Playhouse Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Playhouse

Playhouses provide children with an environment to let their imaginations run free. When looking into how to buy a playhouse, you'll find that you have many choices. Depending on the age of your child and what they like to play, one type of playhouse might be better suited for them over another. Taking the time to research your options will give you a better sense of what's available, and will provide you with the confidence to select the best playhouse for your child.

>> Consider space

Playhouses come in many different sizes and styles. In order to determine if you have enough space to accommodate a playhouse in your backyard, you will need to take some measurements of both your yard and the playhouse unit. Measure all four sides of the playhouse to ensure that you will have enough room for it in your yard. Also, keep in mind that many playhouse designs feature doors that open, and children will need extra room to move around and play outside of the playhouse.

>> Consider the age range

Each playhouse comes with a suggested age range. Some playhouse styles will offer more amenities for older children, and some will be more simply structured for younger players. Considering all of the options out there to find the best playhouses for the age of your children is important. Check the playhouse packaging to find the recommended ages for the specific playhouse you're interested in.

>> Consider playhouse specifications

Some playhouses have unique designs that appeal to different personalities, and complement different yard landscapes. While not every playhouse design comes with extras, some do. On the inside, you will find that some playhouses are plain and can be decorated any way you'd like. These types of houses are especially popular with creative, young minds looking to exercise their artistic strengths. Some houses also come with small tables and chairs and kitchen sinks. Other houses even feature a mailbox and back patio to add a picnic table or chairs to.

If your little one likes to play house, a unit with a white picket fence, mailbox and indoor kitchenette might be a good choice. For children who enjoy the open outdoors, a cute gazebo or pavilion playhouse might be the best choice. For kids, playing is priority number one, and if they want to use the house for running around and climbing, you might pick one that features slides or other physical recreation options. Being a brave knight or a princess in a tower is another fun game, and one that might best be centered in a castle-themed playhouse.

>> Consider the size of the playhouse

Once you've considered the playhouse design, you should consider the size of the playhouse as well. The size of the yard that you have to work with can be considered before or after this step. Each size comes with different specifications and extra items that might be useful in imaginative play.

Specs Small Medium Large Features • Easy to place inside or outside of the home
• Good for one or two children to play with

• Easy to set up and place outdoors
• Good for three to four children to play with
• Comes with small extras such as doorbells, mailboxes or outdoor spaces

• Great for a large group of kids to play with
• Comes with many different extras such as tables, kitchen areas, mailboxes, doorbells and outdoor areas

Benefits • Simple design that does not include a lot of extras that need to be assembled

• Can be too large for the inside of a home, but perfect for outside

• Good for large areas
• Provides ample play space

>> Consider the theme of the playhouse

Some playhouses are built for princesses, while others may be built for knights. Some resemble charming cottages or even log homes, while others give the appearance of being made of brick or stone. Some have slides or even swings that can provide a way to play much like a play set does, where others are strictly just houses for pretend play. Whatever your child's preference, when you are researching how to buy playhouses you should consider a themed one that provides everything your child needs to expand, explore and use his or her imagination.

>> Consider the playhouse materials Playhouses can be constructed from different materials, and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Considering your options when it comes to playhouse construction will assist you in making a better decision overall when it comes to deciding how to buy a playhouse.

Wood: Wooden playhouses are a traditional favorite and come in numerous design styles. They provide rustic charm and beauty in the backyard and are fun to play with. Wooden playhouses are made for outdoor play since they are able to withstand most standard weather conditions. However, they may need to be re-painted or sanded annually to maintain their good condition for the warmer months of the year. Wooden playhouses can come with outdoor furniture or small kitchens on the inside. Some even have specialty mailboxes right outside the front door.

Plastic: Plastic playhouses are made to withstand harsh weather elements and can be left outside in the snow, sun or rain. Plastic playhouses are made with a durable material that does not break down, splinter or require a lot of extra maintenance. This type of playhouse design can come with extras such as a sitting area or a kitchen, and is the featured design of most garden playhouses.

Fabric: These children's playhouses are more like tents and do not provide any add-ons or extras. Fabric playhouses set up easily, and are best used inside the home since they are not able to withstand harsh weather elements. Some come with play tubes that can be connected directly to the playhouse design for added fun or to hide toys inside.

>> Consider accessories for playhouses

When thinking of how to buy a playhouse, consider the extras that might come along with it and those you may need to purchase separately. These accessories can make a difference when it comes to imaginative play, and can include a mini-garden, a sitting area with chairs and a table or a small kitchen with a table on the inside. Play food and dishes are also great accessories for a new playhouse.
No matter your children's interests, there are playhouses out there for them. Taking the time to research and examine your options will ensure years of creative and meaningful playtime for your little ones.

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