Stroller Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Stroller

Strollers have evolved greatly over the last couple of decades, and there are now many choices for people who are considering how to buy a stroller. If you are pondering how to buy a stroller, do a stroller comparison to ensure that you know which stroller to buy that best suits your needs.

>> Who will use the stroller?

The first and most basic consideration is who will be using the stroller. There are size considerations to look at when you shop for strollers, because stroller designs vary depending on the age and size of the child using it. If you are having a baby or buying a stroller for expectant parents, you will want to look at strollers for newborns; if you have an older child, the stroller must have different components. Some infant strollers have built-in and removable supports for small babies, as well as attachable car seats. Larger children need bigger strollers and straps in different locations, as well as a higher weight capacity.

>> How will you use the stroller?

If you are planning to use the stroller on a daily basis, make sure it is as lightweight as possible, as well as being compact and easy to transport. Strollers used for exercise need to be extra durable and have bigger wheels to handle off-road terrain. All strollers vary in size. The size of your vehicle and the ease of folding the stroller are considerations if you will be transporting it in your car. If you will be using your stroller only occasionally, or using it only for walking, you do not need to have the most heavy-duty stroller on the market.

>> Choose the type of stroller

When you shop for strollers, you will notice a variety of different types of strollers to choose from, including those that allow the baby to face you. A bassinet stroller easily detaches so you can bring the baby in the house and use it for sleep times; with a simple click, it converts back into a stroller, all while the baby sleeps.

Travel systems or stroller sets are strollers comprising a car seat, base and stroller. They are convenient when moving a sleeping baby as well as being a good value because of their versatility. If you are buying one stroller for two children, consider a double stroller, which will allow you to transport both children at the same time in their own individual seats. Some double strollers are side by side, and others place one child behind the other.

Another type of stroller to look at as you determine which stroller to buy is an umbrella stroller. These are very portable and designed for children who are a bit older and can sit unassisted. These strollers are small and lightweight, and are so called because of the shape of the handles, which resemble the handle of an umbrella.

Jogging strollers are a stroller style that is popular with people living an active lifestyle. When approaching how to buy a stroller, keep in mind that these types of strollers are designed for higher impact. They have durable wheels to handle uneven terrain while providing a smooth ride for your little one. You will have the option of a front wheel that swivels or not, which will affect maneuverability.

>> Consider stroller features

As you consider how to buy a stroller, you will come across many features to choose from, including adjustable bars, pivoting wheels and different folding abilities. Some stroller designs come with adjustable bars, appropriate for people of different heights or people who have certain health issues. Pivoting wheels help with maneuverability, whereas a stationary wheel allows you to travel on uneven surfaces without catching every bump. One of the most important factors in deciding which stroller is right for you is the ability to transport it easily. The ability to fold the stroller, preferably by pressing one button or using just one hand, will save you time. Many different types of strollers provide the convenience of easily collapsing.

>> Consider stroller accessories
As you consider how to buy a stroller, do not overlook accessories. These may be items that enhance fun and convenience, or items that will make your child more comfortable. When doing a stroller comparison, consider the features and accessories to add to the stroller you decide is the best stroller to buy for your needs. One such addition to baby strollers is a parasol, which is a removable umbrella to protect your child from sun or rain.

Another interesting accessory is bug netting, which you easily attach and detach to provide protection to your little one. As your child gets older, a snack tray or a cup holder is useful on outings and may prevent some crying along the way. These items usually clip on to different types of strollers.

Consider adding a cell phone clip if you plan to use your stroller while you are exercising. As you work out, you may not have a pocket or a place to store your phone, in which case this stroller accessory will allow convenient access to your phone.

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