Tablets for Kids Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Tablets for Kids: Don’t Get the Wrong Tablets for Kids Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Tablets fo

Tablets for kids come in a variety of sizes and operating systems. In determining the best tablets for kids, consider what your child plans to do with the tablet. Whether used as a toy or a tool, the right tablet should be a good fit for your child's needs.

>> How will your child use the tablet?

Tablets can be research tools. They can also serve as entertainment devices, allowing your child to stream movies or music and play games. The best tablets for kids are ones that allow your child to learn and to play on the device.

Movies and other visual media play best on a tablet with a retina display and high-definition resolution. For a movie fan, a new tablet should have enough battery life to last through extended viewing sessions.

Games and educational applications that allow children to practice what they have learned and to develop new skills are a good reason for purchasing a new tablet for your kids. Top tablets for kids include age-appropriate games. Many games develop strategic thinking, increase hand-eye coordination and allow kids to have fun with their new learning toys.

Choose a tablet with lots of memory to get enhanced storage so you or child can download more movies and songs. Using expandable memory slots, you can add memory to increase storage. Gaming applications run better on tablets with a fast processor. If your child uses social media and likes to spend time on the Internet, you might consider new tablets for kids that connect to 3G or 4G mobile data services.

>> Tablets for babies

Allowing your infant to interact with a tablet, as well as with other baby activities and toys, can be a fun and educational way to keep your little one entertained. Instead of buying new tablets for kids who are very young, consider an interactive case and applications so your baby can play with a tablet you already own. Other options on the list of tablets for young children are learning toys such as interactive touch tables and tablets with limited abilities. Often these tablets for kids have themes based on children's television characters.

>> Tablets for toddlers

Durable tablets for kids in the toddler age range have waterproof screens and shockproof cases. The best tablets for toddlers are intuitively easy to operate and use simple buttons for basic functions like volume and power. Operating systems vary among top tablets, so determine which operating system suits your needs to narrow your search.

>> Tablets for preschoolers

The best tablets for kids in the preschool age group are durable and feature extended functionality when compared to tablets for younger ages. Kids' computer and tablet accessories such as a USB mouse or keyboard increase the interactive function of a tablet.

Your preschooler can start using a tablet while he or she learns basic words, as long as the tablet accepts an external keyboard. You can also purchase a tablet with the ability to accept memory cards, which allows you to more easily download your child's projects to a computer and share them with friends and family.

Tablets for kids in preschool may benefit from a closed operating system. A closed operating system is less prone to viruses and corruption than open systems, because an open system allows upgrades and additional applications from third party vendors. New tablets for kids in this category usually come loaded with software that is tested and determined to be safe for the tablet.

Learning tablets are an option for preschoolers. Learning tablets are preloaded with a selection of educational software catered to the specific abilities and learning needs of preschool-age children. In some cases, you might be able to download additional educational software or apps from the manufacturer. Top tablets for kids in this age range tend to focus on one or more specific areas of interest and might be themed to specific characters.

>> Tablets for younger school-age children
You can buy tablets for kids who are old enough to read that offer extended functionality. School-age children can navigate more complex menus and applications. The best tablets for kids in this age range will stand up to frequent use and be more customizable than tablets for preschoolers and infants. With a variety of operating systems, these types of tablets for kids come in multiple memory sizes and styles.

Look for a tablet with an operating system that is compatible with your existing computer hardware and software. Ideally, you should be able to update and download new software by connecting the device to your computer. Another option is to choose a tablet that allows for system updates via an Internet connection. Top tablets for kids in this age bracket offer a variety of upgrade options and application availability.

>> Tablets for teens

Tablets for teens should be powerful and adaptable. The best tablets for kids in this category possess powerful processors capable of running complex applications. High-definition graphics and access to tools like word processing applications, photo editing applications, music and video recording applications and scheduling tools help teens be more productive and better organized. Your teen can choose a tablet that connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or one with cellular options to connect to a cellular data network. The top tablets for kids in the teen range have sensitive and accurate touch screens and a vast library of applications.
Tablets in this category utilize a variety of operating systems. Buy tablets for kids with an operating system that offers the most applications that meet your teen's needs. For teenagers, common needs might include a dedicated e-reader or an e-reader application on a full-featured tablet. Some textbooks are available as e-books, and your teen might find that a mobile device makes study easier and more enjoyable than reading traditional textbooks.

Kids' and teen electronics include a number of tools to extend the abilities of a tablet. New tablets for kids in their teens might serve as recording studios for music, as drawing tablets for design and architecture or as musical instruments for composing and playing music.

You will find that products on the list of tablets for kids have a variety of battery charge times. Consider your child's anticipated tablet use when thinking about how much battery time you'll need. Size is also important when choosing the best tablets for kids, especially for kids who are old enough to use the tablets away from home. Consider choosing a tablet that is small enough to fit in the pocket of a backpack or inside a jacket for easy access.

The list of tablets for kids is extensive. You will find many options that fit varied budgets and technology levels.

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