Necklace Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Necklace

A necklace is a piece of jewelry that is available in many different styles and designs. A necklace can complement your clothing, accessories and other jewelry. There are several things to consider when determining how to buy a necklace: who will wear the necklace, the type of necklace you want to buy, where the necklace will be worn, what clothing and jewelry will be worn with it and how to clean and store the necklace.

>> Who will wear the necklace?

Men, women, teenagers and young girls wear a variety of necklaces. When figuring out how to buy a necklace, first consider who will wear the necklace. Popular men's necklace designs are rope, herringbone and S-shaped gold and silver chains. Popular women's necklace designs combine gold and silver metals with gemstones. Popular children's necklace designs use symbols, birthstones and lockets.

>> What type of necklace will you need?

If you are buying the necklace for yourself, consider how different types of necklaces fit your personal style. Chains, pendants and lockets are popular types of necklaces. Necklace sizes are determined by necklace lengths. You can adjust the necklace length if the chains and necklaces offer adjustable clasps. You can wear gold necklaces by themselves, with a pendant or layered with other necklaces. If you want a necklace that fits snugly around your neck, a choker or bib necklace provides various options. If you are looking for a looser-fitting necklace that falls below the bottom of your neck, a princess necklace can be considered. If you are looking for longer necklaces, matinee necklaces and opera necklaces are available. A matinee necklace comes to the top of the bust line; an opera necklace falls just below the bust line. Rope necklaces and lariat necklaces are slightly longer than opera necklaces. You can drape the lariat necklaces several times around your neck for a layered effect.

>> Necklace length guide

This necklace length guide is a good starting point when figuring out how to buy a necklace. It shows the different types of necklaces and their usual lengths.
Necklace type Necklace length Baby necklace 12 to 14 inches Younger girl's necklace 12 to 15 inches Older girl's necklace 14 to 16 inches Teenage necklace 15 to 18 inches Adult choker or bib necklace 14 to 16 inches Adult princess necklace 18 to 20 inches Adult matinee necklace 22 to 23 inches Adult opera necklace 30 to 35 inches Adult rope necklace 35 inches or more Adult lariat necklace 35 inches or more >> Types of necklace decorations

The type of necklace decoration is a consideration when you are figuring out how to buy a necklace. If you prefer a necklace with a single decoration attached to it, then a pendant necklace is a good option. A pendant is made of gemstones, gold or silver metals, glass beads, shells or other decorative materials that hang from the necklace chain. If you enjoy wearing diamonds, a diamond pendant necklace is a popular style. There are several choices for diamond pendant necklace styles, including the eternity style, the V-style and the Y-style. On a tooth pendant necklace, a small animal tooth such as a shark's tooth hangs from the end of the pendant.

If classic pearls catch your eye, pearl necklaces are readily available choices. You can choose from bib pearl necklaces that combine multiple strands of pearls into a single necklace or a single-strand pearl necklace. You can also select a locket, a popular type of necklace for women and children. With this kind of necklace, a small, enclosed metal ornament hangs from a necklace chain. It opens and closes with a small hinge. You can place a picture inside the locket, if you desire. You can also engrave the locket.

>> Where will you wear your necklace?

When figuring out how to buy a necklace, consider where you will wear your necklace. You can wear elegant necklaces with formal and semi-formal clothing to special occasions such as weddings, graduations and formal parties. Wedding necklaces are worn by the bride at a wedding ceremony. These may be pearl, diamond or gemstone necklaces. You can wear necklaces with professional dresses and pant suits at the office, or at casual outings such as barbecues, social functions and sporting events. There are unlimited options and choices for where to wear necklaces. When you shop for necklaces and necklace styles, you might buy a necklace for a special occasion or you might buy a more versatile necklace that can be worn for many different occasions.

>> What clothing and jewelry will you wear with your necklace?

Your clothing, especially your neckline, should coordinate with the length of your necklace. When figuring out how to buy a necklace, you should also decide what clothing and jewelry you will wear with your necklace. A V neckline works well with a longer necklace or pendant. You can layer multiple necklaces in varying lengths above your neckline. A strapless dress or top coordinates well with a choker or princess necklace. You can wear any type of necklace with a crew neckline; the necklace can even sit along the edge of your neckline. Scoop necklines allow the necklace to sit above your neckline, not on it. Bateau necklines can handle larger, chunkier necklaces that fall below your neckline.

Necklaces and earrings should coordinate with each other. If you are wearing a diamond necklace, you might wear diamond teardrop or stud earrings. If you are wearing a pearl necklace, you can wear dangly pearl or stud earrings. Bright, vibrant necklaces such as beaded necklaces, shell necklaces and ethnic necklaces go well with bright, vibrant clothing styles. Wear necklaces that positively accentuate your outfit and jewelry.

>> How will you clean and store your necklace?

Your necklace will retain its luster and beauty with proper care and cleaning. Wash a gold chain necklace gently with warm, soapy water and clean it with a soft bristle brush. You can then carefully dry the gold chain with a lint-free cloth. You can also polish your gold chain to retain its brilliant shine. If your silver necklace tarnishes easily, clean it with special silver clothes or silver polish made especially for cleaning silver jewelry. Clean your pearl necklace only with warm water. When drying and wiping your necklace, gently exert pressure so as not to remove any of the gemstones, pearls or chain links. You might prefer to use a jewelry cleaning machine for cleaning your necklaces. After cleaning your necklaces, hang them in a jewelry cabinet or lay them flat in a jewelry box so that the chains stay unknotted and free of kinks.

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