Reading Glasses Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Reading Glasses

When considering which reading glasses to buy, you must consider many different features. With these general tips and considerations, you'll able to find a pair of reading lasses that helps you read and suits your style.

>> How will you use the reading glasses?

When choosing which reading glasses to buy, the primary consideration is how you will use them. There are numerous choices available, but keeping the use of the reading glasses in mind will help you choose the best reading glasses for you. Think about whether you want reading glasses for the following purposes:

• For reading
• To use when you are wearing prescription contacts
• As a backup for prescription glasses (a spare pair): You can choose a different style than what you already own, or you can choose a less pricey design since it's a backup pair.
• Accessory: If you think of reading glasses as an accessory, you might want to try different colors and designs to find a pair that suits your personal style.

>> Consider your eye sight prescription

Which reading glasses to buy depends on the prescription that you have. A prescription is generally provided by an optometrist or an eye doctor at vision centers. It is a negative or positive number that you can use when choosing types of reading glasses. An eye exam is recommended every year if you wear contacts or reading eye glasses because your prescription may change from year to year. It is also common for one eye to be a different prescription than the other.

You can also buy reading glasses without a prescription. The strength of the glasses is printed on the outside of the package.

>> Consider the styles

Rim size The size of the eye glass frames makes a difference when it comes to looking good on your face. Rims come in many different styles. Rim shape The rim shape will enhance your features or hide them. Examples are cat eye, full, half and round-shaped rims. Color The color is important if you want your glasses to match your outfits. The most common are black, bronze and other neutral colors. Comfort You want to make sure that you can see well and that the reading glasses fit on your face without slipping off. Sunglasses You can get tinted prescription glasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Some styles of sunglasses are designed to fit over your reading glasses. >> Consider expandable reading glasses

Expandable reading glasses are a new type of reading glasses. They fold up when not in use. When figuring out which reading glasses to buy, consider these glasses, which provide many options both when you are wearing them and when not in use.
>> Consider magnifying glass readers

Magnifying glass readers can be a convenient subsitute for reading glasses. They magnify the letters and numbers on papers, books, and other items that need to be read. Handheld magnifiers are perfect to use while on the run, even if you use normal reading glasses.

>> Consider accessories

As you figure out which reading glasses to buy, think about some accessories that might go well with what you choose. There are many different eye care products to choose from.

Cases for reading glasses keep the glasses safe when they are not in use. Cases protect glasses from scratches, bends and breaks. No matter the size of the reading glasses, there are many different styles, sizes, and types of cases to choose from.
Conisder a chain to attach to your reading glasses. This allows you to hang them from your neck.

Repair kits are available for every style of reading glasses out there. A kit comes with extra parts and the tools you need to fix your glasses quickly.

With regular use, reading glasses will become dirty. A cleaning kit can help you maintain your glasses. These kits include a soft cloth and a cleaning solution that will not scratch or ruin the lenses in the frames.

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