money belt Guide

Money belts are becoming increasingly popular accessories. They keep your money safe, let you keep your hands and arms free and are not as easy to steal as wallets. When you are determining the best money belt to buy for your purposes, there are several things to keep in mind.

>> How money belts work
Mo ney belts are easy to use. No matter what the money belt brand, a money belt works by concealing your cash inside a compartment that is only accessible from the inside of the belt. These compartments usually open via a hidden zipper. Using a new money belt is simple. You remove the belt, open the hidden compartment, insert your cash, close the hidden compartment and put the belt back on.

>> Types of money belts

There are two main types of money belts. The most common is the actual belt type, which sports a hidden compartment on the inner surface. The second type is not exactly a belt -it's a cloth storage bag which is worn under your clothing. These travel security pouches are the safest way to store larger items, such as your passport, that you do not need on a daily basis, yet do not want to leave in your room or suitcase. Both of these differ from travel wallets, which are designed to hold your travel documentation rather than your valuables.

>> Consider how you will use the belt

Money belts are generally used when you want to keep your money hidden from view, such as if you have to transport a large amount of money for work or during travel. As with any article of clothing, the best money belt is the one you will actually use. A top money belt keeps your funds hidden, thereby making you less of a target for potential thieves. You might choose to keep a minimal amount of money in your purse or wallet, and wear a stylish money belt to safeguard the majority of your cash against theft or loss. If you wish to carry your funds in your purse or trouser pocket without a wallet, you may want to consider purchasing money holders, such as decorative money clips, for the purpose of keeping your pocket cash organized.

Another use to keep in mind when you buy a money belt is storing valuable papers while traveling. Given that identity theft can be a greater threat to your financial well being than the theft of your actual cash, this use is becoming increasingly important, especially when traveling abroad. The best money belt will have room for at least your most important documentation -your driver's license or state ID, your Social Security card and your health insurance cards.

>> Consider the size

Money belt sizes vary, with wide belts often being wide enough to hide your valuable identification as well as your cash. Again, a new money belt is likely to have space to store a few card-sized documents as well as your cash. However, since the objective of a top money belt is to look just like a regular belt, most money belts are, in terms of height and thickness, designed to look just as thin as a regular belt. The best money belts have a pouch that is at least 14 inches long, to hold bills conveniently.

>> Consider your apparel

These days, money belts come in many styles. Money belts are becoming so popular that you can even find a designer money belt, if you so desire. No matter how formal or relaxed your outfit is, there will be a cool money belt that fits with it. If you are using a money pouch rather than a money belt however, you will need to remember to wear baggier casual clothing to conceal it.

>> Consider the material

As noted above, a designer money belt can come in several different materials. When you buy a money belt, it's good to keep in mind the type of clothing you will be wearing it with, and choose the belt material accordingly. Your stylish money belt might be a fine leather belt or a cloth or nylon web belt to fit with more casual-style outfits.

>> Consider your comfort

When you travel, comfort is always an issue. When you buy a money belt, you need to consider how comfortable you will be wearing it. The best money belt for you will allow you to sit, stand and walk comfortably without cutting into you or restricting your breathing.

>> Consider the convenience

Regardless of the varying styles and types of money belts, there are times when it's more convenient to carry your hidden funds off your person. To accommodate those times, luggage belts are now often designed with hidden compartments to store cash or papers. If you chose to use luggage to store your papers or cash however, remember that it will be subject to searches as you enter and leave different countries.

When you are trying to settle on a money belt brand, you should keep the above considerations in mind. Instead of just buying what seems like a cool money belt, do your research and make certain that it is the best money belt for your personal needs. Weigh the money belt sizes against the sizes of the items or documents you need to store.

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