Pool Cleaner Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Pool Cleaner

If you have a pool, regardless of the type, you'll want to know which pool cleaners to use. All types of swimming pools will eventually get dirty due to weather, debris and usage, so choosing the best pool supplies for your particular pool will help keep it crystal clear and clean. Learning about the best pool cleaners on the market is a great way to start shopping for the ideal pool cleaner for you.

>> What kind of pool do you have?

The type of pool you own will help you determine how to buy a pool cleaner. Which pool cleaning supplies you should use to clean your pool depends on the size of the pool and the materials that were used to construct it. Popular pool types range from in-ground, above-ground or large blow-up pools that you can deflate during colder months.

In-ground pools come in three different types of materials: gunite (a concrete and plaster mixture), fiberglass and vinyl. Above-ground pools can be made out of metal (usually galvanized steel), high-quality woven fibers, vinyl or plastic. Larger, seasonal inflatable pools are usually plastic. Determining what kind of pool you have or want will help you understand how to choose the best pool cleaner.

>> In-ground pool cleaners
Numerous types of pool cleaners are available for in-ground pools. In-ground pools require more maintenance than other types of pools due to their size and construction. For this reason, automatic cleaners are considered by many to be the most effective, top-rated pool cleaners for in-ground pools.
Automatic pool vacuums can clean your in-ground pool on a set schedule. A robotic pool cleaner is the easiest automatic cleaner to use because it has few hoses to hook up and has its own pump and filter for debris. A suction cleaner, on the other hand, utilizes your pool's skimmer and pump as it moves in a random pattern around your pool, picking up dirt and debris and sending it to your pool's filtration system. A pressure pool cleaner works with the water pressure from the return line of your pool. The water pressure forces it around the pool to pick up debris and distribute it into a mesh filter bag attached to the cleaner.

A manual vacuum consists of a vacuum head that is attached to a metallic extension pole and a vacuum hose. This type of cleaning system allows you to simply manually vacuum up all dirt and debris you wish to clean out of your pool whenever such a cleaning is necessary.

One type of top-rated pool cleaner includes a skimmer net attached to a metal pole. The fastest way to clean large pieces of floating debris is to dip the net of the skimmer in the water and scoop out any foreign materials. You can also use a scrub brush along the sides and bottom of your pool for a quick spot cleaning.

Each of these top-rated pool cleaners is most effective when picking up certain types of debris.

A suction pool cleaner will work best with small to medium-sized debris such as:

• Sand
• Gravel
• Acorns
• Mulch
• Pebbles
A pressure or robotic pool cleaner will work best with medium to large debris such as:

• Leaves and foliage
• Large bugs and insects
• Larger pebbles, stones or rocks

The amount of time you have to clean your pool on a regular basis also needs to be taken into consideration when determining which pool cleaner to buy. While automatic cleaners and vacuums don't require as much effort on your part as manual systems, they can take quite some time to complete a full cleaning.

>> Above-ground pool cleaners

Above-ground pool cleaners are similar to those you would use to clean an in-ground pool. Although above-ground pools are typically smaller in scale than in-ground pools, they can be cleaned very effectively with an automatic suction cleaner attached to a skimmer. A suction vacuum simply attaches to the pool's skimmer and sucks any foreign debris out of the pool and into the skimmer basket.

Skimmers and manual vacuums, however, remain the most common type of pool cleaner for above-ground pools. These tools can make pool cleaning quick and easy while also providing a very thorough cleaning. Skimmer nets and brushes are also more frequently used in above-ground pools due to their smaller sizes.
>> Cleaners for seasonal pools The best pool cleaners used for inflatable seasonal pools include skimmer nets and brushes. Seasonal pools are fairly small in size, making them easier to clean. They also do not stay up all year. Usually, at the end of summer, they are emptied, cleaned out and deflated until the weather gets warm again. For this reason, occasional spot cleaning and an end-of-season scrubbing with a brush is usually sufficient.
It's important to remember that the best pool cleaners are carefully designed to work well with certain types of pools. Regardless of the kind of pool you have, a wide range of pool cleaner brands is available to you. Before you buy a pool cleaner, compare multiple pool cleaners to see which is best for your pool. New pool cleaners can provide your pool with a clean, sparkling look that is not only good for your pool's appearance, but for safety and sanitation as well.

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