Roller Skate Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Roller Skate

Roller skating is an enjoyable family and solo activity that many people enjoy. Learning the fundamentals is a fun process for skaters of all ages. This roller skate Guide covers tips on how to select the right pair of roller skates for you or your child. It does not cover ice skates. As you better understand how to buy roller skates, looking for specific types of skates or skate parts, such as brakes or boots, will be easier.

>> Who will use the skates?
Wh en you are learning how to buy roller skates, take into consideration the person wearing them. Younger skaters might benefit from skates that include a Velcro strap to add ankle support. Adults are generally fine without an ankle support strap.

When you shop for roller skates, endeavor to bring the intended user with you. This will ensure that the skates fit properly and are comfortable. Comfort and support are vital for a pleasant skating experience.

>> How will the skates will be used?

When deciding which roller skates to buy, consider the intended use. The intended use will affect where they are used. For example, there are different wheels for indoor and outdoor use.

If you plan to purchase only one pair of indoor/outdoor skates, buy an extra set of wheels and an extra stopper -which is used to brake -and use the wheels and stopper appropriate for each environment. Changing the wheels from indoor rink use to outdoor skate park use takes only a few moments.

>> Choose between classic and in-line skates

Selecting the right style is important when you shop for roller skates. There are two main types of roller skates: classic skates and in-line skates. As you perfect the process of buying roller skates, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each roller skate style.

In-line skates are used more often by teens and young adults. Many people skate to school or work on in-line skates. Not only do they provide good exercise, but they often fit into a book bag or satchel for storage when not in use.

>> Consider the boot

There are several factors to consider about the boot, from the different types of skates available to the accessories that can be used on them. Comfort is very important when roller skating. Support, safety and durability are also high on the list of priorities. As you understand how to buy roller skates, learn to examine the construction of the boot.

>> Consider the braking system

Part of the safety concerns when understanding how to buy roller skates is the strength of the braking system, or stopper. The stopper should be easy to rotate and made of thick layers of rubber. The job of the stopper is to provide a front braking system for classic roller skates. Rollerblades, the original in-line skate brand, have a front and a back braking system. The stoppers are smaller on Rollerblades due to their slim, in-line style. These can be rotated for even wear.

>> Consider the size
To choose the right roller skate size, use a fitting mechanism. This measures the length and the width of your feet. When figuring out how to buy roller skates, as you try them on, make sure the tip of your big toe is at least one inch from the front edge of the boot. This gives you room to move while securing a safe fit.

>> Consider durability and quality

Durability and quality are important as you understand how to buy roller skates. The quality and durability of the construction aid you in selecting the best roller skates to buy. Along with examining the material of the skates, the thickness and the overall construction, you should also look at the roller skate benefits of each style.

>> Consider the color

There are a variety of roller skate designs and colors to choose from. Some skates are targeted toward children and contain images of cartoon characters on them. Some skates are in solid colors, while others feature multiple colors. Most are plain white or a brown leather color. Black is another popular color that is often paired with fluorescent laces and wheels. These look sharp with glow-in-the-dark wheels.

Many skaters like to customize their white or plain-colored skates with markers. To preserve the drawings, use spray starch and let the skates dry. For black skates, use glow-in-the-dark markers with a light coating of shellac to make the designs stand out.

>> Consider safety equipment and accessories
Part of learning how to choose roller skates involves considering safety equipment and accessories. Always wear helmets, elbow pads and knee pads when skating. Accessories such as glow-in-the-dark laces or lace tassels add personality to skates. Decals and interchangeable wheels give roller skates a customized look. Rollerblades, and other in-line skates, have similar accessories and wheel/stopper changes.

Other accessories include roller skate covers, stretchers to keep the leather pliable and wheel locks. You can change the chuck colors by removing the wheels. Some skaters use painted or colored bolts attached to their wheels. These small accessories help you stand out in a crowd.

As you choose which roller skates to buy, remember that safety and durability are at the top of the list of considerations. Now that you have a better understanding of how to buy roller skates, selecting the right pair should be easier. Check out several roller skate brands before making a selection.

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