Trivia Games Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong a Trivia Games

Trivia games are great games for kids and adults alike. Whether for family fun night, a party or a fun get together, trivia games make for an entertaining time. When determining the best trivia games, it is important to consider your interests, different types of trivia games, the age of the players, trivia games on DVD or game consoles and special packages so you buy trivia games that are enjoyable for all who play.

>> Consider your interests

First, when deciding the best trivia game to buy, think about your hobbies and interests as well as the hobbies and interests of those who will be playing the game with you. Consider whether you are interested in learning more about a certain subject such as history or current events or whether you want to play top trivia games you're familiar with. Decide if you want trivia games and puzzles, tile games or just a card game. Maybe you want to have a movie game night, a bible game night or a history buff night. Make a theme and buy trivia games that fit that theme.

>> Consider different types of trivia games

The neat thing about trivia games is you can find all different types of trivia from movies and TV to history and bible. Choose between the following types of trivia games to find the best trivia games for your game night:

• Movie trivia games: Movies are a great pastime so you might as well take some of that movie knowledge and put it to good use with a movie trivia game. Choose a trivia game featuring your favorite movie or movie series. Consider new trivia games featuring newer releases.
• TV show trivia games: You can choose between different TV shows, your favorite TV show or buy trivia games that cover all TV shows. Consider some of the old classics too.
• Religion trivia games: Learn about different religions, memorize scripture or gain a new perspective with religion trivia games.
• Sports trivia games: Sports trivia games are all about football, basketball, baseball and any other sport you can think of. Study up on who is who in the sports world and make it a sporty night.
• Current events trivia games: Are you up to date on your current events? If you know what's going on in the world from politics and wars to catastrophes and breaking news, these games are for you.
• Pub trivia games: Bring the pub home with pub trivia games. Pub trivia games are a series of quiz-like questions that each player answers. When all questions are asked, you will then reveal the answers and whoever has the most answers correct, wins that round.

>> Consider the age of players

Another factor to consider when determining the best trivia games to buy, is if the game will accommodate all ages of players from children to adults. Use the game rating chart below to determine the top trivia games for your needs.

Game Rating Description C: Early Childhood Trivia games are intended for young children. E: Everyone Trivia games can be played by everyone. They may include mild language or mild violence. E+10: Everyone over 10 Trivia games are suitable for everyone over the age of 10. They may contain more mild language, mild violence and suggestive language. T: Teen Teen means the trivia games are suitable for 13 and older. The games may contain crude humor, strong language, suggestive themes and violence. M: Mature Trivia games are suitable for 17 and older because they have increased violence, sexual content and strong language. A: Adults only Adult only trivia games are only suitable for 18 and older as they may contain realistic gambling, prolonged sexual content and violence. If you are looking for games to play with small children, consider educational trivia games for children with the C or E rating. If you are having a party with numerous age groups buy trivia games with E or E+10. If pla ying with all adults, C, E, E+10, mature and adult would all be acceptable. For family game nights, the discretion is up to you to make.

>> Consider trivia games on DVD or gaming consoles
Trivia games can be found both for DVD and for video games consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Wii. As you choose new trivia games to play, consider buying trivia games on DVD or for gaming consoles for easy storage, multiple game styles and change of pace. With DVDs and video games, you can store games without having to store big boxes full of game pieces; a simple DVD storage table or case will accommodate the entire game. They are also easier to tote with you when going on trips, vacations or even next door. Though the old box and board trivia games are still a popular pastime, games on a disc are a definite advantage for ease of use.

>> Consider special edition game packages

To get the best deal, consider looking for special edition game packages as you look for cool trivia games to add to your collection. Some packages come with multiple games, combination board or DVD or special playing pieces. You can find the board game with a special edition gaming console game as well. Buy trivia games that give you the best bang for your buck.

Make your game night spectacular and remember to consider your interests, types of trivia games, an age appropriate game, trivia games on DVD or game consoles and special packages.

Two-piece Swimsuit Guide: Don't Get the Wrong Two-piece Swimsuit

Whether you are looking for women's swimwear, juniors' swimwear or girls' swimwear, two-piece swimsuits allow you to mix and match tops and bottoms to help you look your best when going out for a swim. When looking for the best swimsuit to buy, determine your top and bottom size and consider different types of swimsuit bottoms and tops, their materials and your body shape.

>> Determine your size
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Unlike one-piece swimsuits, new two-piece swimsuits offer you different swimsuit size options for both your bust and your bottom. Because everyone is unique, before deciding the best swimsuit to wear to the beach, determine your bust size and your bottom size:

How to determine your bottom size

• First, use a flexible tape measure and measure around the thinnest part of your waistline. Write that measurement down.
• Next, measure around your hips at the widest part. Write that measurement down.
• Finally, use the chart below to determine your bottom size:

Clothing size Extra small Small Medium Large Exta large Waist size (in.) 25 26-27 28-29 30.5-32 33.5 Hip size (in.) 36 37-38 39-40 41.5-43 44.5 How to determine your bust size

