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We all need a little change from time to time, and temporary hair dyes and hair colors can give you plenty of options when it comes to your hair. Whether you need to dye your hair for a costume or simply for a change to your daily look, there are a few points you will want to consider as you look for the best temporary hair dye for your hair.

>> Why is temporary hair dye right for you?

Before you look for the best temporary hair dye for your new change, it is important to decide if temporary hair dye is the best option for you. Because temporary hair dye only lasts for a few washes, it may not be ideal if you are looking for a permanent option. However, if you like to change up your style a lot by dying your hair, temporary hair dye is easy and gentle enough on your hair to use multiple times. It is also a great way to spice up a costume or achieve a certain look for a couple days.
>> Consider how the hair dye is measured

Temporary hair dye does not contain ammonia or bleach, meaning it only coats the hair follicles with dye. It is important to know the level and shade of each new temporary hair dye to understand the color your hair will be after you dye it and to ensure that you buy temporary hair dye that will leave you feeling confident about your new color.

Hair color is measured by a level of one through ten. Ten is the lightest color blonde and one is the darkest color of black. This is how you determine the color, but within each of those levels are color pigments that control the shade your new temporary hair dye will color your hair. If you choose a dark color with a level between one and four, it will have a lot of red pigments. If you choose a light color with a level between five and ten, it will have more golden pigments. However, if you choose in the middle, the hair dye will have more orange pigments. The best temporary hair dye to buy is one that has the colors to best match your desired look.

>> Consider different colors for your skin tone

The pigments that are found in the temporary hair dye are the same pigments that are found in your skin. Therefore, when choosing the best temporary hair dye, you may want to match your skin pigments with the pigments in your hair dye to achieve a glowing look. Those with fair skin and some people with mixed ethnicity have yellow pigments and often look good in reddish brown, red or golden shades such as chestnut, golden brown, mahogany and auburn. Red tones neutralize the yellow pigments. If you have a reddish skin tone, temporary hair dye with a golden base such as honey brown or caramel may be flattering. If you have dark skin or a very pale skin tone with little cheek color, you may prefer temporary hair dye with cool pigments such as ash brown for light skin and burgundy or cherry for dark skin.

>> Consider different types of temporary hair dye products

Different temporary hair dye brands manufacture the hair dye in different types of beauty products to give you options in how you color your hair. Consider the following hair care products when searching for the best temporary hair dye:

• Hair sprays: Hair sprays are some of the most popular ways to temporarily dye your hair. Simply spray your new temporary hair dye all over your hair for a thick coat of color. They last only a short period of time and are ideal for parties and costumes.
• Hair mousse: Many temporary hair dye brands make hair mousse for coloring your hair. The mousse is applied just like regular mousse, but has a hair dying agent that is great if you want to temporarily dye your hair for longer than a couple washes.
• Hair color sticks: Hair color sticks make it easy to touch up your roots, gray hairs or other areas that are uneven by rubbing the stick on the area a few times. This cool temporary hair dye option can be used at any time, anywhere and can easily fit in a pocket or purse.
• Hair rinses: Hair rinses are applied to damp washed hair. The rinse is ideal if you want to buy temporary hair dye to try out a different color to see how it looks, to deepen your natural color or even out hair tones. Hair rinses come in a variety of colors, including blue.

When searching for the best temporary hair dye, consider hair dye kits that come with all the essentials of dying your hair. Be sure to read up on individual reviews and editorial opinions on the specific temporary hair dye brands you are considering. This way, you can make an informed decision when you go to buy temporary hair dye and find the ones that are best suited to meet your needs.

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