Xbox 360 Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft's popular gaming system. It consists of a console that is compatible with DVDs and video game disks in the Xbox 360 format. The Xbox 360 is widely available in both retail and online stores. Just as important, there are hundreds of video games available for the Xbox 360, with new games released often.

>> What are the different features?

There are many great features of the Xbox 360. Comparing these features can help you to decide how to buy an Xbox 360 that works for you. One of the main features to consider is built-in wireless, featured in the newer Xbox 360 Slim. Other great features are the wireless controllers, expandable memory, high definition video capabilities and Xbox Live. Another good reason to shop for an Xbox 360 is the vast selection of console choices and accessories that can come with it.

>> Types of Xbox 360 consoles to consider

Several different types of Xbox 360 packages can be purchased. You have the option of purchasing the console only or a package set with the console and a game or two. There are different memory options that can be purchased with these packages. Additionally, there are different Xbox 360 sizes available, the regular and the slim. Package availability will vary, though, by location. Keep these different options in mind when deciding which Xbox 360 to buy.

The basic Xbox 360 console comes with one controller, audio/visual cables and the power cord. In addition to a brand-new unit, you can buy a pre-owned unit, which will reduce your cost.

Another option to consider is the amount of memory you will need. The Slim model comes with 4GB of on-board memory, with the option to expand it. You can also purchase the slim model with a 250GB hard drive already installed. Older models of the Xbox 360 consoles can be purchased with 20GB, 40GB, 60GB and 120GB of memory. If you plan to download or play a lot of games, it's smart to choose a console with a larger amount of memory.

One of the other types of Xbox 360 packages includes the console and a game or two. Sometimes extra accessories are also included in these bundles. Packages can be purchased with extremely popular video games, such as any of the Halo series, Call of Duty and the popular games of the season. Holiday packages are also available and contain different console and game options. Some packages will contain accessories, like gaming headsets, an extra controller or the Kinect along with games. These packages are usually a good value to consider when deciding which Xbox 360 to buy.

>> What accessories do you want?

The Xbox 360 has many different accessories that can be purchased for it. Most of the accessories come in different colors and styles. The chart below explains the popular accessories for the Xbox 360.

Accessory Description Kinect The Kinect is an interactive accessory for the Xbox 360. It allows the use of voice and hand commands to control different aspects of the Kinect-compatible games. Many games use the Kinect. When choosing which Xbox 360 to buy, consider making this your first accessory. Controllers Controllers are essential, so the Xbox 360 comes with one. You can purchase extra controllers, which come in a variety of colors and styles. Hard Drives Both the older models and the newer Slim model Xbox 360 have hard drives that you can add to the console. You can buy up to a 250GB hard drive for any of the models. Accessories for Network Gaming Various accessories can be bought for network gaming. This includes headsets and small keyboards. The headsets and keyboards are used to interact with other Xbox 360 players in the network game. Skins Different Xbox 360 designs can be created using a product called skins. The "skins" are used to cover the outside of the console or the controllers. They can be purchased with a pre-made design or with a custom picture on them. >> Consider different Xbox 360 games

There are hundreds of games to choose from across multiple genres. Some of the games are exclusive to the Xbox 360. Depending on your interests and preferences, you can find games that will make your Xbox 360 more enjoyable for you or your family.

>> Consider Xbox Live subscriptions

Xbox Live is one of the many features of the console. You access this service through your Internet connection on the Xbox 360 console. From it, you can download games, demos, trailers, movies and music. Xbox Live also has many apps for you to enjoy. There are three tiers of Xbox Live services that you can purchase, the first of which is free.

Xbox Live Free Xbox Live Free is the free version of Xbox Live. This is a basic version that allows you to play already purchased games online and access downloadable content. Many of the apps that Live offers are disabled with the free version. Xbox Live Gold Live Gold is the full, paid version of Xbox Live. All of the features of Live are available with this subscription. Access cards can be purchased from retailers or access can be purchased online. Xbox Live Family The Family Pack is an add-on to the Xbox Live Gold subscription. The Family Pack is a good option if there are multiple Xbox consoles in your household, so that everyone in your family can share the same Live account. Users can also recover their profiles on other Xbox 360 consoles outside of your home. >> More than just gaming

The Xbox 360's uses don't end with gaming. You can stream multimedia to the Xbox 360 from any Windows computer, (XP and later). The Xbox 360 plays both CDs and DVDs. Xbox Live offers many apps to enrich the end user's experience. Popular applications such as Xbox Live games, Netflix and Hulu make it possible for non-gamers to enjoy the system, too. All of the Xbox 360 advantages make it a good buy for casual and serious gamers.

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