Playstation Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Playstation

Playstations are great tools that can keep a baby or toddler fascinated for many hours. While a baby plays with a playstation, they are typically building their senses and muscles. Their vision and focus are fortified by the contrasting shapes and bright colors that can often be found on different types of playstations. Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are also developed as your baby reaches for and interacts with the wide variety of toys featured by playstation brands. There are many different things that should be taken into consideration when deciding how to buy a playstation for your child.

>> Consider available space and size of the playstation

The first thing to consider when determining how to buy a playstation is the available floor space. There are many different types of playstations, and they can vary immensely in size. Because of this, be sure to check how much space is available to dedicate to these types of baby toys and reference playstation dimensions to ensure the unit can fit comfortably. When considering the space you have available, also think about the size of the playstation and how portable you want it to be.

>> Consider playstation type

As you continue thinking about which playstation to buy, there are several playstation types you can choose.

• Seated: A seated type of activity center may be the best playstation to buy if you need to keep your baby busy and safely stationary while you take care of other tasks. Typically, this seated type of baby gear can be used once your baby is able to sit up unassisted, which is typically between four and six months of age.
• Bouncers: When deciding how to buy a playstation, a baby bouncer or bouncy seat is the best playstation model for newborns and babies who cannot sit up yet. Baby bouncers typically consist of a thick frame covered with a soft, removable seat that conforms to the baby's shape. Baby bouncers usually either rock or bounce when the baby moves. This helps to keep him or her amused and relaxed. Most bouncers have a playbar that can be attached. Some bouncers are also equipped with sound, such as music, nature sounds or heartbeats to help soothe the baby.
• Jumpers: There are two different types of playstations that are considered jumpers. One is a doorway jumper that attaches to a doorframe or hanging bar. The other is a freestanding jumper that consists of a swivel seat attached to a frame that sits on the floor. Baby jumpers usually have less toys than a seated playstation or activity center. However, most babies and toddlers enjoy being able to bounce up and down while playing with the toys that are attached to the jumper.
• Exersaucers: Exersaucers are also known as learning centers and activity centers. They are typically circular in shape with a center swivel seat and a tray that surrounds the seat. Baby exersaucers are a popular choice among parents who are deciding how to buy a playstation. The circular tray is typically filled with attached toys to keep the baby occupied for hours, and the swivel seat allows the baby to reach everything quickly and easily.
• Walkers: When deciding which playstation to buy, baby walkers are a good playstation model if you want your baby to be able to propel himself or herself around the room. Most traditional walkers have a center seat and either a metal or plastic frame. Usually, a tray is included in the front that will have some toys attached to keep your baby amused when he or she is not moving about the room.
• Play mats: These types of playstations are also called tummy mats or play gyms. When deciding how to buy a playstation, play mats are a nice type of playstation for younger babies because they are essentially soft, padded floor mats that are comfortable for your baby to lie on. Some play mats are equipped with arches that have an assortment of toys dangling from them, while others are simply decorated with bold colored blocks, letters, numbers, animals or other baby-friendly decorations.
• Play yard: A baby play yard is both versatile and convenient. However, a play yard can be quite large, so check the playstation dimensions before making a purchase. A play yard provides your baby with an enclosed, safe space where he or she can play. When deciding how to buy a playstation, many types of play yards can be used for a long time and often offer features such as bassinets for newborns and diaper changing stations for convenience.

>> Consider playstation features

Seat design: Most playstation seats are simply a piece of fabric with two holes for your baby's legs. However, it is important to ensure that the seat is large enough and comfortable enough for your baby to sit in. Depending on the type of playstation you choose, the seat may allow your baby to bounce or slide along a track. Some will also allow your baby to spin in circles. However, it is important to make sure that the seat will move easily and be comfortable at the same time.

