Nerf Gun Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Nerf Gun

Nerf guns are a great way to get out there and have some fun playing cops and robbers,
war of the worlds or just getting in some target practice. Made from a soft spongy material, Nerf ammo is safe, fun and durable. When choosing the best Nerf gun, consider the strengths you have as a shooter, different types of guns, other Nerf products and extra ammo.

>> Determine your strengths

Before you go out buying your new Nerf guns, think about your shooting strengths to determine the kind of gun you will need. If you are good at blending into your surroundings and shooting your target from afar, consider a sniping rifle or a scope to make viewing your target easier. If you need an up close shot, look for a shot gun or small range gun to get that precise shot. If you need more than one shot to get your target, look for guns with multiple rings of ammo that don't require pumping after each shot to get the best Nerf gun for your needs.

>> Consider different types of Nerf guns
Nerf has made so many different types of Nerf guns and toys that they are almost infinite in number; therefore, we have provided the top Nerf guns for you to review below:

• Maverick: The Maverick is one of the easiest to use, but also powerful and accurate. It is the starting point for any Nerf player.
• Deploy CS-6 Nerf gun: This Nerf gun has the capability of transforming from a flashlight to a super blasting gun in a matter of two seconds by pushing the small button on top of the cool Nerf gun. For those who like close range battles, the Deploy CS-6 is perfect with its short firing range. Whether in use or carrying around, the shoulder strap makes handling your gun easier while battling. This Nerf gun features a smooth pump handle for shooting and chambers your next shot, just in case.
• Nite finder EX-3: Featuring a laser light underneath the barrel of the gun, this Nerf gun is ideal for night wars and lining up your target for a clean shot. With an attached ammo rail this cool Nerf gun allows you to hold three darts at once.
• Recon CS-6: With the laser sight, shoulder stock, barrel extension and interchangeable clip, this new Nerf gun is several guns in one. This is one of the best Nerf guns for long distance shooters as it shoots darts nearly 30 feet away.
• Barricade RV-10: This cool Nerf gun is battery powered, shooting darts off an electric flywheel. The small size and accuracy makes this gun great for those without any shooting experience.
• Vulcan EBF-25: For those of you who love a machine gun, meet the Vulcan EBF-25 Nerf machine. The Vulcan is powered by batteries, contains a 25 count ammo belt and can fire three darts each second. The Vulcan is one of the best Nerf guns for speed and accuracy.
• Longshot CS-6: If you like to hide in the bushes and shoot your targets from afar, the Longshot is the best Nerf gun for sniping as it can hit targets up to 30 feet away. This Longshot also has interchangeable parts giving you the ability to make your gun the way you want it.
• Alpha trooper CS-18: With an 18 dart drum attached to this cool Nerf gun, you have less of a chance of running out of ammo while in battle. Stay on the move with its lightweight feature while still hitting targets nearly 20 feet away.
• Stampede EC S: This fully automatic, top of the line Nerf gun features a unique Nerf gun design which includes a blast shield, a pop out bi-pod and an 18 dart clip. With speed and accuracy, this gun can pop out 18 rounds in just a few seconds.
• Radar Rapid Fire CS-35: With a 35 dart drum and the option to fire the whole round or one at a time, this Radar Rapid Fire is one of the top Nerf guns of choice.

>> Consider different Nerf products

Nerf makes a variety of other products such as Nerf super soakers, sports balls, Nerf blasters and Nerf N Force. For pool time fun, consider Nerf water guns and pool guns. For a battle of the knights, consider Nerf N Force foam swords or hammers. Take time to have a game of football or toss with Nerf sports balls. The fun never ends when you choose new Nerf guns and toys.

>> Consider extra ammo

You can never have too much ammo when you're in a battle with Nerf guns. It's never fun to be at a standoff and run out of ammo. First, determine the type of gun you have and what kind of Nerf ammo it takes: disks, arrows, suction cup darts, Velcro darts etc. Ammo can come in packs of 10 all the way up to packs of 75 or more.

Shop Nerf guns that fit your style, and think about the games you're going to play so that you can get enough ammo as you buy Nerf guns for your indoor or outdoor play.

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