Massage Chair Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Massage Chair

Understanding how to buy a massage chair takes some research. As you look for the best massage chair to buy, think about why you need a massage chair, the chair's benefits, the space available in your home and massage chair styles and features.

>> What benefits do you want?

The many massage chair benefits are worth considering when determining how to buy a massage chair.

Massage benefits your physical health and well-being. Massage chairs offer muscle treatment, focusing on areas such as your neck, legs, head and back. Think about what areas you would want to focus on as you consider massage chairs, and look for a chair that will reach these specific areas.

Each person's body has unique needs. Some people prefer heat, and others don't. Some people prefer a hard massage, while others like a lighter touch. Some people like massaging seats, while others want a massage focused on their back. As you are doing a massage chairs comparison, pick and choose the features and benefits that are most important to you.

Stress and stiff joints are two ailments that can have a negative impact on your health. Massagers can help decrease tension in your body while improving your flexibility and stability. Massage chairs work on pressure points, helping you unwind. A reclining massage chair, which will help you lay back or flat, helps relieve stress.

>> Consider available space

As you look into how to buy a massage chair, think about the space you have available in your home. If you want to create a relaxing space in your home, you might have one room dedicated to a massage chair and other massagers and spa products. You don't have to set aside an entire room to accommodate a massage chair, however. You can tuck a massage chair into your living room or bedroom, as long as there is enough space for you to feel relaxed.

>> Massage chair design options

There are various massage chair styles and upholstery options to consider when you are figuring out the best massage chair to buy. Leather massage chairs are durable and handsome to look at and can last a long time with proper care and maintenance. Leather is cool to the couch and conducts heat well. Upholstery materials, often cotton or vinyl, are cost effective and come in a variety of colors.

Different chairs have varying features and massage chair benefits, so consider them carefully as you determine how to buy a message chair. One massage chair design includes a built-in footrest, so you have a place to rest your feet while you are enjoying your massage. Other chairs have a separate ottoman that comes as part of a set, so you can put the footstool at a distance that is comfortable for you. Some massage chairs stay in an upright position, which is a good option for those who need back support. Recliner massage chairs allow you to tilt the chair to an angle that works for your body. Other types of massage chair styles are chairs that massage your feet only and chairs that come with a removable seat cover.

>> Massage chair features: comparison chart

Knowing the best massage chair to buy comes from understanding the features available and how they can work to your advantage. Once you understand these features, you'll have a better understanding of how to buy a massage chair.

Massage chair feature Benefits Headrest Headrests come in various padding types and support your head and neck while you sit in the chair. Motor speeds Motor speeds determine how quickly the mechanisms massage your body and the pressure they put on your muscles. Massage styles Massage styles include a thumping massage, a vibrating massage, a deep kneading massage and a rolling massage. Heat treatment Heat helps muscles relax, and heat can be targeted to problem areas of your body. Heat combined with massage will release tension in your muscles. Timers/interval levels Timers allow you to "set it and forget it." The chair will automatically stop massaging once the set time is up. The chair can also massage different areas of your body at set intervals. Handheld controllers Handheld controllers give you control of the chair by pressing the buttons on the controller, usually attached to the chair by a cord. Vibration Vibrations enhance the massage experience. Vibration relaxes the muscle s and provides a soothing experience. Focused massage areas Different massage chair styles allow you to focus on various parts of the body. Look for settings that allow you to get massaged on the neck, back, feet, head or hands. Body scan technology This technology scans the body of each person pre-massage, measuring your shoulder height and back contour. This creates a customized massage experience. Music therapy Music helps you unwind. Incorporate your favorite music into your massage via your MP3 player. Aesthetic From a lounge style to a Chesterfield style to an office chair style, there's a look for every room, home or office. Reclining Reclining means that the chair tilts back and lays flat, allowing you to set an angle that works for you. Remote control Using a remote control, you can control settings for the chair even if you're not sitting in it, or someone else in the room can control the settings for you.

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