Musical Keyboard Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Musical Keyboard

Whether you are looking to use musical keyboards as toys or for performance purposes, when buying a musical keyboard, there are many things to take into consideration. Use this musical keyboard Guide to help you find the best musical keyboard for you.

>> Determine your needs

When you are looking at your needs, you mainly want to look at how you plan to use the keyboard and the space you have available. Different types of musical keyboards offer you the ability to record your music to the computer and others offer various sounds. Look at the size of the area you have available for your keyboard. There are full 88 key piano keyboards, which are ideal for piano replacements, and there are portable digital keyboards that have only a few octaves.

The different types of musical keyboards include synthesizers, portable keyboards, digital pianos and MIDI controllers. When you do a musical keyboard comparison, you will want to look at the different types that are available. Knowing the options available, you will be able to select the best keyboard for your needs.

Musical keyboard type Description Synthesizers Synthesizers offer a variety of sounds, with extras like the ability to cause echoes, reverberations or choral sounds. Portable keyboard Portable keyboards are great for beginners or people on the go. They are lightweight and can usually fit on your lap. Many can be connected with the computer. Digital piano Digital grand pianos are the choice for musicians who want the sound of a piano. Bands and choirs often use digital pianos in their groups. Digital pianos can also have amplifiers attached to them as needed. MIDI keyboard MIDI keyboards offer a full range various instrument sounds, from pianos to violins to trumpets. MIDI keyboards have several controllers that are in the form of knobs and sliders to help fade sounds in and out. There are velocity sensitive keys that respond faster when pressed harder. There are also weighted keys and sound assignments. These keyboards come in both full size and small sizes. Once you know what your n eeds are, you can look at how to buy a musical keyboard. The best musical keyboard to buy will be one that has the right musical keyboard size, action type and available sounds.

>> What features do you want?

There are different types of musical keyboards, and so you want to look at the different features that are available when considering how to buy a musical keyboard. Each type of musical keyboard brand offers different features and compatibility with its models. Which musical keyboard you purchase might be dependent on the features available.

• Keyboard size -Keyboards that feature a minimal number of keys are often used for kids' keyboards because they can be balanced and played on smaller laps. While the longer keyboards will have more keys, the wider keyboards will have more controls and sound options. You will want to find the balance of versatility and number of keys to find the best keyboard to buy.
• Action -The action is the part of the keyboard that helps make the sound. Some keyboards have weighted actions and others have a hammer action. The action preference will depend on what you are used to or what feels best when playing.
• Computer connectivity -Some keyboards can also connect to computers via a variety of methods. There are FireWire and USB connections, as well as MIDI connections. If you want to be able to connect to your computer, ensure that both your computer and the keyboard you are looking at are compatible.
• Input/output -If you are looking at using the keyboard as a workstation rather than for karaoke, then you will want to look at the input and output on the keyboard. This will attach your keyboard to your musical keyboard and karaoke accessories, such as an amplifier and mixer.
• Controllers -The controllers on your keyboard will offer you the ability to control sounds. The most common controllers are MIDI controllers. Be sure that the keyboard has the controllers you are looking for.
• Sounds available -Professionals will want keyboards that have many different sounds available. These sounds can be changed on the keyboard. Look for various instrumental sounds, including percussion, strings and other tracks when making a keyboard comparison.
• Recording ability -Some keyboards that have a recording ability will allow you to upload the song to the computer where software can be used to edit.

>> Consider accessories

When looking at how to buy a musical keyboard, you might also need to look at the accessories that are available for that particular keyboard. Some music instruments and karaoke devices might be able to work well with the keyboard in question. If you are purchasing a large keyboard, you will probably want to purchase a stand for the keyboard to sit on. Many will also have covers that are compatible with a variety of keyboards. For those who are connecting the keyboard to the computer, you might also want to purchase headphones, microphones and cords to attach it to the computer.

Be sure to research individual keyboards that you are considering in order to make an informed decision. This way, you can rest assured that you have found the best keyboard to buy for your particular needs.
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