Nail Color Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Nail Color

If you're wondering how to choose nail color, you should rest assured that which nail colors you choose is a matter of preference. The best nail colors to choose will depend primarily on your personal style, so it's easy to have fun with the buying process. There are few things you might consider as you go along to help in your decision-making process.

>> Consider your apparel

One factor you might keep in mind as you consider how to choose nail color is the clothing you intend to wear with the polish or nail art. You might want to go with an overall color scheme, such as a blue dress with matching blue nail colors.

Keep in mind that colors don't have to match entirely in order to "go together." Wearing a dark pink shirt with lighter pink polish is a suitable choice. There are also some colors that go well with most any color. For instance, neutral colors like white, silver or gold may coordinate with a wide range of apparel color options.

>> Consider the season

Another aspect of knowing how to choose nail color is the season in which you will be wearing the color. Different colors are often associated with different seasons. For instance, reds, silvers and golds are often popular shades during the holiday season and winter months. Oranges, yellows and other earth tones are worn more often during autumn, while vibrant pinks and greens are more popular during the warm weather months.
While there is no hard and fast rule for choosing colors based on seasons, you may find that polish, nail pens and other makeup products may be more widely available in certain colors during particular times of year. In fact, nail supply retailers and manufacturers often release new shades and themes for every season. This may make knowing how to choose the best nail colors easier, as various shades will be in more abundant supply during various seasons.

>> Consider where you are going

While in most situations, knowing how to choose nail color is a matter of personal preference, there are certain situations in which specific colors or beauty products are necessary. You may also choose to wear unique or vibrant colors during some occasions to look your very best. Some of the most common occasions during which specific nail color designs may be needed include:


The best nail colors to wear during a wedding will depend primarily on the role you play during the ceremony. If you are attending strictly as a guest, then go ahead and wear whatever color coordinates with your ensemble and that you enjoy. If you are part of the wedding party, then a little more thought will go into knowing how to choose nail color. For instance, if you are a bridesmaid, you may want to get approval from the bride before going with a particular color. Some brides may want each girl to wear the same color, or to choose a shade that matches with the bouquet. If there is no such preference, then it's best to err on the side of caution and stick with clear or very pale pink shades so as not to draw too much attention during the ceremony.

If you are the bride, then it is common to go with nail color designs that coordinate with the bouquet of flowers or other decor. Or, a classic French manicure is always in style. The same goes for toenails if you will be wearing open-toe shoes.


When choosing the best nail colors for work, it's always best to stick with conservative shades. These would include translucent colors, pale pink, pale peach, white or clear. Each of these colors will allow you to maintain a professional appearance while still offering a put-together look.


Proms and other formal events are great for going all out on your nail color designs. The shades you choose will depend partially on the style of dress you choose. For instance, if you are wearing a sleek and sophisticated ball gown, a refined neutral shade or French tips might be the best option. If your look is a bit more flirty and fun, then you can choose from most any color, as well as additional nail add-ons, such as glitter or nail art.

Day to day

Knowing how to choose nail color for everyday wear is easy. As with many other beauty products, just go with whatever makes you happy. Keep in mind that if you get a professional manicure and like to keep the same color over time, then you should consider where you'll be going in the days to come. For instance, getting bright purple nails on Saturday may not be a wise choice if you'll be headed into the office on Monday.

Now that you have a better idea of how to choose nail color, you can shop with confidence and find the best nail colors for you.

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