Laptop Charger Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Laptop Charger

Laptops are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury as more and more of our lives revolve around computers and the Internet. That being said, one of the most important computer accessories for your laptop is a good laptop charger. Most laptops will come with the appropriate charger when you purchase them. However, in certain situations you might need to buy a new laptop charger or you might decide you need additional options.

>> Consider which type of laptop charger is best for you

When you begin deciding how to buy a laptop charger, there will be a variety of considerations to make. Among the most significant of these considerations will be what type of charger you need. The type of laptop charger you need is mostly based on your usage of the laptop. For example, if you use your computer on the go, you will likely want to purchase a car charger or a travel charger so that you are able to charge your computer as you commute to your destination. Car chargers plug into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle and feed off the electrical system of the vehicle. These chargers are especially helpful for those who are in their car for extended periods of time, such as law enforcement, firemen, military groups and commercial delivery service individuals. A travel charger is lightweight and portable, and differs from a car charger in that it connects to a wall outlet, as well as plugs into a car or even an airplane outlet.

If you will be primarily using your laptop in your home or place of business, a standard wall charger, otherwise known as a laptop AC power adapter, is appropriate. You can also opt for a docking station if that is more to your liking. A docking station is also a laptop charger model that allows laptops to be instantly usable without worrying about cords, cables and plugs. Most laptop docking stations are specific to their respective make and model. However, there are universal models that require a simple cable to connect from the docking station to the device.
>> Consider the size of charger plug

When considering how to buy a laptop charger, you will also need to choose between the various laptop charger sizes. Laptops have brand specific chargers that will fit that particular device. However, there are also universal laptop charger designs. If you are purchasing a new laptop charger, it is necessary to ensure compatibility based on the make and model of your computer. There are packages that are available that provide a variety of sizes of plugs to allow you to change the adapter piece to fit different laptops and other devices. If you are choosing the best laptop charger for a portable lifestyle, you will want to choose a charger with a shorter cord for easier travel and storage, as well as a safer operation. On the other hand, if you have a facility with limited power outlets or an extremely large space, you might opt for a longer cord to extend to the needed length.

>> Consider the voltage and wattage

In addition to laptop charger sizes, you will want to compare other aspects of different chargers when you are learning how to buy a laptop charger. You will find that it is necessary to choose a charger that has the appropriate voltage and wattage. Finding the proper voltage and wattage is crucial to your laptop operating and charging correctly. You should be able to find what your computer requires either on the laptop itself or in its user manual. With this information, you can better pick out the best laptop charger for your computer.

>> Consider unique features

When thinking about how to buy a laptop charger, take into consideration that the best laptop charger for your needs will be unique to your lifestyle. Therefore, it might require additional items, such as USB ports or a double-ended charger if you have multiple devices needing to be charged simultaneously. There is also another type of laptop charger that has a unique feature and that is the solar powered unit. Solar powered chargers are an excellent choice for those concerned with being more environmentally friendly. There are other situations in which you might benefit from the solar powered charger, such as if you spend quite a bit of time outdoors or away from power sources.

When you shop for a new laptop charger, it is essential to understand that you do have a variety of choices of additional laptop accessories and features. Your needs, location of the computer and its proximity to a power source affect the length of the cord you might require. Surge protectors are also available additions to your accessories and will help protect the charger in the event there is a power surge. Be sure that your laptop charger is compatible with any other accessories you might want to use.

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