luggage set Guide

Quality luggage sets are a valued commodity for those who travel. A luggage set can make or break a trip, especially when you travel often. Read on to learn about the considerations for best luggage sets to buy.

>> Consider the average amount of items you plan to pack

What you intend to pack when traveling is very important. Each piece of luggage is only so big and can only hold so many items. Many luggage set sizes can accommodate an incredible amount of stuff. However, knowing how much you plan to pack can make a difference.

An additional consideration when packing is how many other people are traveling with you. If you are traveling alone, a small luggage set will do, but a whole family will need more than one or two bags. Each family member should plan to have at least one checked bag and one carry-on. For shorter trips, only a carry-on bag may be needed.

When you decide to buy luggage sets, think about how long the trips you take are, on average. Then consider the amount of clothing and other personal items you will need to bring, as this will help you choose which is the best luggage set to buy. In addition, consider the season in which you travel the most as this may affect the amount of clothing you bring. It is also a good idea to leave some room for souvenirs.

>> Consider how large of a luggage set is needed

Regular and designer luggage sets come in many different sizes and combinations. Luggage set sizes can refer to how large the individual pieces are and how many are in each set. Top rated luggage sets are always desirable, but make sure they come in a combination you will find useful on your trip.

The best luggage sets to buy come in multiple sizes:

• 2-piece luggage sets
• 3-piece luggage sets
• 4-piece luggage sets
• 5-piece luggage sets
• 6-piece luggage sets
• 7-piece luggage sets

Each size luggage set can come in many configurations, as shown in the chart below:

>> Set size vs. type of luggage in set

Consider the following luggage set comparison when trying to determine which of the different luggage set sizes and types may be right for you.
Set size Tote Rolling hard shell or soft shell Duffle bag Garment bag Single Yes Yes Yes Yes, commonly sold alone Two-piece Uncommon 2 Uncommon Uncommon Three-piece 1-2 2-3 Uncommon Uncommon Four-piece 1-2 2-3 1-2 Uncommon Five-piece 1-3 3-4 1-2 Can be included in some larger sets Six-piece 1-3 3-4 1-3 Can be included in some larger sets Seven-piece 1-3 3-5 1-3 Can be included in some larger sets >> Consider luggage materials

The best luggage sets to buy are made from durable materials. The type of materials used will vary by brand, but typically only certain materials are used for luggage. The most common luggage materials are cotton, leather, canvas, nylon, suede, PVC, polyester, twill, vinyl, silk, tapestry and polypropylene.

Most designer luggage sets have a denier value included in their description. This value is a number that describes the quality and sturdiness of the fabric. A high denier number denotes finer fabric fibers. This is not the only way to grade luggage sets. Durable luggage sets will be made of ballistic nylon fabric, with the best often touting a well-known brand name.

The top rated luggage sets include both hard case luggage and soft side sets. Soft side luggage sets are made of soft materials, like cotton, twill, polyester or nylon. These sets will have metal or plastic frames on the inside. Hard shell luggage will have a hard plastic outside instead of an interior frame. Look for durable materials, as listed above, when considering designer luggage sets.

>> Consider the style of the luggage set

When considering the best luggage sets to buy, the style of the luggage is important. Different types of luggage you may come across when shopping are rolling luggage, shoulder bags, duffle bags and garment bags. Each type of luggage bag previously mentioned comes in many different sizes. Rolling luggage bags are good for wheeling your things around for extended periods of time. Shoulder bags and duffle bags make it easy to sling your luggage over your back for quick transportation and pick up. Garment bags, of course, are used to keep a few clothes protected during travel. Find the style that best suits your needs.

>> Consider travel requirements
Once you have narrowed down luggage choices, consider the rules for air travel. Extremely large luggage sets and any checked bags might need certain considerations with airlines. Be mindful of the rules and fees for baggage for the airline you will use. Carry-on luggage is normally free, but has additional rules as to what can be packed in it. Generally, the home supplies section of most stores will carry travel-safe items and toiletries.

Luggage sets should be versatile enough for other types of travel. Consider the size of the luggage set when traveling by car, bus or train. You should be able to handle the set without help. Too much luggage can be difficult for one person to keep track of, leading to lost luggage.

>> Consider extra features and accessories

When looking for luggage sets deals, look for sets that have extra features and accessories. Luggage sets with spinner wheels will roll smoothly over most types of ground. The wheels have 360-degree spin, allowing for easy turns. Telescopic handles and expanding bags are also useful features.

Some luggage sets come with extra accessories, such as makeup bags and laptop sleeves. If you can use these extra accessories, look for a set that has them. Other accessories include removable shoulder straps, extra pockets, cellphone pockets and included luggage tags.

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