Laptop Case Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Laptop Case

When considering how to buy a laptop case, keep in mind that the laptop case design you choose makes a statement about your style and shows off a little of your personality. There are many different types of laptop cases to choose from, and the one you choose should provide adequate storage for your laptop and any other items you need to carry.

>> Consider what the laptop case will be used for
As you go about looking at various laptops, think about the following general categories that you might use your laptop case for:

• Travel -If you spend a lot of time traveling, larger laptop bags that can hold your laptop, files, paperwork and some additional items, such as a change of clothes or toiletries, are a good choice.
• School or work -When deciding how to buy a laptop case, if your primary use will simply be transporting your laptop and paperwork to school or work, almost any of the laptop case designs will work. Of course, the best laptop cases will be large enough to hold the laptop securely, plus any files, books and computer accessories you may need, but small enough to be portable and convenient as you go from class to class, or appointment to appointment.
• Laptop storage -If you simply need a safe place to store your laptop when it is not in use and to protect it from dust, any of the many types of laptop cases will work. You will want to be sure that the laptop case is large enough to hold everything in regards to it, but small enough to be conveniently tucked away.

>> Consider weight and size of laptop

When choosing how to buy a laptop case, the size and weight of the laptop should be a major consideration. If the laptop is relatively small and light, almost any of the wide variety of laptop case designs will work perfectly. However, if the laptop is heavier or larger, the best laptop cases will either be the rolling type or have wide, comfortable straps so that the weight of the laptop is evenly distributed.

>> Consider laptop case material

There are several types of material used in making laptop cases. Think about the following when deciding which will make the best laptop case for you:

• Leather -Leather is a type of material that many laptop bags and cases are made out of. When considering how to buy a laptop case, you should take into consideration that leather is extremely soft, but very durable. Leather laptop case designs are typically very professional and are an ideal choice for business people.
• Nylon -When figuring out how to buy a laptop case, nylon is a good choice for a lightweight but durable laptop bag. Nylon is extremely strong, which means that some of the best laptop cases are made out of this material. Most nylon laptop cases are made with thick stitching to help with wear and tear, and padded liners to help ensure that the laptop itself is well protected.
• Canvas -Canvas is a very strong and durable material. It is a heavy duty, woven fabric that is an ideal choice for many laptop case designs. Canvas laptop bags typically do not need a padded liner, although many laptop owners prefer to have one. These types of laptop cases are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs, and can even be customized.

>> Consider laptop case style

When shopping for the best laptop case, think about various laptop case styles as well. There are many types to choose from, and you should be familiar with the categories of laptop case styles to help you decide which is the best one for you.

• Slip Case -A slip case, or laptop sleeve, is a popular choice for a smaller laptop. When deciding how to buy a laptop case, some slip cases are available in larger sizes to give you an additional layer of protection.
• Briefcase -The briefcase-style laptop bag is probably the one of the best laptop cases for business people. Briefcase laptop case designs are extremely professional and typically have many easy access pockets to carry paperwork, documents and supplies.
• Top loading -The top loading design makes it very easy to reach for the laptop and anything else in the bag. When purchasing a top loading laptop bag, you should consider the laptop case dimensions to ensure that the bag is large enough to hold the laptop and any other items you may need.
• Backpack -When determining how to buy a laptop case, the backpack style is ideal for students and anyone who likes a casual look. Backpack laptop bags are usually very easy to carry and provide plenty of space for both the laptop and any accessories you may need.
• Messenger bag -Another type of laptop case that is very casual is the messenger bag. Because messenger bags are an extremely popular style of bag for almost anything, using this type of bag does not allow others to easily know what you are carrying.
• Rolling -Rolling laptop bags can be useful for transporting larger, heavier laptops. In most cases, a rolling laptop bag is larger than other types of laptop cases, but you can fit much more into them. When looking at a rolling laptop case, ensure that there is a padded laptop compartment to help protect your laptop.

>> Consider laptop case features

Lastly, you'll want to consider any extra features a laptop case might have. Think about the following items and whether or not they are something you might need:

• Straps -The straps on a laptop case should be wide, comfortable and have a little padding. They should also be securely attached to the bag.
• Outer layer -The outer layer should be sturdy and protective. If the bag is going to be exposed to the weather, it should also be waterproof or weather resistant. If the laptop bag is soft, there should also be a protective inner case to ensure the laptop remains secure and protected.
• Laptop space -Any good laptop case will have a secure pocket that is specifically for the laptop. The pocket should be padded to avoid scratching the outside of the laptop. Additionally, the pocket should fasten with plastic fasteners or Velcro. The laptop should fit snugly in the pocket so that it will not fall out when the bag is open. • Additional storage -Many people find that they also need space to carry paperwork, files, office supplies, school supplies or mobile accessories for their laptop. This makes it important to purchase a laptop case with some additional storage.
• Lock -Many laptop bags come equipped with locks. This provides an additional layer of security. If a laptop case does not come with a lock, it might be possible to purchase one separately to keep the laptop safe and secure.

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