Litter Box Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Litter Box

Choosing the right litter box is essential not only for you but also for your cat. Luckily, there are plenty of options, which increases your chance of finding the perfect litter box. You do need to keep a few things in mind while figuring out how to choose a litter box that meets your needs.

>> Which size is best for your cat?

One of the first things to consider when you are thinking about how to choose a litter box is its size. You want to give your cat maximum comfort. The bigger the cat, the larger the litter box should be. You should also look for large litter boxes if you have multiple cats.

Stores with cat supplies will usually offer a wide range of litter box dimensions. The best litter boxes have a comfortable height that is easy for the cat to climb.

Take a close look at the pet supplies section and you will find litter box sizes that can fit into very small spaces and blend in with the decor.

>> Consider style

The importance of choosing the right litter box style cannot be overstated. Because there are so many options, check out the various types when considering how to choose a litter box:

• Basic flat box: This is the most basic and least expensive of all cat boxes. However, these do an excellent job. They are available in a variety of depths and dimensions, and the style makes cleaning easy. Some varieties are available with a rim, which helps hold feline litter box liners in place.
• Hooded or covered box: This type of litter box design maintains the rectangular shape of the basic flat box but adds a hood and an opening on one end. The cat uses the opening to enter and leave the box. This type of litter box design gives the cat privacy. Sometimes little pieces of litter stick to the cat's paws and come out, and hooded boxes may help keep these pieces inside. The best litter boxes of this type are large enough to accommodate the cat comfortably. Some may have a ventilation panel with a filter that can help trap odors.
• Self-cleaning box: If keeping the cat box clean is one of your concerns when considering how to choose a litter box, a self-cleaning box is a great choice. These have a timed sensor that starts working every time the cat leaves the box. Although this is not a replacement for litter box hygiene, this definitely makes your life easier.
• Designer or "hidden: box: Modern cat boxes comes in designs that mask the cat litter box as a piece of furniture. The use of camouflage makes this style suitable for any room. The best litter box of this kind will be big enough for the cat and have good ventilation. Use pet odor control as frequently as necessary.
• Sifting box: Some of the best litter boxes are available with sifter trays. Although there are many variations, the basic litter box lift and sift types have two rectangular pans and a sifter tray. Depending on the design, these may function well for multiple cats and may be very easy to clean.

>> Consider ease of cleaning

Keeping a litter box clean is very important for your home and the health of your cat. Look for a litter box that makes cleaning as easy as possible. Some of the best litter boxes come with a built-in cleaning mechanism that may be manual or automatic. Either way, having such a system is a plus and a major consideration when thinking about how to choose a litter box.

>> Consider odor control

The top litter box to consider is one that offers good ventilation and maximum odor control. Irrespective of the type of litter box you choose, keep a good supply of stain and odor removers in your home's litter center.

>> How many litter boxes will you need?

The number of litter boxes you need depends on the number of cats you have. The rule of thumb is to keep at least one litter box per cat, plus one extra.

>> Consider the physical condition of your cat

The best litter boxes for you will reflect the physical condition of your cat. If your cat is old or has urinary issues, she needs a box that she can use with ease. Look for accessories such as ramps that make climbing into the litter box easier. If your litter box does not accommodate the present needs of your cats, conduct a litter box comparison and find a type that is more suitable to your cat's present condition.

>> Consider litter, tools and other accessories

One aspect of considering how to choose a litter box involves understanding the accessories that you may need. Litter box liners, litter pad liners and clumping kitty litter are some of the supplies you might want to keep on hand. Depending on the litter box design you choose, you may need special litter. Consider using baking soda or vinegar for controlling odor. Keep training pads within easy reach in case your cats do not master the litter box immediately.

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