Scooter Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Scooter

Scooters are an alternative to riding tricycles or bicycles. Kids, teens and adults all ride scooters to get from one location to another quickly. Learning how to buy a scooter will ensure that you get the right scooter to fit your situation. When deciding which scooter to buy there are many things to consider. Scooters come in many different sizes, styles, designs and colors. Different types of scooters available include preschool scooters, trick scooters, rockboard scooters and pro scooters. When buying a scooter, you'll want to think about a number of different points.

>> Consider who will use the scooter

You will first want to think about who will use the scooter. Scooters are made so that the rider stands on them and holds on to the handle bar to steer the scooter. The rider should be able to do this comfortably in order to have the safest ride. Adult scooters are made for teen and adult-sized riders, while kid's scooters are designed for smaller riders. The best scooter to buy is the one that allows for comfortable and easy operation. Having a kid's scooter that can be adjusted to fit larger riders will prolong the life of the scooter. There are a range of scooter sizes to fit many needs. Preschool scooters are designed with two wheels in the back for stability but have only one wheel in the front.

>> Consider how much use it will get

As you shop for scooters, consider how much use it will get. Will it only be used occasionally, moderately or frequently? You should also take into consideration if the scooter will be used for rough riding or on rough terrain. For scooters that you will ride often, you should look for one with a larger footplate. The larger footplate will allow you to place both feet on the scooter while coasting. This can make the ride more comfortable.

>> Choose between electric and kick

The two most common types of scooters are electric and kick scooters. A kick scooter requires you to use your foot and push the scooter forward. One type of kick scooter is the Rockboard scooter. With a Rockboard scooter you rock back and forth to make the scooter move forward, but you can also easily use your foot on the ground to push it forward. Electric scooters have motors that propel them forward. When choosing an electric scooter, consider the riding distance before you will need to recharge it, the climbing capability and the type of tires. It is also important to know how long it will take to completely recharge the battery.

>> Consider the style

There are many different scooter designs available. Styles include folding, skateboard and motorized. The style of the scooter can be changed with the placement of the wheels and brakes. The brakes can be found either on the back of the footplate, by the back wheel or on the handlebars.

>> Consider the color

Just as there are many different types of scooters, there are also many different colors of scooters. The color can be a big factor when deciding which scooter to buy. Most boys' scooters are red, blue or black, while girls' scooters tend to be pink or other lighter colors. The best scooter to buy is the one that meets your personal preferences the most.

>> Consider materials used

The material that is used to make the scooter is another consideration when deciding which scooter to buy. Scooters that are made out of metal are more durable and can handle more weight than the scooters that are made from plastic.

>> Consider durability and capacity

You should look into the durability of the scooter before you select which scooter to buy. A scooter that is built on a heavy duty frame will be more durable than those that are not. When the scooter is going to be used to do tricks, a heavy duty frame is not only more durable but it is safer. All scooters have a weight limit associated with them, and you should be mindful of that limit when shopping. The weight limit typically goes up as the size of the scooter gets bigger.
>> Consider care and maintenance

You should also consider how much care and maintenance is required to keep the scooter in working order. Kick scooters require less maintenance than what may be required for an electric scooter. However, one scooter advantage is that both types of scooters are easy to take care of.

Remembering who the rider will be as you decide which scooter to buy will ensure you get the right scooter to fit your needs. The right scooter will grow as the rider grows. Be sure to research individual scooters in order to determine how to buy a scooter that's right for you. Make specific scooter comparisons as needed so that you can make an informed decision.

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