Teacher Gift Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Teacher Gift: Don’t Get the Wrong Teacher Gift Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Teache

You can show your appreciation to a teacher with a gift that he or she will remember and enjoy. If you are looking for the best teacher gift for your child's teacher, think about the teacher you have in mind as you consider different gift ideas. Take the following factors and suggestions into account as you think about buying teacher gifts.

>> Consider the teacher's interests

When you are looking for the best teacher gifts, you will want to consider any particular interests the teacher might have. There are unique teacher gifts for teachers of all grades, and when looking for gifts and gift ideas, it is best to keep the particular teacher in mind. Many instructors have a wish list of school supplies; items from this list are usually a welcome gift. Other teachers may enjoy a gift for their classroom that reflects a personal interest. For example, an art teacher might appreciate a wall calendar featuring famous artists, or a music teacher might enjoy a music-themed gift.

>> Consider gifts that are suitable for all teachers

You can find specialty gift cards for teachers who specialize in art, music and physical education. However, there are some gift choices that may be suitable for all teachers, regardless of their specialties. Many teachers will enjoy a general gift card or a new coffee mug, for example. Stationary and elegant office supplies, such as decorative pen holders, can be widely appreciated gifts as well.

Gift baskets and flowers can also be ideal teacher gifts. You can find gift baskets that include tea, cookies and other edible or drinkable treats. Never underestimate a teacher's love for chocolate. A little chocolate can go a long way to brighten an afternoon. You may want to talk to classmates to coordinate a teacher gift collection to purchase a combination of items.

Although it sounds cliche, you can also give your teacher an apple as a gift, perhaps in decorative form, such as apple-scented candles and apple-shaped sticky note dispensers.

>> Consider personalized gifts

Among the best teacher gifts are personalized gifts that show the thought and effort that went into them. Young children can create ornaments with photos in them, or you can consider a cake with the teacher's name on it. You can add the teacher's name to bags, mugs and much more. There are a number of gift items you can get personalized to make your teacher gift a little more unique. You can also consider personalized photo gifts, which allow you to upload a photo that can be added to a number of gift items, including stationary and mugs. When you take the time to personalize a gift, it becomes even more meaningful.

>> Does your child want to make a gift?

Some of the most thoughtful teacher gifts are homemade, especially from younger children. For example, using popsicle sticks and glue, you can have your child create a picture frame and then paint it with bright, colorful paints. Children can create magnets out of large clear gems and pictures glued to the back. There are countless other gifts you and your children can make for their favorite teachers. Consider the following additional examples:
• During the holiday season, you can purchase a plain Christmas ornament, glue, glitter and paint, and let your child design a custom-themed ornament to present to the teacher before the holiday break.
• If your child is interested in knitting, pick up some yarn and needles and let him or her make a simple scarf for the teacher.
• A teacher might enjoy a piece of handmade jewelry. Help your child pick out some attractive beads and stringing material, and then string the beads together to make a necklace or bracelet for the teacher. With numbered and lettered beads, your child can include the teacher's name, class year or a short message in the jewelry to make it a true memento.

Whether your child is in elementary school or about to graduate from high school, buying a teacher gift for an inspiring teacher can be a wonderful way to show appreciation. Consider a teacher's interests and different gift ideas to find an appropriate gift.

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