Nail Clipper Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Nail Clipper

Also known as nail trimmers, nail clippers are a grooming essential for any household. Whether clipping a baby's nails, toenails or fingernails, there are a few tips to consider when looking for the best nail clippers to buy. Think about the following points before you go shopping for your next quality nail clippers.

>> Determine what the nail clippers are for

As you look for the best nail clippers for your needs, consider whether you will be using them for a baby, for your fingernails, for your toenails or to trim your cuticles. Nail clippers for babies and kids come encased in plastic covering to appear more kid friendly. For quality nail clippers for your child, look for those with little magnifying glasses to clip those tiny nails with ease. Fingernail clippers used to clip your fingernails usually have a concave blade for a rounded look. Toenail clippers are usually bigger, thicker and stronger than fingernail clippers and have a convex blade for a more square look. If you have thick cuticles, you can buy nail tools called cuticle trimmers for cutting the small skin around your nails and on top of your nails. Determine what you are using your nail clippers for to ensure you buy nail clippers that will fit your needs.

>> Consider different types of nail clippers

Within the use of the nail clippers, there are different types of nail clippers based on style and their ability to give a different type of cut. When looking for the best nail clippers, consider the following different types:

• Scissor clipper type: The scissor style nail clippers are made much like scissors with two blades hinged in the center and two finger holes at the end. You use them like scissors as well to get a more precise cut.
• Lever clipper type: The lever style nail clippers have a small horizontal opening between the two blades to fit your nail through. Unlike the scissor clippers, the lever clipper blades are directly on top of the other with a lever that pushes the blades down on the nail giving an even cut over the entire nail. These cool nail clippers typically come with added accessories such as files and pointed tips for removing dirt under the nail bed.
• Plier clipper type: The plier style has two blades attached to separate handles much like pliers. The handles are hinged together in the middle allowing both blades to cut the nail at the same time. These are good for thick nails and accurate trims.
• Guillotine clipper type: The guillotine style nail clippers are unique nail clippers that have a hole cut into the head of the clippers. You simply insert your nail into the hole and the inner slicing blade will give a smooth even cut. These beauty products are typically used in nail salons.
>> Consider the blade sharpness and blade size

To get nails that look just as good as when a professional does them, consider the nail clipper blade's size and sharpness.

• Size -When looking for the best nail clippers for your grooming needs, look for blades that will fit over your nails properly so they do not cut the surrounding skin. To add detail to your tips and cut around the corners, buy nail clippers with a smaller blade.
• Sharpness -When looking at nail clippers, be sure to determine the thickness of the blade. To find the blade on the clipper, look for a lighter color than the body with a little texture. The thicker the actual blade is, the easier it will be to sharpen if it gets dull. It is also important to buy nail clippers with hard blades that do not easily dull to get more even cuts.

>> Consider nail kits

Lastly, when looking for the best nail clippers to buy, consider getting nail clipper sets that offer you a variety of different nail tools instead of buying each one separately.

Keeping your nails clean, trimmed and neatly filed is an important aspect in being well groomed. To achieve a well groomed look, choose nail clippers that fit your needs and your nails, and properly trim the areas you need. Nail clipper kits can come with a variety of nail tools such as files, cuticle trimmers, plier clippers, scissor clippers, guillotine clippers, clippers for your fingernails and clippers for your toenails. There is a tool for all of your nail grooming needs. You can also find nail clipper kits for children and babies that contain the plastic coated nail clippers and smaller files and trimmers for tinier hands and fingers. Instead of purchasing one item at a time, look for a set that reflects all your nail clipping needs.

Lastly, be sure to read up on any user reviews or opinions on certain nail clipper designs or nail clipper brands. This way, you'll be able to make an informed decision on which new nail clippers you should buy.

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