Height and reach: All babies have different heights and sizes. Because of this, the best playstation to buy is one that offers a height adjustment feature so that you can adjust it as your baby grows. This will ensure that your baby will be able to continue to play with the playstation for a longer period of time. Also check how the toys are positioned to ensure that your baby will have easy access to them.

Attached toys: The final thing to consider when deciding which playstation to buy are the toys themselves. You will want to find a playstation that has toys that your baby will enjoy.

Be sure to research individual playstations as much as you feel is necessary in order to make an informed decision. This way, your baby can enjoy his or her playstation for a long time.

Plus-size Clothing Guide: Don't Get the Wrong Plus-size Clothing

Embrace your full-figure body by learning the tricks to buying plus-size clothing. They key is not to look at size as a negative factor, but to embrace it and focus on accentuating your assets while de-emphasizing less flattering areas.In order to flaunt what you've got and cut your most flattering figure, it's important to know your body shape.

Plus-size clothing by body shape

OvalDo you have a prominent belly with little waist definition? Is most of your weight in your middle and upper torso? If your legs are slender and arms thinner with a prominent mid-section, your body shape is an oval. The most flattering outfits will de-emphasize your torso and belly while accentuating the legs.
• The perfect pants: If you are oval shaped, the perfect women's plus-size pants for your shape would be boot cut or flared to add definition to your waist while accentuating your legs. Remember to find pants with pockets.
• The perfect top: The perfect women's plus-size top for an oval shape is one that adds curves and gives definition to the waist. Look for empire waist tops, wrap tops or cinched waist jackets.

TriangleIf you have a triangle shape, you'll have a full waist, thighs and hips. Your shoulders and back will be smaller in proportion to your bottom half. If you have this shape, buy plus-size clothing that accentuates your top half while de-accentuating your bottom half.
• The perfect pants: To de-accentuate the bottom, wear dark denim jeans or darker-colored bottoms.
• The perfect top: Accentuate your top with detailed, raglan or puffed sleeves. Bright, detailed tops will accentuate your upper half.

Inverted triangleIf you have an inverted triangle shape, you have a broader back and shoulders and a proportionately smaller bottom half. When you look for quality plus-size clothing, you'll want clothing that accentuates the bottom while de-accentuating the top.

• The perfect pants: Boot cut pants and jeans will accentuate the legs, while contoured waistbands will define the waistline.
• The perfect top: To elongate and thin your shoulders and upper body, look for V-neck wrap tops and U-shaped neckline shirts.

RectangleIf you have a rectangle shape, your figure will appear to have a boxy silhouette. With small or medium busts and no clear defined waist, you'll want to find clothing to accentuate your waistline, adding curves and definition to your silhouette.

• The perfect pants: Look for pants with a contoured waistband to give a defined waistline. Any pant, skirt or dress that gathers at the waist will provide definition and curve to your shape.
• The perfect top: Surplice or wraps with a defined V-neckline will add shape to your upper half, resulting in more of an hourglass look.

DiamondIf you have a diamond shape, you lack a defined waist and have a small bust, full thighs, slender legs and a flat backside. You want to buy plus-size clothing that will balance your upper half with your lower half, while defining your waist.

• The perfect pants: To accentuate your best asset, wear slim fitting pants to show off those legs as well as lengthen the body. Look for skinny jeans and narrow or tapered-leg pants.
• The perfect top: To add curves and fullness to your upper half, look for tops that have patterns or embroidery above your busts. Tunic-style tops and sweaters work well with this body shape.

The little black dress

If all else fails, look for a little black dress. Black is slimming and hides problem areas. If you wish to accentuate parts of your body, add some accessories or color. Belts work great at adding a waistline, especially an empire waistline. Wear short necklaces to emphasize your neckline or longer necklaces to emphasize cleavage. No matter your shape or style, any woman can look good in a women's plus-size dress with just the right touches to highlight your assets.Whether you need pants, tops or dresses, you can find the right plus-size clothing to flatter your specific body shape.

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