Lego Star Wars Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Lego Star Wars

Bring the epic story of Star Wars to your home with the LEGO Star Wars collections. Whether you have been a Star Wars collector for years, or you are a new fan just getting started, LEGO Star Wars models can help you or your kids bring your favorite Star Wars characters to life. Once you've purchased them, you can either play with them as toys or build models for display as decorative pieces. The best LEGO Star Wars set will give you the experience you desire.

>> Who will be using the LEGO Star Wars sets?

LEGO Star Wars collections are rated for ages 4 and up. However, some sets are more suitable for adults than children. Look at the pieces in the kit to decide which is the best LEGO Star Wars set for the person for whom you're purchasing. Kits with many small pieces are best for older builders with steady hands. LEGO toys made of larger pieces are preferable for younger players. New LEGO Star Wars sets can have many pieces or several large pieces. For example, sets with vehicles have far fewer discreet parts than those that are designed to set up entire planets or villages. Examine any new LEGO Star Wars package carefully to make sure all the parts are large enough to be safe for all players. The best LEGO Star Wars toys are suited to the players.

>> Which LEGO Star Wars set do you want?

One way to decide which is the best LEGO Star Wars set for you or your children as you make your LEGO Star Wars checklist is to see which collection the set belongs in, and decide if that's the one that interests you. There is a wide variety of LEGO space sets to consider when you decide to buy LEGO Star Wars games.

Collection Description Examples Buildable Galaxy The Buildable Galaxy collection comes with a character, a planet and an extra of some kind. Each planet in the kits can be displayed as a decoration, or you can use the included display stand. Examples include: B-Wing Starfighter and Endor, Republic Assault Ship and Coruscant, and Jedi Starfighter and Kamino. Clone Wars The Clone Wars collection has characters and set pieces from the animated series of the same name. Many collections include multiple pieces of each type. Examples include: The Malevolence, Geonoslan Canon and BARC Speeder with Sidecar. Episodes I-III The collections labeled with Episode I, Episode II and Episode III include items that represent the movies released between 1999 and 2005. Many feature a building and multiple characters. Examples include: Gungan Sub, Palpatine's Arrest and Duel on Geonosis. Episodes IV-VI LEGO Star Wars collections labeled Episode IV, Episode V and Episode VI represent the original trilogy released between 1977 and 1983. They're similar to the episode I-III sets and contain both set pieces and characters. Examples include: Jabba's Sail Barge, Rancor Pit and Hoth Echo Base. The Old Republic Buy Star Wars: The Old Republic sets if you're a fan of the MMO game of the same name. Examples include: Republic Troopers vs. Sith Troopers, Sith Fury-Class Interceptor and Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser. Exclusives LEGO Star Wars designs available in the Exclusives collection are premium pieces for serious players and true collectors. Examples include: Death Star, Ewok Village and the Jek-14 Stealth Starfighter. Before you decide which set to buy, look at the available LEGO Star Wars sets to ensure you get the one you want. The ideal LEGO Star Wars collection is one that recalls the film, show or game you enjoyed the most.

>> What types of LEGO pieces do you want?

When you look at LEGO Star Wars sets, consider what type of LEGO pieces you want the most. Most LEGO Star Wars series items have scenery, weapons, vehicles, buildings and characters. If you want scenery, look for models that are part of a LEGO Star Wars series pack, because they're rarely sold individually. New LEGO Star Wars items available individually may also be included in a kit, so if you're buying multiple items at once, check to make sure you're not making a double purchase. LEGO play sets list descriptions of the items on the box.

>> Are you interested in a kit?

As with many popular building blocks and sets, LEGO Star Wars items are sold both individually and as collections. Before you buy, look at the options to see whether the best LEGO Star Wars set is included in a kit or if an individual piece will suffice. If you buy individual items, you can create your own scenes. On the other hand, kits help you create scenes that are true to the source material. If you're looking for a premium piece to add to an existing collection, a kit will be valuable to you. If you're just looking for a girls' LEGO set or boys' LEGO set of any kind, you can buy a simpler item.

>> What will you do with the LEGO sets?

If you're interested in creating an entire scene or recreating multiple parts of a film or TV series, you may need to buy more than one kit to achieve your goal. You can even mix Star Wars LEGO items with other LEGO building games to create a more expanded universe of your own design. To combine more than one set with another, do a LEGO Star Wars comparison with other sets to make sure the joints are compatible. If, for example, you want flying vehicles to use for a LEGO racing set you already own, make sure the sizes of your racing set are compatible with the flying LEGO Star Wars items.

As you shop LEGO Star Wars sets and look for the best LEGO Star Wars figures available, keep your goal in mind. Whether you want Star Wars stuff for kids' gifts or intend to add to an existing Star Wars collection, there's a LEGO set that's right for you.

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