Wrangler Jeans Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler jeans are an important part of wardrobes for men, women and children. With different types of washes, styles and fits, you can find the perfect pair to wear for an office meeting or an evening out with friends by considering the following points.

>> Consider the fit
Fitt ing clothing to your body type is the first step in knowing the best Wrangler jeans to buy. Consider the most popular Wrangler jean styles below to find the ones right for you:

• Boot-cut: These types of Wrangler jeans will gently fit over your thighs and have a slight flare from the knee to the ankle, making it easier for you to look fashionable at all times. If you want to buy Wrangler jeans that will last a long time, consider the boot-cut because it is flattering to most body shapes.
• Relaxed fit: Of all Wrangler jeans models, these are the most popular choice for average-sized men. Also, you can even find Wrangler men's jeans that are loosely cut from the waist to the leg for a classic, flattering look.
• Flared: This style is similar to the boot-cut, but the flare from the knees to the ankle is much bigger. These are often the best Wrangler jeans to buy to help slim down a figure if that's your goal.
• Straight: Just like its name, this design is straight from the hip to the ankle and is a popular choice for those with small figures because the straight leg style creates the illusion that you have longer legs. Consider this design if you want new Wrangler jeans that are conservative, simple and classic. Also, you can find Wrangler boys denim pants in this design.
• Slim: These are the best Wrangler jeans to consider for those who like to be both fashionable and comfortable. They feature a hipster style and are similar to skinny jeans but are not form-fitted as they taper a little more at the bottom.
• Skinny: This style is known for its hip to ankle figure-hugging design and is therefore considered the best Wrangler jean style for small and slim figures. If you are slightly curvier, you can find new skinny Wrangler jeans with a stretch for a good fit. To get the best out of this design, consider adding a fashionable sneaker or vintage shoe to your apparel to complete the trendy look.

>> Choose a color

One of the best things about deciding which Wrangler jeans to buy is seeing which color will go best with your favorite shirts and apparel accessories. The three main colors to consider are:

• Dark: The best thing about dark jeans is they go well with all body shapes and have a smart look that you can wear to many occasions.
• Medium: Denims made in this style are slightly less dark than dark denims and are often the best Wrangler jeans to buy because you can wear them with lots of different outfits and styles.
• Light: These jeans are known for their light color with a soft, faded and worn-in look. You can buy Wrangler jeans that vary from a very light blue to light grey.

>> Consider new Wrangler jeans looks and finishes

There are different popular types of Wrangler jeans to choose when considering which will be the perfect pair for you.

• Washed: Most Wrangler jeans brands make washed jeans. After being colored with dark dye, they are washed to rinse away excess dye to give them that "washed" look.
• Raw: If you are looking for new Wrangler jeans for boys clothing or simply to add to your fashionable wardrobe, consider this style. It gets its dark look that fades naturally because after dying, manufacturers leave it unwashed to give it that look of distress when you wear it over a period of time.
• Acid: Every Wrangler jeans collection needs acid wash denim. To complete a fashionable look, consider wearing them with a simple, solid-colored shirt.
• Dirty wash: By combining dark blue with yellow or brown tinting, the jeans appear to have a worn in appearance which is a popular look that does not go away as fashion changes.
• Stone wash: Men who like a classic, casual look can buy Wrangler jeans of the popular traditional blue denim.
• Vintage: There is nothing that looks quite as good as your favorite pair of worn-in jeans. If you do not want to wait years to have that used look, look for jeans created by a vintage wash. This type of wash goes with almost all types of shirts, but looks best with a retro-style long-sleeved shirt.
>> Consider the rise

Lastly, you'll want to think about the rise of the jeans you are looking at.

• Low-rise: These jeans have the shortest distance between the waist and crotch and are usually tight around the hip area making them a perfect wear for petite women.
• Mid-rise: This is the best Wrangler jeans rise for women with wide hips, or anyone with a heavier mid-section, as your jeans will fit better without creating love handles. Also, to get a trendy look out of a mid-rise, buy Wrangler jeans with a straight leg design, so you have longer-looking leg lines.
• High-rise: This is a popular Wrangler jeans style for heavier men with fuller stomachs as the rise is long enough to hide any extra pounds that might otherwise be shown in the other rises.

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