• Do not measure over your clothing because you want your true size and not the bulk size clothing adds. Use a flexible tape measure.
• First, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust, which is right at the nipple. (Be sure to go under your arms not over.) Write that number down.
• Next, measure below your breasts by wrapping the tape measure snugly around your rib cage just underneath the breast. Write that number down.
• Then, measure above your breasts by wrapping the tape measure around the rib cage above your breast and under your arms. Write this number down.
• Buy two-piece swimsuits using the chart below to help determine your size or the closest fit:

Bra sizes Fullest part of bust measurement (in) Under the bust measurement (in) Over the bust measurement (in) 32 A 32 27 32 34 A 34 29 34 36 A 36 31 36 38 A 38 33 38 40 A 40 35 40 32 B 33 27 32 34 B 35 29 34 36 B 37 31 36 38 B 39 33 38 40 B 41 35 40 32 C 34 27 32 34 C 36 29 34 36 C 38 31 36 38 C 40 33 38 40 C 42 35 40 32 D 35 27 32 34 D 37 29 34 36 D 39 31 36 38 D 41 33 38 40 D 43 35 40 32 DD 36 27 32 34 DD 38 29 34 36 DD 40 31 36 40 DD 44 35 40 >> Consider different types of swimsuit tops

When determining the best two-piece swimsuits to buy, consider the different types of two-piece swimsuit tops available below:
• Tankini tops: A tankini is a swimsuit top that covers down to the waistline, much like a tank top.
• Halter tops: A halter is a swimsuit top that has thick straps that either tie or connect behind the neck. The top comes down under the busts.
• Triangle tops: The triangle style is a swimsuit top that has thin strings that tie behind your neck.
• Bandeau tops: A bandeau style top usually has no strings and simply wraps around the busts making it great for sunbathing.

>> Consider different types of swimsuit bottoms
Buy two-piece swimsuit bottoms that fit your comfort level and style when choosing the best two-piece swimsuit for your needs. The following types of two-piece swimsuit bottoms are most commonly worn with two-piece swimsuits:

• Thong bottoms: For a European style, try thong bottoms with just a thin strip in the rear and limited coverage.
• Boy short bottoms: Boy shorts are super short shorts that cover your entire bottom and your hips for added coverage.
• Skirted bottoms: Skirted swimsuit bottoms cover your hips, your entire bottom and some of your leg. The skirt is sometimes removable, but typically attached to the bottoms.
• Bikini bottoms: Bikini bottoms sit right on your hips allowing you to show off your curves.

>> Consider your body shape

Some of the best two-piece swimsuits are those that not only look good, but go with your specific body type. It's important to identify your body shape so you can determine which type of two-piece swimsuit will be the best two-piece swimsuit for your body. There are four different body shapes: the hourglass shape, the triangle shape, rectangle shape and the inverted triangle shape.

Hourglass shape

If your hips and bust are equally proportionate to each other, you may have an hourglass shape. To keep this proportioned look, it's important to consider the following styles, colors and patterns for your body shape as you pick new two-piece swimsuits:

• Look for unique two-piece swimsuit styles that show off your curves.
• Buy two-piece swimsuits that are the same color on top as on bottom to maintain a proportioned look. Also, keep patterns, stripes and prints the same on both top and bottom of your new two-piece swimsuits. Triangle shape If you have a triangle shaped body, your hips and waist measure wider than your bust. To get a more proportioned look, you need to accentuate the bust. To do this, try the following styles, colors and patterns:

• Buy two-piece swimsuit bottoms that cover more of the bottom. These include boy shorts and skirt bottoms.
• Try a strapless top style to make your shoulders appear broader.
• Look for unique two-piece swimsuit tops with warm colors and embellished patterns to emphasize the top and broaden the shoulders. Horizontal stripes will also broaden and accentuate your bust.
• Choose dark colored or black bottoms to slim your waist and hips.

Rectangle shape

If you have a rectangle shape, your shoulders and hips are proportioned, but you lack a defined waistline and curves. To get a more proportioned look, you will need to accentuate your waistline and bust to add curves. To do this, try the following styles, colors and patterns:

• Patterns, ties, bows and ruffles all add volume and draw attention to your waist, hips and busts creating a proportioned look.
• Look for styles that add definition. These include padded tops, strings and bows.
Inverted triangle shape

If you have an inverted triangle shape, you have broader shoulders and small hips and waistline. To get a proportioned look, it is important to accentuate the hips and bottom half. To do this, try the following styles, colors and patterns:

• Buy two-piece swimsuit tops with thick straps or halter straps. Halter straps give the illusion of less broad shoulders.
• The best two-piece swimsuit for this shape is one with patterned or embellished bottoms and solid or black tops to accentuate the bottom half and tone down the top.

Keep in mind that horizontal lines tend to make you look wider, whereas vertical lines make you look more slender. Patterns add definition and volume, and solids make you look sleek and slender.

>> Consider the materials

When learning which is the best two-piece suit for your body, you should also think about the different materials that swimsuit apparel is made from. Standard swimsuit material is stretchy material that suctions to the body, moving with you instead of hanging like regular women's clothing would. Crocheted and embellished swimsuits are great for sun bathing, but embellishments and stitching may come out while swimming. Some swimsuits come with control panels, which are made of extra strong material that sucks everything in, making you look more slender; look for them mostly in tankini style tops.

Knowing the different types of tops and bottoms, your body shape, the materials and the size you need will help you to find the best two-piece swimsuit for the beach or for a swim.