Pack ‘N Play Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Pack ‘N Play

Among all the fun and helpful accessories you can buy for your baby, a Pack 'n Play is a great tool for a variety of reasons. Be sure to consider things like Pack 'n Play dimensions and Pack 'n Play uses as you shop.

>> Consider why you want a Pack 'n Play

A Pack 'n Play can be used as a crib when you need a lightweight, portable place to lay your baby down for a nap. It can also be used as a play yard when you need a secure, safe place for your baby to play and be entertained. The best Pack 'n Play for your baby will depend on how you imagine using it.

A top-rated Pack 'n Play will also grow with your baby. Pack 'n Play dimensions on the smaller side can be good for infants as a crib space for naps or sleeping overnight. Larger Pack 'n Plays are good for use as baby play yards. Once babies get bigger and start to move around a lot, it's nice to have a mobile, contained area in which they can safely play.

Having a portable play yard is another great benefit of some of the best Pack 'n Play products. While Pack 'n Plays are great for home use, they are also ideal for a family that's often on the go. During overnight stays you may need a safe place for your child to sleep that's more familiar than a rickety wooden crib provided by your hotel. A top-rated Pack 'n Play can help solve this problem.

Regardless of Pack 'n Play dimensions and Pack 'n Play sizes, these baby products are easy to fold up and store. While Pack 'n Plays aren't in use or while you're traveling, they break down very easily. They're also very simple to set up.

>> How big should your baby be to use a Pack 'n Play?

Like a lot of baby gear, Pack 'n Plays are designed to be safe for infants. If your baby is big enough to climb out of a Pack 'n Play (which means they're probably more than 35 inches tall) you may want consider looking into other playpen options for the sake of safety. If you're shopping for a very young child under 35 inches in height, finding the best Pack 'n Play should be simple.

>> Consider Pack 'n Play features and benefits

While all Pack 'n Plays are designed to keep your baby secure and contained, there are a few different Pack 'n Play styles.

Pack 'n Play cribs, probably the best Pack 'n Play option for your infant or newborn, often have some or all of the following features:

• Bassinets in a larger Pack 'n Play provide a smaller space designed specifically for napping.
• Rocking seats within a Pack 'n Play feature a rocking motion that is soothing to babies.
• The mesh sides of top-rated Pack 'n Plays allow fresh air to reach your baby through hygienic and safe materials.
• Canopies shade your baby from the sun or bright lights.
• Changing stations offer a place for convenient diaper changes right on your Pack 'n Play. There's no need for you to seek out another changing surface.
• The easy-fold button, regardless of Pack 'n Play size, allows you to compress and break down your Pack 'n Play with the push of a button.
• Sound modules play soothing sounds and/or music for your baby.
• A carrying case allows you to take the Pack 'n Play on the go easily. The Pack 'n Play simply folds up and fits into its carrying case, which has a convenient handle.

Play yards, the best Pack 'n Play when your child needs a safe place to play, offer the following features:

• Hanging mobiles help babies learn about the world around them. Most babies are fascinated by objects of different shapes, colors and textures, and mobiles can keep your baby entertained and engaged.
• A secure play space is an important feature of any top-rated Pack 'n Play. Pack 'n Plays offer a wide, uncluttered space for your baby to safely play.
• Wheels allow you to roll your Pack 'n Play around the house, or into the great outdoors.
• Organizer pockets, one of the best Pack 'n Play options, help you bring baby supplies along while you are on the go. Everything from diapers to bottles to pacifiers to formula can fit in these pockets. They are also great for in-home storage of things like extra toys, blankets or spit-up rags.

All Pack 'n Play models are designed to give your baby safety and fun while providing you peace of mind. If you consider the questions and features above, you should be able to easily find the best Pack 'n Play for you and your family.

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