Mickey Mouse Watch Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Mickey Mouse Watch

Over the years, Mickey Mouse has been a popular figure often seen on collectibles, Disney jewelry and watches. Many Disney fans of all ages own, or want to own, one or more Mickey Mouse watches. However, in order to find the best Mickey Mouse watch for your particular needs, there are many things that should be taken into consideration.

>> Who is the watch for?

• Children: When you buy a Mickey Mouse watch for a child, look for a watch that is smaller than an adult watch. Many children's watches are also more colorful and have very easy-to-read digital or analog dial, which will help your child learn to tell time. When considering a new Mickey Mouse watch for a child, also look at the closure on the watch band. Velcro watches are usually easier for little hands than buckle closures.
• Adults: When choosing a Mickey Mouse watch for an adult, there are many different Mickey Mouse watch designs to choose from. Regardless whether you want a sports watch, a dress watch or a dual time watch, there is a unique Mickey Mouse watch for you.

>> Consider the watch's movement

The mechanism that a watch uses to keep time is known as the movement. When looking for the best Mickey Mouse watch for you, there are two main types of movement to consider.

• Quartz: The most common type of watch movement used today is the quartz movement. When you buy a Mickey Mouse watch with this type of movement, you will have a watch that is stable and accurate. Quartz watches do not require winding but do have a battery that will need to be replaced every year or two. These types of watches are available in many Mickey Mouse watch designs. When deciding on the best Mickey Mouse watch, analog, digital and ani-digi are all available, and there are many quartz Mickey Mouse watch designs to choose from. • Analog: An analog watch has Roman numerals, numbers or tick marks to indicate the time. While analog watches are very traditional, there is a wide selection available in both style, design and size.
• Digital: This type of watch has a digital face that shows an exact readout of the time in hours and minutes. Many digital watches are designed with additional features, and you can find GPS watches, waterproof watches and compass watches.
• Ani-digi: This type of watch has both the numeric elements of an analog watch and the display found on a digital watch.

• Mechanical: Mechanical watches show off the traditional craftsmanship of watch making. They use a spring and an oscillator, rather than a battery, to keep time. Mechanical watches need to be wound up, usually on a daily basis, or they will begin to lose time or stop keeping time completely. However, if a mechanical watch does stop, usually winding it will make it work again. There are two types of mechanical watches. Mickey Mouse watches are available in both automatic and manual mechanical, making it easy to find the perfect watch for your Mickey Mouse collection. • Automatic: This type of watch relies on a rotor swing to wind the mainspring that actually runs the watch. Many automatic mechanical watches come with a partially transparent face so that people can see the watch working. If an automatic mechanical watch is worn for long enough, the motion of the wearer will keep the watch running and it will not need to be wound as often.
• Manual: Also known as wind watches, manual mechanical watches require daily winding.

>> Consider the many faces of Mickey

Mickey Mouse watches are not only for children. There are many adult Mickey Mouse watches available, and when choosing the best Mickey Mouse watch for you, one of the main things to consider will be how Mickey looks. When you buy a Mickey Mouse watch, your choices are seemingly limitless. You can find a great, new Mickey Mouse watch with Mickey standing in the middle of the face using his arms as the hands of the watch face. You can also find beautiful, unique Mickey Mouse watches where a silver or gold rendition of Mickey peeks at you from underneath the watch hands. Other Mickey Mouse watch designs feature Mickey standing or sitting while smiling. There are also Mickey Mouse watches where the watch face is Mickey's face and his big, round ears form part of the shape of the watch. You can even find Mickey Mouse watch designs with Mickey and Minnie Mouse on them. Of course, you could also simply include some Minnie Mouse watches in your collection.

>> Consider case and band materials

When choosing the best Mickey Mouse watch for you, case and band materials will need to be considered.

• Case: The case protects both the watch movement and the dial, and because of this, most cases are made from either stainless steel or titanium. However, you can also find luxurious new Mickey Mouse watches with gold cases.
• Band: Watch bands can be made from a wide variety of materials and come in two different styles: the bracelet band and the strap. A bracelet band consists of a series of metal links, much like a bracelet. A strap, on the other hand, is a strip of material that uses Velcro, snaps or a buckle as a closure. When deciding on the best Mickey Mouse watch band, consider your lifestyle, personality and where you plan to be wearing the watch.

>> Consider the size

When you buy a Mickey Mouse watch, it's important that you take both the case size and the band length into consideration.

• Case size: This is a very important factor in the type of Mickey Mouse watch that you buy. Typically, men's watches are larger with a diameter of about 35 mm and women's are a little smaller with a diameter of 34 mm or less. This measurement typically refers to the width between the top of the crystal and the back of the case. • Band length: When considering Mickey Mouse watch sizes, the band length is measured from the buckle on the watch strap to the last hole. For a bracelet band, the measurement is from clasp to clasp. Most men's watch bands measure between 7.5"-8.5" and women's measure 6.5"-7.5". Many children's watches are a little smaller to accommodate small wrists.

