Weighted Vest Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Weighted Vest

A weighted vest is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Put on your ideal weight and perform your favorite exercises. Weighted vests come in a plethora of styles and sizes to fit you.

>> Consider two types of weighted vests

When figuring the best weighted vest to add to your exercise and fitness equipment, consider two distinct types available. Pre-loaded weighted vests have a fixed weight sewn into the vest. They do not feature inserts so you cannot add or remove weight. Adjustable weighted vests can be modified using inserts. You can remove or add weight to match the exercises you perform. The adjustable weighted vest benefits are that when you reach a plateau in your workouts you can increase the resistance level and continue to improve.

>> Which weighted vest uses and benefits interest you?

As you determine the best weighted vest, consider different ways you can use it. Each has its own weighted vest benefits.

• When using a weighted vest for strength and weight training, working out and performing exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, lunges and box jumps you can increase your strength and power. Just remember to only use a weighted vest when you have already become adept at these exercises and need the extra resistance to push further and set new personal records.
• Weighted vests are also useful for plyometrics. Using the vest you increase the force of your muscle contractions and in turn your vertical jump. You can accomplish this by a weighted squat jump. Simply squat down and leap into the air as high as you can and repeat. With a top rated weighted vest you can add significant inches to your vertical jump.
• Similarly, a weight vest can increase your speed and agility. By adding a weighted vest to your exercises, you are increasing your body weight and making it more difficult to perform these exercises. As a result, if you can perform the same exercises with the vest as you were able to before and keep up the same pace, you will increase your agility and speed.
• You can additionally buy a weighted vest for walking and running. If you typically perform these kinds of exercises, the extra weight is a great substitute for ankle and hand weights. It eliminates the risk of injury normally associated with feet, arms and ankles and does not disturb your running. Also, because the vest adds weight where your body naturally adds on extra weight it can help you burn calories and lose weight. The more you weigh the more calories you burn and in turn the more weight you lose.
• A good weighted vest can help you get better at sports. In addition to helping you gain strength, speed and agility, a weighted vest can help you improve specific skills at certain sports. For instance, you can use a weighted vest when playing basketball to jump higher or when playing football to run faster. Weighted vests can also be helpful for other sports including rock climbing.

Consider these uses and benefits of each type as you make your weighted vests comparison.

>> How much weight will you need?

When wondering about the best weighted vest to buy, consider the weight of your vest. They can vary from 1-150 pounds. Beginners should consider starting with lower weights before moving up. Experts can use higher weights depending on their requirements. You can determine how much weight you need in your vest based on your current fitness and activity level, the exercise or workout you are planning to perform and your own physical weight. When starting, buy a weighted vest with 2-3% of your body weight and do not exceed 6-7% when weight lifting or 12-15% when doing plyometrics.

>> The size and style of your weighted vest

When deciding the best weighted vest to buy, consider size and style. This is determined by age and gender.

• Age: There are weighted vests available for both kids and adults and the size of these two varies significantly. Determine if the vest is intended for a child or an adult before considering gender.
• Gender: Male weighted vests have a snugger fit and provide more resistance. They are typically heavier than female vests and are designed to secure the weights tightly. Male vest are common in weight training and sports. Most styles are also available with dual closures. Female weighted vests usually have a slim, Y-shape style and can be easily worn under other garments. They are fully padded for protection and comfort. These top rated weighted vests are typically used for walking, running, squats or lunges, and are especially useful for preventing back problems and for burning calories.

>> What makes the best weighted vest for you?

When thinking about the best weighted vest to buy, consider fit, adjustability, durability and shape.

• Fit: When you buy a weighted vest make sure it fits you snugly over the shoulders and at the same time feels secured across the body. A good weighted vest should come with back straps, shoulder straps, belts and zips and allow for small modifications to tighten. This is especially important when performing demanding exercises or running. Look for a vest that optimizes the mobility of your arms, neck and shoulders and does not impair breathing.
• Adjustability: A good weighted vest is also adjustable and allows you to decrease or increase the weight as you like depending on the purpose. One of the weighted vest advantages is that you can use it for multiple reasons. When adjusting the weight be careful to keep it in balance and avoid accidentally overloading one side of your body.
• Durability: Make sure to buy weighted vests that are durable. Because you may be using a lot of weight and performing demanding exercises, it is a good idea to buy quality, heavy-duty vests made out of nylon mesh and equipped with padded weight pockets capable of supporting the weight without sagging. Also look out for vests with a dual fastening system.
• Shape: Finally, when looking for weighted vests, consider the shape. Weighted vests can come in two distinct lengths: one that covers the entire torso and includes a belt and one that covers only the chest. The weighted vest benefits of the latter are that it provides more flexibility and movement and is great for athletes or when playing sports. >> Consider additional features As you figure out the best weighted vest to buy, also consider additional weight training accessories. Padded shoulders are a great feature to add to your vest. The weighted vest advantages of vests with padded shoulders include extra comfort, venting and increased breathability. It is ideal for extended workouts. Supplementary weights are the most common addition to a weighted vest. You can buy more weights to increase the resistance level of your vest.

Whatever your needs are, there is a weighted vest for you. Now that you know what to look for, you can get a weighted vest that helps you achieve your fitness goals.

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