Mother’s Ring Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Mother’s Ring

When figuring out how to buy mother's rings, there is nothing better than knowing that they will always be in style. Not only are they designed to last a long time, but you can find features that best suit your mother's personality, unique taste and sense of fashion.
>> Consider who will wear the mother's ring

Whether you are looking for jewelry for your mother, wife or grandmother, you can buy a mother's ring with features and designs that she will cherish for a long time. Since mother's rings are usually designed to have one or several birthstones that represent the birth months of her children or grandchildren, this will make it easier to know which birthstones to consider for her special gift. With such a stunning variety of colors to pick from, you can look for mother's ring designs such as colorful family rings that will add glamour and significance to her life.

Another important consideration is her ring size. If you are unsure of her ring size, consider borrowing one of her rings for a while and take it to the jeweler who will measure it and give you the correct size. When figuring out which ring to buy, remember that a comfortably fitting designer mother's ring will slide on and off with very little effort. Also, even if your mother does not usually wear rings, you can still find one that she can wear as a pendant with another piece of jewelry, such as a necklace.

>> Consider the design and birthstones

Imagining which design will flatter your mother best is another important consideration when figuring out how to buy a mother's ring. When choosing from unique mother's ring styles, take into consideration that a good design does not necessarily influence what the jewelry is worth. Instead, designs like heart-shaped mother's day jewelry make it more beautiful, so it can match your mother's personal taste. There are two types of birthstones:

Simulated/synthetic birthstones: These stones are created in a lab with glass, spinel and corundum, and usually have small amounts of metal added to them so they can look like real gemstones.

Genuine birthstones: For unique mother's rings, consider getting genuine birthstones like ruby heart rings because they usually come from the ground and have a better quality of color, clarity and shine.

>> Mother's ring birthstone comparison chart

Month Birthstone (precious gemstones) Color January Garnet Deep red/burgundy February Amethyst Purple March Aquamarine Light aqua blue April Diamond Clear May Emerald Emerald green June Pearl White luster, cream, black July Ruby/Alexandrite Red August Peridot Olive green September Sapphire Royal blue October Tourmaline/Opal White luster November Topaz/Citrine Golden yellow December Tanzanite/Zircon/Turquoise Pale turquoise >> Consider stackable and traditional types of mother's rings

When considering how to buy mother's rings, choose between these two types of designs:

• Stackable: These are thin bands that can be stacked on top of each other on the same finger. These are the best mother's rings to get if you have a growing family because birthstones can always be added as the family grows.
• Traditional: This mother's ring style can also make for a wonderful grandma's birthstone ring or can be appropriate for those with a ring size above 8. When choosing this design, be sure to find out the maximum number of stones that can be added in case you want to add more at a later stage.

>> Consider the color and materials

Color is an attractive quality when deciding how to buy a mother's ring. The most common colors found in women's rings and marquise rings are white gold, where the gold has been combined with another white metal such as manganese, nickel or palladium; yellow gold, such as personalized gold rings that have an attractive brighter color; and rose gold, with designs that are a beautiful combination of this precious metal with copper. The more copper there is, the darker the hue. Black Hills gold combines the qualities of yellow, rose and green gold to create a shiny, textured and beautifully frosted appearance. Also, when looking at the different mother's ring designs, it's important to know which color will complement your mother's or grandmother's skin tone.

>> Consider the quality

Thinking about the quality of both the precious metal and the birthstone will make it easier to figure the best mother's rings to buy.

Precious metal

Consider that the level of gold purity in a ring is measured according to the scale below:

• 9K
• 10K
• 12K
• 14K • 18K • 22K • 24K The higher the number, the more the mother's ring design will be considered to be real gold. For example, 24K gold rings are pure or solid gold. Filled gold, usually about 18k, is a combination of gold and other metals, and is popularly used to make thicker designer mother's rings. Gold-plated rings are other lovely designs to consider when figuring out how to buy a mother's ring.

Birthstone A birthstone's quality is measured according to weight, clarity and color.

Weight: The weight of the birthstone is usually calculated in carats, with one carat weighing 200 milligrams. Additionally, remember that what is considered a heavy stone will vary depending on the type of birthstone, which means that two different birthstones of the same size may have different weights and therefore, different qualities.

Clarity: This factor refers to the clarity of reflections on the stone's surface, so unique mother's rings with a higher clarity will have fewer marks and are therefore more valuable.

Color: When determining how to buy a unique mother's ring, take into consideration that color aspects are determined based on three factors:

• Hue: This refers to the color of the birthstone, and even though birthstones stones have hues of other colors, remember that valuable gemstones have a sharpness and clarity of color and only very few hues of other colors, so look for cool mother's rings with bright, rich, intense and pure color in the birthstones.
• Tone: This refers to how light or dark a hue is, so mother's ring designs with a medium to light or medium to dark tones are considered the most valuable.
• Saturation: This aspect describes how intense the birthstone's color is and usually determines how it is cut. For richer saturation, look for stones that do not have gray or brown hues because they are more valuable.

As a modern jewelry buyer, you have different unique mother's rings to choose from. You can buy a perfectly colored birthstone on precious metal that your mother will like, making the ring an unforgettable, timeless gift that she will treasure.

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