Wwe Toy Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Ww

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) toys are great for kids and collectors alike. Whether with action figures, ring sets or championship belts, you can have loads of fun with WWE toys.

>> Consider WWE toy action figures

When figuring out the best WWE toys to buy, consider WWE action figures.

Elite seriesElite series are 7-inch action figures your kid can have hours of fun with. The toys have movable parts, and certain action figures come with accessories such as championship title belts, costume parts or flags. The Elite series sports action figures have remarkable detail and deluxe articulation. This WWE toy series includes Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Savage, Triple H, Daniel Bryan and WWE Diva AJ.

Power SlammersPower Slammers are 9-inch action toy figures that do more than just have movable parts -they wrestle. You will need two Power Slammers to make them wrestle. Turn the crank on the back of each superstar until you hear a click, about 11 rotations. Then attach two figures together and push their heads to activate them. Each figure has one of three different fighting styles: hand to arm, hand to boot or boot to boot. This WWE toy series includes John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and The Miz.
>> Consider WWE plush toys

When determining the best WWE toys to buy, consider WWE's plush toys. Brawlin' Buddies are 16-inch plush toys. They are strong and durable enough to withstand hits and drops and all the signature moves seen in the WWE. At the same time, they are soft and plushy enough not to be harmful. Brawlin' Buddies talk in the superstar's voice, offer up to 10 corresponding and appropriate sounds such as grunts when hit, utter signature phrases and play theme songs. These cool WWE toys are great for re-creating WWE matches. Brawlin' Buddies feature The Rock, Brodus Clay, Randy Orton, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Zack Ryder.
>> Consider other WWE toys
Wh en thinking about the best WWE toys to buy, consider other WWE toys such as rings and ring sets.

RingsA WWE superstar ring is available as a RAW ring or a SmackDown ring to match WWE programming. The ring measures 13.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 2.88 inches (WxLxH). With these top WWE toys, action figures can bounce off the ropes, while the spring-loaded mats allow for high-flying, aerial moves. The WWE ring also includes turnbuckles and logos.

A Power Slammers ring measures 15 inches x 4 inches x 15 inches and is intended for Power Slammers action figures. The ring is plastic; action figures can bounce off the ropes and sometimes even fall out of the ring. This cool WWE toy will get scuffed to mimic the damage of real WWE action.
Ring setsWWE Rumblers Rampage Devastadium is a WWE toy collection equipped with one action figure, one launch point, a ring, TitanTron and stands. You can use action figures to punch the boom camera, smash the TitanTron, throw other action figures into the stands and jump into the breakaway lights. The set may collapse as a result of the action, but it can easily be reassembled.

WWE Rumblers Balstin' Breakdown is another WWE toy collection set. You launch the rumbles into the ceiling, and the action figure that hits the floor first wins. The ring features a breakaway floor and superstructure, two launchers and two action figures that each have four points of movement.

>> Consider WWE toys you can wear

When determining the best WWE toys to buy, consider WWE toys your child can wear, such as championship title belts and superstar masks. WWE title belt toys resemble real championship belts worn by WWE superstars. They feature a one-time adjustable waistline to fit kids of all ages. WWE title belts include a WWE title belt, an Intercontinental title belt, a United States title belt and a Tag Team title belt. WWE masks are made to look like the masks that favorite WWE superstars wear, including Rey Mysterio, Kane and Sin Cara. These WWE toys are safe and adjustable to fit kids of all ages.

>> Consider sets versus single toys

When thinking about the best WWE toys to buy, consider WWE toy collection sets. The Power Slammers offer a number of starter packs, which includes a collection of toys to get the fun started. This includes a set with CM Punk, Kane and ring steps; a set with The Rock, John Cena and a trash can; a set with Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and a ladder; and a set with Randy Orton, John Cena and a ladder. Another great set is the collectible action figures, which includes several action figures. When you buy WWE toys, also look at the Rumblers Trash and Bash play set. This collection includes a John Cena action figure, a garbage truck and a breakable wall.

>> Consider age restrictions

When figuring out how to buy WWE toys, take age restrictions into account. Each new WWE toy has a recommended starting age. If your child is 3 years or older, the recommended toys are Brawlin' Buddies, Rumblers Rampage Devastadium and the Rumblers Balstin' Breakdown (adult assembly required). If your child is 6 years or older, consider Power Slammer action figures, the WWE superstar ring and the Power Slammers ring. If your kid is 8 years or older, the best toys might be Elite series action figures, championship belts and masks.
WWE toys have a lot to offer. Kids can have hours of fun playing with action figures and wrestling with plush toys, re-creating action in the ring or mimicking their favorite superstars. Just make sure the toys are age appropriate and have batteries if they need them.

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