries, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind. Use this laptop battery Guide to help you purchase the best laptop batteries for your needs.

>> Consider your laptop brand and model

There are various brands and models of laptops. The first thing to think about when deciding how to buy laptop batteries is the brand and model of your laptop. You can find the brand and model on your owner's manual, but if you do not have your owner's manual, you can usually find the brand and model number on the bottom of your laptop computer.

You will want to know your laptop brand and model to help find the laptop batteries that are compatible with your computer.

>> Consider laptop battery sizes

Laptop battery sizes vary based on the model of your laptop. A battery may not fit in a laptop just because the battery is made by the same company that made the laptop. Laptop batteries from one brand may be long and skinny for one laptop and square for another laptop. There are different sized laptops, and each one can have a different size battery. Therefore it is important to be sure the battery will actually fit in your laptop as you decide how to buy laptop batteries.
>> Consider the voltage

Voltage, in regard to laptop batteries, refers to the amount of power provided to the laptop. As you look at different laptop battery options, be sure to consider the voltage on your original laptop battery. Your laptop will have specific battery voltage requirements. Typical voltage measurements for laptop batteries are: 7.2V, 9.6V, 10.8V, 11.1V and 14.4V. If you have a battery with 9.6V, then you should buy a replacement battery that is 9.6V and not one that is more or less.

>> Consider the battery life you need

After you have figured out the basic specifications that you need for your laptop, it's time to determine how to choose a laptop battery based on the battery life you want. Most laptop batteries will last about four to nine hours before they have to be plugged in to laptop chargers. However, some laptop battery brands claim they have batteries that last up to 24 hours. The battery life is often determined by how many cells are in a battery. The greater the number of cells, the longer battery life it will have. You can get laptop batteries that have two, three, four, six, eight and nine cells. Try to find the laptop batteries with the most cells as this will generally allow you to use your laptop longer.

>> Consider different types of laptop batteries

Different types of laptop batteries are made from different materials. There are three different types of laptop batteries you can choose from: metal hydride (Ni-MH), lithium ion (Li-ion) and lithium ion polymers (sometimes Li-poly, Li-Pol or LiPo). Ni-MH batteries are heavier and do not last as long as the Li-ion or Li-poly. However, many laptops may only be compatible with the Ni-MH batteries. If your laptop is compatible with Li-ion or Li-poly batteries, it is certainly important to consider them as they are lighter, easy to charge and keep a charge longer than Ni-MH batteries. See the laptop battery comparison chart below to compare the Li-ion and Li-poly batteries:

Lithium ion batteries Lithium ion polymers batteries No overcharging Can overcharge Last longer than Ni-MH batteries Last longer than Li-ion batteries Do not use memory when charging Do not use memory when charging When determining how to choose a laptop battery, remember to choose the material based on what is compatible with your laptop.

>> Consider laptop accessories

After you have determined how to buy laptop batteries, it is important to consider laptop accessories you may need while you are getting a battery. Laptop computer batteries and A/C adapters go hand-in-hand as the A/C adapter is needed to charge your new battery. Be sure your old one works or consider buying a new one once you have determined how to choose a laptop battery. Other accessories to consider include laptop cases and bags. As you shop for laptop batteries, make sure you get all the needed essentials with your purchase. And if you are buying laptop batteries in order to have spare batteries available, be sure that the case or bag you use can hold them in addition to your laptop.

Lastly, be sure to research individual laptop batteries and make comparisons when considering which laptop batteries to buy. Read up on both individual reviews and professional opinions in order to find the best laptop batteries for your needs. This way, you can make an informed decision on what will work for you.

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