>> Consider additional features
Another thing to consider when finding the best Mickey Mouse watch for you is additional features. While you may simply want to buy a Mickey Mouse watch that only tells time, you may also want a new Mickey Mouse watch with some additional tools such as a calendar, alarm or chronograph. If you spend a lot of time swimming, you may also want to consider a Mickey Mouse watch that is water resistant.

If you're a Disney or Mickey Mouse fan, a new Mickey Mouse watch will be a perfect addition to your accessory collection, your Mickey Mouse collection or your Disney collection.

Micro Sd Card Guide: Don't Get the Wrong Micro Sd Card

A micro SD card, also known as a camera SD memory card, is a computer device used to transfer and store data from your phone, digital camera or computer. These helpful memory cards come in many different sizes and speeds. Consider a few simple points to find your way through these cool electronics accessories and learn how to buy a micro SD card.

>> How will you use your micro SD card?
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Most people shop micro SD cards because they need more storage capability for their digital camera, video recorders or cell phones. They are especially popular as a digital camera accessory. Some types of micro SD cards can also be used as backup computer memory, however. You can write files from your computer to the micro SD card just as you would transfer files from your micro SD card to your computer. Another reason you may need to shop for a micro SD card is that the card you currently have for your device cannot support some features that you want to use like high definition (HD) videos or pictures.

>> How much memory do you need?

Examine how you use your devices to estimate how much memory you need as a first step to learning how to buy a micro SD card. If you tend to take a lot of pictures or make a lot of movies, you may need more or less memory in your micro SD card. There are a few rules of thumb, too, that you can use to find the right amount of memory you'll need. Generally, images are smaller than music files, while music files are smaller than videos. Any HD picture, music file or video will need more memory than non-HD files. Memory for computers is measured in bytes. These measurements are similar to others (such as meters, kilometers, etc), but are done in multiples of 1,024, not 1,000. Use the following chart for quick and easy reference.

1 kilobyte (KB) 1,024 bytes 1 megabyte (MB) 1,024 kilobytes 1 gigabyte (GB) 1,024 megabytes 1 terabyte (TB) 1,024 gigabytes To put these numbers into context for micro SD card sizes, an hour long TV show is usually 300 MB, while an audio file is usually around 1-4 MB. Pictures can be around 1-4 MB too, but are often less than 1 MB as well.

There are three different types of micro SD cards, SD, SDHC and SDXC, and each has a different memory capacity range. These classifications come from the Secured Digital Association -the organization that regulates micro SD cards. SD ranges from 1 MB to 2 GB, while SDHC ranges from 2 GB to 64 GB, and SDXC ranges from 64 GB to 1 TB of memory. 32 GB micro SD cards and 16 GB micro SD cards fall into the SDHC class. Keep your memory estimates in mind when you choose between these different types of micro SD cards.

>> How much writing speed do you need?

You will have to consider writing speed when you learn how to buy a micro SD card because certain files, like HD videos, will require a minimum writing speed to work. Memory writing speed for SD cards is broken down into classes -2, 4, 6, 10 and 1 -with 1 being the fastest class. The classes roughly correspond to the minimum writing speed in MB per second (MB/s), so class 2 has a minimum writing speed of 2 MB/s. Class 10 micro SD cards and class 1 micro SD cards both have a minimum writing speed of 10 MB/s, but class 1 will generally have a higher maximum writing speed. HD videos require a minimum writing speed of class 4, 4 MB/s, and other file types that you are interested in may have minimum writing speeds as well.

SD cards will have maximum writing speeds as well which can help you determine which micro SD card to buy. The maximum writing speed will be listed in terms of the standard writing speed for CD-ROM, 150 KB/s, and represented as X. So, for example, a SD card with a 15X maximum writing speed will have 15*150 KB/s which is 2.25 MB/s. The maximum writing speed can help you decide the best micro SD card between two competitors because writing speed has its own advantages. With micro SD high speed cards, you will spend less time waiting for files to transfer from your device to the card or the computer.
>> Make sure that the card you want is compatible with your device

You will have to look at your device's manual to find the micro SD card it's compatible with when you decide which micro SD card to buy. The computer or device that you want to transfer files to will also have to be compatible with the micro SD card you want to buy. Different types of micro SD cards may be able to fit into your device's or computer's slots, but that will not guarantee that the card will be compatible with the device.

>> Consider lock and security features

Be aware of the lock features of micro SD cards as part of learning how to buy a micro SD card because these features can prevent you from losing or accidentally erasing your data. When you first start using your device, you may be unfamiliar with the interface that it uses to edit and store data. If you choose to lock the micro SD card, however, you don't risk losing that data from a mistake in using the editing program. Many types of micro SD cards have password protection features. Password protection will prevent people who don't have your password from reading the information on the card, and can prevent unauthorized writing or editing of data onto the card as well.

Micro SD cards are a great way to store data and increase the capacity of your devices. If you consider a few simple features of micro SD cards, you can derive which micro SD card to buy for your specific needs.