tandem bike Guide

While considering buying a tandem bike, consider the specs that come along with them. A tandem bike allows you to ride with two people and gives both people plenty of exercise. You're able to ride bike trails, in a park or many other places. These cool tandem bikes come in many different styles to choose from. Different types of tandem bikes allow you to create memories with someone since you ride on the bike together.

>> Consider the skill of bike riding for every rider

When it comes to the riders of the tandem bikes, consider the level of expertise. This will make a difference on whether or not they will be able to ride together easily. Determining whether or not the riders are able to ride a bike on their own is important. If they are not as skilled at riding a bike, a tandem bike may need to be practiced a few times before the rider is fully able to ride on it with another person.

Tandem bikes are not recommended for smaller children due to the fact that they may have a hard time pedaling and gearing with another person on the bike. Balance may also be an issue that you come across for younger riders. Being able to ride safely is key since you need to ensure that everyone has the proper safety attire on such as helmets, knee and elbow pads and any other safety devices that might come in handy, especially for first time riders.

>> Consider the ages of those riding the bike

The ages of those people riding the tandem bike determines what you may want to have on the bike. The tandem bike dimensions can vary greatly to fit different sized people. Considering these aspects will help you choose the best tandem bike to purchase. Each person riding the tandem bike should feel comfortable while riding which means the best height, comfort level and extras should be chosen based on certain specifications of your riding.

Tandem bikes for children are smaller in size and may have different braking systems. They ride smoothly, but provide enough control for the child to maneuver while on rougher paths. These also come in different tandem bike designs as well to fit the child's likes.

Adult bikes that are able to be ridden in tandem are larger. The tandem bike dimensions are fit for taller, heavier people. These types of bikes have more intricate braking systems and gear shifts. They also come in different tandem bike designs to choose from. There are both men's and women's bikes that you can choose from.

>> Consider the areas you will be biking

The areas that you're going to be biking on can make a difference while choosing the best tandem bike. Not only will the best tandem bike ride smoothly, but it will be able to go over all of the bumps and dips in the road. There are mountain bikes or even gear bikes for specific terrains. A smooth bike path is a lot different than a rough path of mountain that you will be riding with a partner. Consider the areas you'd like to go while on the bike and then choose the best tandem bike for that specific situation.

Smaller bike paths may not require the type of tandem bike that has high-class braking or gearing systems since it is a smooth ride overall. Riding down the streets is the same as well. Usually, biking up steep hills or even through mountain terrain or back woods is when you're going to want to ensure that you choose the best tandem bike for these particular areas. Many types of tandem bikes can provide you with a smooth ride in these areas if they have multiple gears and thicker tires.

>> Consider the specs of each tandem bike you like

While considering the specs of each of the types of tandem bikes is important, you should keep your own personal preferences of the bikes in mind. You want the best tandem bike that you're going to enjoy riding. With this being said, take a peek at the types of tandem bikes out there and what they have to offer. Bike accessories and parts are also able to be added at a later date.

Specs Tandem Bike Options Design • Many colors to choose from -red, orange, yellow, white
• Many frame options -classic, traditional, standard

Size • 21" to 27"
• 16" to 20"

Materials • Steel
• Aluminum alloy

Gears and Braking Systems • C-Star "RADIUS" V braking systems
• SHIMANO 7-speed revoshift
• Optical gear display for gear shifting
• Twist shifters
• Linear pull V brakes
Extras • Extra comfort seats
• Spring saddles • Comfort cruise handlebars • Dual kickstands • Dual water bottle holders Be sure to read up on individual tandem bikes as much as you feel is necessary in order to make an informed decision on which is the best tandem bike to buy for you. Look at user reviews online or opinions in articles on the different tandem bike brands and tandem bike designs. With a little bit of thought and work, you'll be able to find a new tandem bike that you can enjoy for a long time.

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